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List of Top Indian Companies

List of Top Indian Companies

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Published by Senthil Kumar
List of Top Indian Companies
List of Top Indian Companies

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Published by: Senthil Kumar on Jun 28, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Name:Sandeep Narula Designation:DirectoCompany:ATLANTA SYSTEMS PVT. LTD.Address:M!"#$%% &loor$Connaug't Place$ Ne( Del'i!!)))!Tel:)!!*!#!+#+,Mo-ile!/!))!,,,*&a0:)!!*!#",!*"Email:snarula1atlantasys.com2e-site(((.atlantasys.comCompany Pro3ile Atlanta Systems P4t. Ltd. is an %S5 ))!6))/ certi3ied company7 as one o3 t'e 3astest emerging pioneer in t'e 3ield o3 %T 8 Telecom. Products o33ered -y us are -ased on t'e latest tec'nology -ac9ed -y a (ell organied and 'ig'ly adapted tec'nical department 8 (e 'a4e re4olutionied t'e sector since inception in !*. 2e 'a4e a strong 8 dedicated ; 8 D department ('ic' is not only committed in  pro4ing t'e -est o3 <uality -ut also 3ul3ills t'e customied -usiness re<uirement.Speci3ic =usiness %nterests Electronic$ Automoti4e security de4ices $ %T 8 Telecommunication  products.
Busy Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Name:Mr. Varun YadavDesignation:Manager Marketing & International BusinessCompany:Busy Infote! "vt. #td.$ddress:%'( M ) *ouse( % Community Centre( +a,irpur Industrial $rea( Del!i-/%0el:-%121/'% 3 ''2 3 1'4Mo5ile6'/4/-6''6/7a8:-%12142/9mail:Varun.yadav;5usy.in +e5site<<<.5usy.inCompany "rofile B=>Y IN7?0C* is into development and marketing of 5usiness appliation soft<ares for >Ms.Its flags!ip produt is B=>Y - $n Integrated Business $ounting >oft<are t!at !andles
Financial Accounting
Multi-location inventory 
Order Processing
Configurable Invoicing / Documents
Statutory reports related to indirect taes li!e Sales "a# $A"# %cise# Service "a# "DS
MIS &eports ' Analysis
.B=>Y is t!e %
 largest selling $ounting >oft<are in India <it! over 6( installations @over 4./ #a =sersA in India and a5road.>peifi Business Interests @in BriefA:#ooking for C!annel "artners to sell and support our produts.
Ecotech Software Pvt Ltd.
 Names :Mr S.V.;a>ala9s'mi  Managing Director Mr A.P.S.VEL? @ Director$ =usiness De4elopmentCompany:Ecotec' So3t(are P4t Ltd.Address:*6$ &irst A4enue$ Annanagar East$ C'ennai ,))!)6$ Tamilnadu$ %ND%ATel:)** 6,,"!6),Mo-ile/*)) /*6+Email:4elu1stageindia.net2e-site(((.stageindia.netCompany Pro3ile Specialies in E;P so3t(are 3or t'e Apparel %ndustry since !*. STAE E;P ta9es care o3 Costing$ =uyer 5rders$ M;P$ Purc'ase$ Process 5rder$ Production 5rders$ %n4entory$ Pac9ing$ S'ipping$ Accounts$ T8A$ Sample Status$ Production Planning$ M%S ;eporting.P;5MAN ta9es care o3 Time Study$ Cutting 8 =undle tic9eting B(it' or (it'out -arcode$ Production trac9ing B(it' or (it'out -arcode$ arment C$ M%S ;eporting$ Mac'ine ;epairs 8 Maintenance$ Payroll.ey Clients : o9aldas %mages Ltd$ ;aymond Ltd$ Pantaloon Ltd$ Cele-rity &as'ions Ltd$ ite0 Ltd$  NSL Te0tiles Ltd$ Bin %ndia.'imli &as'ions Ltd BSingapore$ C'ina$ FPT. =usana ;ema>a B%ndonesiareenland arments B=anglades' Speci3ic =usiness %nterests To directly present to leading Apparel Manu3acturers in %ndonesia and Malaysia or to tie up (it' resellers in t'at region.
IBN Technologie Li!ited
 Name:A>ay Me'taDesignation:CE5

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