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Ecommerce Web Strategy

Ecommerce Web Strategy

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Published by ppfeil
Strategy on Ecommerce web
Strategy on Ecommerce web

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Published by: ppfeil on Jun 28, 2014
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IT for Decision Makers
By Taholo Kami for UNESCO
Disclaimer: These materials have been produced with support from UNESCO. The author is responsible for the choice and presentation of the facts inthe materials and for the opinions expressed therein which are notnecessaril! those of UNESCO and do not commit the Or"ani#ation
eCommerce – A Web Presence for your business!
Taholo Kami (tk@tongaonline.com)Kami Communications
What is
ecommerce is enabling or achieving your business objectives by using information technology to enhance or transform your business processes.
commerce inclues business to business ("#")$ cutting costs in transactions bet%een  businesses an& business to consumer ("#C)$ sales of goos an ser'ices. commerce is carrie out on the nternet an has become the 'ehicle ri'ing the henomenal gro%th of the nternet inustry. t is imortant to kee in min that the nternet is a meium for communications %ith your customer. t oes *+T e,emt or e,clue the nee for goo business strategy. A goo business meium %hether it be the nternet& tele'ision or rinte meia must communicate 'alue to your customer. This is not an attemt to co'er all areas of ecommerce but to ro'ie a generic guie for Pacific -s to%ars establishing an effecti'e ecommerce online resence.
1. Business Plan
/o not start %ithout a business lan. 0nerstan your rouct& your market& cometition& obstacles& cost of effecti'e eli'ery an a time frame for imlementation.
 Determine Your Objectives
What o you %ish to achie'e %ith a %eb site1 s it to enhance a%areness of your comany  bran2s& sell goos online& ro'ie customer suort or e'elo an sell an electronic rouct. 3our ob4ecti'es %ill etermine your aroach to ecommerce
Understand your Market 
5ocal access is currently limite to less the #6 of the oulation in Pacific slan countries. This limits the effecti'eness of the nternet for local usage. The o'erseas market is the immeiate oortunity. t is imortant to unerstan the intricacies of your market. A category such as hanicrafts 2 gifts can aeal to e,atriate Pacific slaners& collectors& bargain hunters or uer e,otic art collectors. entify your key markets an tailor your %eb strategy to reach them effecti'ely
3our rouct coul be ser'ices (tourism)& electronic (soft%are) or selling artifacts or gifts 'ia a %eb store. 0nerstaning the market etermines ho% you ackage& resent an rice your  rouct. /istance an isolation of the Pacific islans means ieal roucts shoul be ortable an
relati'ely ine,ensi'e to eli'er. Consier the 'alue instant communications an global reach as to your rouct. 7or some the nternet may not offer ae 'alue for your rouct. 8A50 to the customer is still bottom line& so a'oi false e,ectations that the nternet is an oortunity to eli'er at inflate rices or the illusion that there is a ot of gol on the en of your nternet connection.
2.Domain Name
3our omain name (%%%.yoursite.com
) is your calling car on the %eb. Choose a omain name that is easy to remember. 9eneric omain names (.
com .net .org .edu
info .biz 
) can be registere for 0-:;< 2 year at %%%.net%orksolutions.com or numerous other sites such as %%%.enom. f you fin that your referre omain has been taken& check other omain ser'ices such as .nu (*iue)& .t' (Tu'alu)&
at tonic.to. 3our %eb hosting ser'ice %ill register your omain name as art of their ser'ices if you ecie to look for a hosting ser'ice at the same time.
3.Hosting Your Web site
+nce you ha'e ecie on your omain name& you nee to host your %eb ages on the nternet. There are thousans of nternet -er'ice Pro'iers (-Ps) that offer hosting. =ost your ser'ice %here your clientele or target auience %ill ha'e the fastest access an you can guarantee the >u time? (reliability of ser'ice). t is usually ractical to host your site on an o'erseas ser'er. =osting costs 'ary %ith the amount of sace (megabytes)& traffic (ho% busy your site is measure in 9igabytes er month) an e,tra ser'ices (number of email aresses& ecommerce tools& site management tools& etc.). ;#<mb of sace on a 0- base ser'er (comuter) %ill cost aro,imately :B< – < er month eening on your choice ser'ices. commerce ser'ices such as shoing cart& secure transaction form an creit car rocessing %ill cost more. With a creit car one can usually register a host account %ithin B< minutes an ha'e your omain name an host %orking %ithin ; ays.
 All -Ps claim to ro'ie great suort but fe% eli'er satisfactory suort ser'ices. Check 'arious ser'ice otions at htt22%ebser'ices.cnet.com2html2aisles2WebD=osting.as or other sites that rank host ser'ices.
4.Design and Develoment
/esign an content of your %eb site must be aime at communicating %ith your customers. -ee of access& logical na'igation an attracti'e look an feel are key ob4ecti'es. +ften fancy grahics %ill result in slo% o%nloa times an result in imatient customers mo'ing a%ay. 3our %ebsite is the only imression the customer has of your comany or organiEation. ake sure they can see rofessionalism immeiately. 3our %eb site shoul be esigne accoring to your customer e,ectations. While a tra'el 2 tourism site is e,ecte to ha'e lots of flashy ictures this may not be necessary for a acaemic %eb site or a %eb irectory. A %ebsite %ith too much grahics %ill frustrate those looking for Fuick information by increasing o%nloa time of the %eb ages. +utsourcing your %eb esign may be the choice if you esire a rofessional look right from the start. 7or small comanies& if you choose to out source your %eb esign& insist on full access to the %eb site once it is launche an training on ho% to make basic changes. g. Announcements on the front age or changing rouct rices.
!."anaging #ontent
any -s (-mall businesses) rush to imlement an online resence %ithout consiering the %ork in'ol'e %ith keeing content fresh an useful. Too often a %ebsite is literally >tacke on? as an aitional task %ithout consiering the effort neee to uate an maintain content. 0nless a %ebsite is seen as essential for the future of your business it is robably not %orth oing. An effecti'e strategy inclues the costs an rocess of integrating your %eb resence %ith your e'eryay business rocesses. This %ill ensure that information remains fresh an rele'ant an enables your organiEation to aat to meet the emans of your online customer. As the site gets busier& interaction %ith customers an orer rocessing can take some serious staffing time. 7or some this is a goo roblem to ha'e but be realistic an buget for emloyee time at all le'els of your %eb site e'eloment.
$.%lectronic &ransactions
The key ob4ecti'e of selling is to eli'er a rouct an recei'e ayment. The challenge for many small comanies is being able to make online transactions for creit cars. 0sually this can be one by caturing necessary creit car etails 'ia a secure %eb then manually inutting to your local merchant account in aily batches. The rocess can be automate %ith creit cars 'erifie online an ayment immeiately creite to your account. 7or small businesses %ithout merchant accounts there are online sites that ro'ie merchant account ser'ices as %ell as creit car rocessing for a monthly fee an ini'iual transaction charge. The %ebsites %%%.itransact.com an %%%.iescro%.com are e,amles of transactions ser'ices.  *e% ser'ices ha'e e'eloe that no% enable transactions 'ia email. "y oening an account %ith these ser'ices you are able to arrange for them to recei'e funs on your behalf an then they ay it irectly into your o%n account. A great e,amle of this is foun at %%%.ayal.com. There are se'eral other ser'ices so fin the one that suits your nees.
/istance is the key obstacle %ith selling online from the Pacific slans. /eli'ery of electronic  roucts (soft%are) can be transferre instantly an certain ser'ices can be ro'ie to istant customers. =o%e'er %ith hysical goos there are se'eral issues to be consiere. ,ectations of many consumers ha'e been forme aroun the o'ernight eli'ery ser'ices a'ailable in e'eloe country markets. Customers must be mae a%are that eli'ery of your rouct %ill take B ; %eeks. Costs are also higher then normal an %ill affect your final rice. 9uarantees of Fuality an eli'ery times are imortant to o'ercome initial misgi'ings of ser'ice from ne% customers. /eli'ery of a Tourism >rouct? is more ifficult. nsure your rouct is as goo as your online marketing sin. With careful marketing you can attract the right kin of 'isitor to a eco tourism resort %ithout running %ater or electricity %ho %ill en4oy an areciate the facilities. Gust make sure they e,ect it or you %ill ha'e a crisis situation.
)."ar*eting (our +ebsite, -nline and -/line
The key to a successful ecommerce %ebsite is effecti'ely reaching your target market %ith ser'ices that they ercei'e offer 'alue. 9etting online users to 'isit your %ebsite %ill een on your ability to raise a%areness amongst otential customers. This can be one %ith a goo online A*/ offline strategy. +nline

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