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The Top 4 Worst Prisons in America

The Top 4 Worst Prisons in America

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Published by Susan Rastella
A review of the top 4 worst prisons in America.
A review of the top 4 worst prisons in America.

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Categories:Types, Legal forms
Published by: Susan Rastella on Jun 29, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Top 4 Worst Prisons in America
Tuesday, 1. March 2011San Quentin State PrisonAll prisons are terrible places to be. There are some prisons, hoe!er, that trump all the rest. Places here inmates are stabbed and beaten on a daily basis. Places here prisoners ha!e no human contact and are only alloed to lea!e their cells "or minutes each day. These are the orst prisons in America.4# Maricopa $ounty, Tent $ity % Phoeni&, Ari'ona(uilt ith old )orean War materials, Tent $ity as created as a thri"ty e&pansion to the Maricopa $ounty *ail in 1++. The tent prison holds rou-hly 2,000 inmates. t may seem li/e a elcome chan-e "rom the cramped con"ines o" a cell, but the intense Ari'ona heat causes the tents to reach ma&imums o" 10 de-rees ahrenheit. Prisoners are alloed to derobe to their underear, but e!eryone is re3uired by the arden to ear pin/ under-arments.# i/ers sland Prison % i/ers sland, 5e 6or/i/ers is notorious "or prisoner !iolence, ith many inmates claimin- it to be much orse than the most ha'ardous 5e 6or/ streets. As the name su--ests, i/ers is built on an island, and is essentially impenetrable. (ac/ in the 1++0s, this prison as a hotbed "or stabbin-s, beatin-s, and murders. 7ue to recent re"orms, i/ers has adopted much stricter policies. SWAT teams 3uell riots and search cells "or ma/eshi"t shan/s on a daily basis. Many prisoners "eel the need to de"end themsel!es, but i" they are "ound ith a eapon, their sentence is e&tended.2# San Quentin Prison % San Quentin, $ali"orniaSan Quentin is a harsh and constantly dan-erous place because it holds $ali"ornia8s most !iolent o""enders. This prison has many claims to "ame. $harles Manson once called it home, *ohnny $ash played a "amous concert there in 1+9+, and it is the birthplace o" the Aryan (rotherhood -an-. San Quentin employs an enormous sta"" o" o!er 1,00 in order to maintain control o!er the !icious prisoners.1# A7: lorence Superma& acility % lorence, $oloradon 1+9, A7: as built to replace the in"amous Alcatra' Prison, and in many

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