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140626 Report Back From Indonesia June 2014 by Mel Ve

140626 Report Back From Indonesia June 2014 by Mel Ve

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Published by KauilapeleKona

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Published by: KauilapeleKona on Jun 29, 2014
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26 June 2014
By Mel Ve INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST www.freedomcentral.info
In June 2013, I was invited to become a delegate of an organization known as Swissindo, which is headed up by a Cirebon based man, known as the King of Kings, Mr. Sugihartononotonegoro, or Papa Sugih, as he has become known to us. My decision to join this project, which operates under the name of GOD SKY EARTH, and which is fully detailed on the official website www.godskyearth.org, was based on the common vision that we at FREEDOM CENTRAL shared with Papa Sugih, which if successful, would eradicate  poverty, and ultimately, free humanity.
Being part of the delegation selected to oversee this project, was in and of itself, an extremely challenging task, due to constant drama, agendas, and hidden hands, working to disrupt the project, both from within the delegations, and of course, by those who wish to keep humanity enslaved. Needless to say, over the course of the last year, there had been much infighting, destructive attention seeking and ego driven power play, causing separation between key people on the project, and many disruptions in the delegations. There has been so much noise, confusion and disinformation bandied about, that it has become near enough impossible to discern the truth about Swissindo, Papa Sugih and what the project is really all about. In recent months, many people have been coming to us to ask what is really going on, and what the facts are pertaining to the legitimacy of Papa Sugih, and the likelihood of success of such an ambitious  project, working against such incredible odds. It got to a point where we ourselves were no longer sure of what to believe, or if in fact, the project could succeed, despite having been intimately involved in the project for a year, and thus we decided to go on a fact finding mission, which took us all the way to Cirebon to meet with the great man himself. Papa Sugih, also known as Mr. Sino AS, is the six hundred and eighty first King of Kings, from a long line of servant kings, who have owned and protected a massive amount of wealth, including millions of kilos of gold, which is
ultimately humanity’s inheritance.
Papa Sugih holds the title of M1, and is the single owner of several global collateral accounts and global assets, some of which were handed over to him by Queen Elizabeth II and Joseph Ratzinger (A.K.A Pope Benedict) in the NKRI treaty of 2010. All of these operations are run and protected through Swissindo, (the
organization headed by Mr. Sugih) which operates and protects humanity’s
inheritance through a dedicated network of warehouse managers and security staff known as Special Operations Executives. Having verified the validity of Swissindo through independent Intelligence sources and contacts, I can categorically confirm that Swissindo has been in existence since at least the
 beginning of the twentieth century. My own investigation traces it to be at least 100 years old.
Swissindo Exhibits AB detailing Payments 1-11 in the form of Human Obligations (Example of payment breakdown per country blow, averaging 6 million dollars per person)
Having bequeathed this massive wealth back to humanity in the form of Human Obligation Payments 1 to 11, as detailed in Swissindo Exhibits AB, the Divine  plan as envisioned by Papa Sugih, which is to free humanity, end poverty and clean up the planet, has been met with much opposition from those who are desperately trying to cling to power. Of course there are many who have tried to stake their claim on this funding. Several people including the current Pope George Bergoglio, have come forward claiming the title of M1, which is the Single Owner and signatory to the Spiritual White Boy Global Collateral Account, which has enough money in it to permanently lift humanity out of

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