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Telecom eCommerce Case Study

Telecom eCommerce Case Study

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Published by herdianapcar

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Published by: herdianapcar on Nov 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SErvicES:caSE Study
EDEN – a succEssuleBusiNEss sotwarEplatorm
about t-MobilE intErnational
t-mbe inenn,  hy-ned bdy  Dehe teek, ebhed n Deebe 1999. sne hen,  h ned e ne  he ge nenn be nn e. tdy,t-mbe nk ng he gb ke ede n he be ee-nn ndy.
seve ee h t-mbe bnhe n he uned Kng-d, a, he czeh reb, he Nehend, nd Geny. o -bn ed n my 2004 hen, kng   n  vehhe egy ebe hn   Een nn ne, t-m-be eeed Exgen seve bed n  ng exeene n devengnd eenng eb-enbed nd ecee n.Exgen seve ee  deded ohe Deveen cene (oDc) t-mbe h xey 200 -e eyee.the ve  he oDc ve ny e  bne, h e hn30 je nnng neny. oen dn veed by h e-nh nde he ng:ce renh mngeen (crm)
qy ne
bne k ngeen
bne negene
tss (oe dbe nen)
eb ny
rng, Bng nd pyen (rBp)
EdEn – a SuccESSful EbuSinESS SoftwarE platforMprojEct challEngES
sne he ny’ nen n 1999, t-mbe h eed n egnzedit en  hnde  deveen eqeen  he eevegeghe, eng edndne n b,  n  ndbed bdge. th ve  e  n eBne nd he -e-ng n; heneve n n  needed n  negeghy,   deveed  he gnd . the eng den dd n ne h eh he. they eqed it ee   nd vded  vey deen bbe exe-ene  egn  egn.the gb ee e kne  needed  ene  it - ye, denze  n ek, ny  bbe
“Gea ne! t-mble real a delyed a all e n ocbe 14, 2008, and   eaed ha ax.40,000 call  ce evce ll be aved e  yea by enablng he e  ef hee anac-n n e. sale ele ee vdng ve feedback n he ne al-can, and t-mble  evce had eceved n call f echncal hel nce delyen.” Vjen pael sen Delvey manage f eBne t-mble uK 
exeene nd ede eng exende   gb it gnz-n. the hee eny  he k d n be dne neny. t-mbeinenn eqed n exeened ne h d nege hhe e’ it ee  ee he bne henge.
ExigEn SErvicES initiativE
the EDEN je  nhed by he Exgen seve t-mbe oheDeveen cene (oDc) n Jny 2005. the g   nve eBne n   ned hee evegng  ne ehn-gy k ndng Jv EE, te, s, Hbene nd web seve.ceny,  t-mbe uK e-ng nd nen n e-e n h b. ang he:
1. eS
,  web-bed ecee n  ngng e  -be hne nd ee i nde nen n h :
oe me
, n n  e esh de n-geen
eps Me
, n n  ngng esh -ge  e  d  t-mbe re nd my t-mbe
Se  s
ng nn h he t-mbebng ye  hzed dee
2. tMe re
,  hghy zed n ng he t-m-be e kf.
3. M tMe
,  e eve   en.the EDEN  ndeby e deveen, negn, - nd enhneen  n. a deded e hn he t-m-be oDc h been kng n he EDEN eve  nny vehe  hee ye, nd he e  eed  e hn 100 en-ye.
EdEn applicationSES
Ne esh  nended  egnze t-mbe’ eb bne nd be  eve ve he inene. t-mbe’ enhned eb eenevde t-mbe e  deen Een ke hn nny nd e exeene, deveed v  ne nedek h  b, nen, zn endy, nd ee ned k-nd-ee. the y henge ng he Exgen e en he  h he ne nny h  be b n   he d ex-ng eb h. i  n be  h dn he exng e,  he nenny  be eened nd deyed n en.the re Ben.n nne nn e ed  eengee need n  Jny webe rnkng  100 ree h edt-mbe uK  eb-e  ne  he be ee e  by,ene eby nd  nge  he ee.
tMe re
ang he ne n hn  ne e  Exgen se-ve  ned  deve  ne crm eb-bed n  eehe exng l Dn - bed n ed  hee ve nneed  he de e. the ne n  ed
“the dee dan exee and echncal e f he s. peebg, ra,develen ea eally a he decdng fac f . once e ved aay f he lannng hae n he acal jec,  be-cae clea Exgen sevce a he aegc ane e needed. the cb-nan f he be l,advanced ehdlge,dee dan knledge and gh cecal e e he aa.” maha Hanen,pjec manage,t-mble inenanal.
 h e n nny nd nde e ne bneee nd eve.the ne n  he ng ede/ee: n-ge e n by dn n t-mbe eb-e, ng -/n ed ng  e, nge nen k, eee/-y, ghe hnde  e, ee en/exhnge  -e’ hnde, nge nne e; e eh  eqedd, genee e (en, e), e d, de enveny dbe, hek nek vege n ny  ny gven uK d-de.the deyen  he t-mbe re n h eded he n-be  eehne nqe  he t-mbe e eve deenby 40,000 e ye. the n en n dn n obe 2008    he t-mbe e enh ngeen ye.t-mbe re  ed by t-mbe e nd eve enne  e- e  bn e nn. th ede ee n ene e, h evy bned h d  v e,hh ee n y --de.
M tMe
the my t-mbe he ge y: “sy gdbye  e… nd he  ynne b.”th   gd den  my t-mbe,  e-eve  enghe ng nny:bng nd yen ngeen (ee ezed bng, e ge
nn,   eng  de deb, egeng ed d,nd kng yen)n ngeen (ddng ne, hngng e n, nd
dng eve)n nd nn (ng he e  end ex,
nn e n, nd end e  e eve)
iMpact on buSinESS
the edegned ye en ve n ey 2007 h  uK , nd gb  nde y eny. sne he nveng  he ne ,t-mbe inenn h eded devee e  zn  b-be-ng n  3,100 en-h  e hn 100 e-n-h. it ee n be ed  e eg je, -n n be nhed e qky, nd ve it ngeen  ehed. 
Jv EE, EJB, JDBc, Hbene, Jsp, seve, s, Jstl, aJaX, Jms,JmX, web seve, txed, corBa, Jun, Jmk, XDe, aNt, lg4J,sng, Vey, Qz, oshe, Ehhe, regex, JcE, Jca, JDom,cGliB

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