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Photoinduced Electron Transfer

Photoinduced Electron Transfer

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Published by Gramoz Cubreli
Photoinduced Electron Transfer
Photoinduced Electron Transfer

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Gramoz Cubreli on Jun 29, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Photo-induced electron transfer Part II1.Explain the Mirro image effect and its relation with the Franck-Condon and the Stocks shift rule -
Mirro image effect
 Flourescence !and is a mirror reflection of the first a!sorption !and" if there is no reaction in the ES "Excited State## !ecause the energ$ gaps "differences# in the %i!rational le%els of the &S are similar to those in the ES. 
Related to Franck-Condon principle
. 'ue to Franck-Condon principle( for the first a!sorption !ands( the transition will !e %ertical from the &S to Franck-Condon le%els in ES and then the electrons will !e relaxed to mo%e from Franck-condon states to the relaxed state "lowest le%el in ES# in ES. For flourescence !ands( the electron from relaxed le%el in ES will do the %ertical transtion to the different %i!rational le%els in &S. 
Related to Stocks shift rule
. It also shows the Stock shift in which the maximum !and position of emission !and is of larger wa%elength than that of a!sorption !and.).Explain the static and d$namic *uenching process !etween electron 'onor and electron +cceptor  
-Static quenching
 happens in rigid en%ironments "glasses( , matrices#1#/0 pro!a!ilit$ when  finds itself in an acti%e sphere of M2( then M2 will !e graduall$ *uenched.3#If  is out of sphere-4 no *uenching at all so flourescence I
 depends on 56 according to Perrin e*uation ln"I
#7C56. -
Dynamic quenching
 -8hen  is not in large excess and mutual approach of M2 and  is possi!le during the E.S lifetime. +t high concentration of ( static *uenching ma$ occur together with d$namic *uenching. he !i-molecular process is diffusion-controlled. 'E9E: mechanism- resonance exchange of electrons o%er short distances M2;-4 M;2 :e*uirements -<E"M2#4<E"2# -=r!itals M2 and ha%e to o%erlap M2 and ha%e to collide or to !e in >an der 8aals contact.# 'escri!e the *uenching mechanism !$ electron transfer.M2;-4"M;# ;"-# -4M;;energ$

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