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june29.2014 c.docHouse committee on public order & safety summons businessman Isidro Lozada, main player in missing firearms

june29.2014 c.docHouse committee on public order & safety summons businessman Isidro Lozada, main player in missing firearms

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Published by pribhor2
House committee on public order & safety summons businessman Isidro Lozada, main player in missing firearms
House committee on public order & safety summons businessman Isidro Lozada, main player in missing firearms

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Published by: pribhor2 on Jun 30, 2014
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House committee on public order & safety summonsbusinessman Isidro Lozada, main player in missing firearms
The House committee on public order and safety has approved the summon of  businessman Isidro Lozada, owner of Caraga Security Agency and the ey figure in the missing !,""# firearms which he bought from guns dealer Twin $ines, Inc% and allegedly sold to the &ew $eople's Army (&$A)%In a recent hearing conducted by the committee chaired by *ep% +effrey errer (#
-istrict, &egros .ccidental), the panel approved the motion raised by *ep% /en 0vardone (Lone -istrict, 0astern Samar) to summon Lozada after the businessman failed to appear twice in its hearings on the missing firearms%1If this is the second time that we sent an invitation and still, it appears that 2r% Lozada refuses to comply, I would move 2r% Chairman that we issue a subpoena to compel him to appear before this committee,3 said 0vardone whose motion was readily seconded by members of the committee%0vardone and the panel members re4ected the re5uest of Lozada's lawyer, Atty% +udito Ladera, for the non6appearance of the businessman in the committee hearing%1This committee should not be barred from inviting 2r% Lozada 4ust because he has a pending case% This committee is clothed with plenary powers,3 said 0vardone%In a letter sent to errer, Ladera said Lozada couldn't attend the +uly !!, 7"!# hearing per the panel's invitation since he is already facing criminal charges before the .ffice of the City $rosecutor of 8uezon City for illegal possession of firearms% Ladera said the case is also the sub4ect matter of House *esolution 997, which sees an in5uiry into the missing firearms issue%Ladera further said Lozada already appeared before the fact6finding committee of the $hilippine &ational $olice 6 Criminal Investigation and -etection :roup (CI-:) relative to the firearms issue%*ep% Samuel $agdilao ($arty6list, ACT6CIS), a committee vice chairman, said if Lozada will not show up in the ne;t committee hearing despite the summon, then 1he will  be subpoenaed under pain of arrest%31His presence is very important% He is the meat of this controversy% He bought the high6powered A<#9s and accordingly sold them to the &$A% =e want to establish the factual basis of this allegation straight from him and the circumstances surrounding the
NR # 3512CJUNE 29, 2014
transactions both with respect to the purchase from the guns dealer,Twin $ines, Inc% and the sale to the &$A of !,""# high6powered firearms,3 said $agdilao, a lawyer and former CI-: -irector%errer ased CI-: -irector /en4amin 2agalong whether the case on illegal  possession of firearms filed against Lozada was related to the missing firearms issue% 2agalong said they have not filed any case against Lozada%However, upon clarification of *ep% Celso Lobregat (!
 -istrict, >amboanga City) on who filed the illegal possession of firearms case against Lozada, the committee learned this was done by $olice Supt% -anilo 2acerin, who is now assigned at the CI-:6&ational Capital *egion%In a news briefing at Camp Crame last +une ?, 7"!#, CI-: -irector /en4amin 2agalong said based on the statements and unsigned affidavit of Lozada, the !,""# firearms were allegedly sold to the &$A by the businessman% He said Lozada duped police officials into believing that the guns were to be delivered to private security agencies of mining companies in 2indanao%Calling Lozada 1the main player of the operation,3 2agalong said it was only the  businessman who facilitated the sale and licensing of the guns% 1This is the handiwor of  4ust one man% It was 2r% Lozada who facilitated the licensing and at the same time sold the guns,3 he said%According to 2agalong, Lozada claimed the money for the firearms' purchase came from the &$As and he directly gave it to Twin $ines% The CI-: chief said there is no evidence that $&$ officials earned money from the transaction% 12r% Lozada did not deal directly with any irearms and 0;plosives .ffice (0.) personnel% The CI-: has no evidence showing $&$ officials earned money from the transaction,3 said 2agalong%The !,""# firearms are not owned by the $&$ or the government% All !,""# firearms were imported and initially owned by guns dealer Twin $ines, Inc% until these were bought by Lozada who in turn illegally resold these to the &$A%2eanwhile, the $&$60. is not a firearms dealer% It only acts as the repository of all firearms imported by dealers and those manufactured locally until these are sold and eventually licensed to buyers or applicants% The 0. also processes application for firearms license and maintains records of all firearms sold by dealers and those registered to individuals and 4uridical entities%Servando Topacio, president and general manager of Twin $ines Inc% said all their 7@ transactions with Lozada for the !,""# firearms were for four companies namely, Caraga Security Agency, Isla Security Agency, +TC 2ineral 2ining Corp% and Claver 2ineral -evelopment Corp%

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