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This public opinion study discusses changes in Americans' patriotism and their views on military service over the past thirty years.
This public opinion study discusses changes in Americans' patriotism and their views on military service over the past thirty years.

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Published by: American Enterprise Institute on Jun 30, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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American Enterprise Institute compilation
Compiled by Karlyn Bowman, Resident Fellow, AEI, Jennifer Marsico, Senior Research Associate, AEI, and Heather Sims, Research Assistant, AEI
(Updated June 2014)
Special thanks to intern Morgan Williams for her assistance in compiling this public opinion study.
AEI Public Opinion Studies
American Enterprise Institute compilation
Table of Contents
IN THE U.S. AND ABROAD…………………………………
Vietnam's Effect in the U.S.................................................................................51 Obama and Divisions..........................................................................................51
American Enterprise Institute compilation
Self-Professed Patriotis
How proud are you to be an American . . . extremely proud, very proud, moderately proud, only a little proud, or not at all proud? Extremely Very Moderately Only a little Not at all  proud proud proud proud proud Jan. 2001 Gallup 55% 32% 9% 1% 1% Jun. 2002 Gallup/
USA Today
/CNN 65 25 6 1 2 Sep. 2002 ABC 69 23 5 1 1 Jun. 2003
USA Today
/CNN 70 20 6 2 1 Jan. 2004
USA Today
/CNN 69 22 5 3 1 Jan. 2005 Gallup/
USA Today/ 
CNN 61 22 12 3 1 Jan. 2006 Gallup 59 26 9 3 1 Jun. 2006 Gallup 57 25 10 3 3 Jan. 2007 Gallup 57 27 14 3 2 Jun. 2008 CNN/ORC 62 27 7 2 1 Jan. 2009 CNN/ORC 57 26 12 3 1 Jan. 2009 Gallup/
USA Today
58 24 12 3 2  Nov. 2009 Pew 48 38 11 4 1 Jun. 2010 Pew 52 31 8 4 2 May 2011 CBS/
 61 25 12 1 0 Jun. 2013 Gallup 57 28 10 3 1
(Percentage who say “Extremely Proud” by party)
Republicans Democrats Jan. 2001 Gallup 62% 52% Jun. 2002 Gallup/
USA Today
/CNN 77 58 Sep. 2002 Gallup/
USA Today
/CNN 80 61 Jun. 2003 Gallup/
USA Today
/CNN 84 61 Jan. 2004 Gallup/
USA Today
/CNN 82 57
 September 11
 , 2001, substantial majorities consistently told pollsters that they were proud to be Americans. In a Gallup question from  January 2001, for example, 55 percent
described themselves as “extremely” proud of being an
and 32 percent “very” proud. Just 2 percent said they were “only a little” or “not at all”
 proud. The events of September 11th produced overt displays of patriotism. People said they flew their flags more than in the past, and they sang the Star Spangled Banner. Those activities have receded, but patriotic sentiment is still strong. In June 2013, when Gallup repeated the question, 57  percent described themselves as extremely proud and 28 percent very proud. Four percent said they were only a little or not at all proud.  In the most recent multicountry World Values Survey, the top ranked country for self-expressed patriotism was Qatar with 98 percent of its citizens reporting to be
 proud to be citizens of that country. Fifty-six percent of Americans said they were very proud to be American citizens, locating our country more than mid-way down this ranking  American patriotism is not blind patriotism. Polls show that Americans find a lot to criticize in their society. In June 2014, only 23 percent told Gallup that they satisfied with the way things are  going in the United States at this time. Seventy-four percent were dissatisfied. But they still love their country, and they are not reluctant to say so.

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