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2008-3 Video Rampage

2008-3 Video Rampage

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Published by Leslie Cooper

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Published by: Leslie Cooper on Nov 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Video Rampage
Video Rampag
The Gentle Giant
Turning the Other Cheek 
Getting Our Priorities Straight
The Higher Life
 Vol. XXVII, No. 3
any year ago Iwitneed a dra-matic exerience thatha never lef my memory. A eron inor congregation decided to everhi relationhi with or chrch.Amazingly enogh, hi actionled me to reexamine my own lie,which led me to the eet o theSavior. Ti eron had been airital man. He had ered orChrit and ent a nmber o yearin rion or the trth’ ake.Afer hi deciion to leave thechrch, he managed to maintainhi otward walk with the Lord oreveral month. Ten a atal eventhaened rom which he ha not,even today, recovered—a televiionet wa introdced into hi home.For year thi man wa an avidooer o the V. Now, he gavein and wanted to watch it only orthe ake o the new and weatherbroadcat. Needle to ay, thibox oon controlled hi whole lieand hi iritality diintegratedtogether with it.Since that time, by the graceand only the grace o Je, Ihave no ymathy or the reglartye o televiion rogram. Itha even been nice or the lateveral year to live in area whereteleviion antenna have no ignal.Bt ome year back I began torationalize. . . . Since thoe daywhen I exerienced the deadly e o the V, the video ha beenintrodced into ociety withremarkable cce. oday we haveDVD (digital video dic), HDVD(high-denition digital video dic),high-eed internet ervice, videogame, and the PDA (eronaldigital aitant). All arond meI aw thee new machine whichcold be ed at or dicretion—oredcational roe, or “ae”entertainment, and even goodreligio movie. Bt are thee realbenet? I there a real dierencebetween a ctitio video and ateleviion?
“Ye hyocrite, well did Eaiarohey o yo, aying, Ti eoledraweth nigh nto me with theirmoth, and honoreth me withtheir li; bt their heart i ar romme. Bt in vain they do worhime, teaching or doctrine thecommandment o men” (Matthew1:–9).Te word ed to decribethee retender literally mean:“an actor nder an amedcharacter (tage-layer)” (
Strong’sExhaustive Concordance
, No. 2).A theatrical erormance i nothingle than hyocriy. And what i the“reward o a hyocrite”? “Te lordo that ervant hall come in a day when he looketh not or him, and inan hor that he i not aware o, andhall ct him ander, and aointhim hi ortion with the hyocrite:there hall be weeing and gnahingo teeth” (Matthew 24:, 1).Since the Bible condemnhyocriy (actor), what abotthoe that take delight in eeinghyocrite erorm—endingtheir recio hor o robationwatching hyocrite?
Theater, TV, VCR, and DVD
Te warning came in 1882:“Te bleing o God wold not be
Video Rampag
Youth Messenger 
, Volme XXVII, Nmber 
invoked on the hor entat the theater or in the dance. NoChritian wold wih to meet deathin ch a lace. No one wold wihto be ond there when Chrit hallcome” (
Te Adventist Home
, . 1).In thoe day, there wa nomovie theater to go to. Actor(hyocrite) only held liveerormance. Te dierence today i: (1) the actor are on a movie lm,(2) the roce i le exenive orthe viewer, and () it i convenient.Bt the rincile i the ame whetherin a live erormance or on a lm.Te actor are retending to bewhat they are not, and God cannotble thoe who end even an horlooking at ch a erormance.Tereore, i there a dierencebetween the live erormance, thelarge creen theater, the televiion,or the video? Te neqivocalanwer mt be YES! Te eqimenti broght directly into one’ homeand thereore more deadly de toit convenience. Te maller PDA’actally go with  in or travel.
“Whereore, my dearly beloved,ee rom idolatry” (1 Corinthian1:14). Did yo ever conider alm a idolatry? “Never can theroer edcation be given to theyoth in thi contry, or any othercontry, nle they are earateda wide ditance rom the citie.Te ctom and ractice in thecitie nt the mind o the yothor the entrance o trth. Teliqor drinking, the moking andgambling, the hore racing, thetheater going, the great imortancelaced on holiday—all are aecie o idolatry, a acrice onidol altar” (
Like Sketches
, . 1).oday we need not go to a city tond a theater. I yo wih, yo may nd it in yor very own living roomor on yor own comter. Withthe rice o technology becomingcheaer every year, lama V’are beginning to enter every home.I can ndertand why ome o orirital oreathercalled televiionan idol.“[Satan] eek to engro andaborb the mind o comletely that God will nd no lace in thethoght. He doe not wih eoleto have a knowledge o their Maker,and he i well leaed i he can etin oeration game and theatricalerormance that will o conethe ene o the yoth that Godand heaven will be orgotten”(
Counsels to Parents, eachers, and Students
, . 2).How doe Satan cone theene? “I wa hown the tateo the world, that it i at illing it c o iniqity. Violenceand crime o every decritionare illing or world, and Satani ing every mean to makecrime and debaing vice olar”(
, vol. , . 41).
senses confused
What i Satan’ real roein thee motion ictre? “Satani laying the game o lie or [theyoth’] ol, taking rom them thetalent that God ha given them, andlacing in their tead hi own evilattribte. It i hi eort to lead mento ignore God” (
Counsels to Parents,eachers, and Students
, . 2).“Te yoth who walk treetare rronded with handbill andnotice o crime and in, reentedin ome novel or to be acted at ometheater. Teir mind are edcatedinto amiliarity with in. Te corered by the bae and vile i ketbeore them in the eriodical o theday, and everything which can excitecrioity and aroe the animalaion i broght beore them inthrilling and exciting torie.“Te literatre that roceedrom corrted intellect oionthe mind o thoand in orworld. Sin doe not aearexceeding inl. Tey hear andread o mch o debaing crimeand vilene that the once tenderconcience which wold haverecoiled with horror become oblnted that it can dwell on thelow and vile aying and actiono men with greedy interet”(
, vol. , . 41, 42).I witneed a eron who wa viewing a movie that wa oedto be “amily oriented.” In theroce o the rogram, a cene wareented that clearly ortrayed
Youth Messenger 
, Volme XXVII, Nmber 

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