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2009-1 Hidrances to Prayer

2009-1 Hidrances to Prayer

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Published by Leslie Cooper

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Published by: Leslie Cooper on Nov 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Naked in Paradise
Ten Lepers
 Vol. XXVIII, No. 1
Foxes and Vineyards
 Adoniram & Ann
Splendor in the Sunshine
nd it came to a, that,a [Je] wa rayingin a certain lace, whenhe ceaed, one o hidicile aid nto him,Lord, teach  to ray, a John alotaght hi dicile” (Lke 11:1).Je in Hi anwer aid, “Aerthi manner thereore ray ye: OrFather which art in heaven, Hallowedbe thy name. Ty kingdom come.Ty will be done in earth, a it i inheaven. Give  thi day or daily bread. And orgive  or debt, awe orgive or debtor. And lead not into temtation, bt deliver rom evil: or thine i the kingdom,and the ower, and the glory, or ever.Amen” (Matthew :9–1).“[Lke 11:2–4 qoted.] Chritdid not give  thi rayer toreeat a a orm. He gave it a anilltration o what or rayerhold be—imle, earnet, andcomrehenive.”
Te Youth’s Instructor 
,December , 1899.
Chrit in Hi examle incldedthe ollowing: “Ty will be donein earth, a it i in heaven. . . . Andorgive  or debt, a we orgiveor debtor.”I there i anything a believerhold tdy with dee, and intenedevotion, it i the bject o rayer.Many have gone atray today andome have abandoned their aith be-cae they did not know how to ray.We came acro a man who told that he can never go to chrchagain or the ret o hi lie. He
By Tony Maraizu
aid, “I wa a very aithl ollowero Je Chrit, I aid my titheand oering, I tried my bet toobey God’ law, bt a cole o year back a man tood againt me,claiming my big lot o land to behi. Not only that; he ed me incort. I told God, ‘I yo hel me towin thi cae I will ever live to erveyo, bt i yo allow that man totake away my large iece o land—my only hoe, I will never worhiyo again.’ ”
Hindrance No. 1
Forgetting “thy will be done”
Te No. 1 hindrance i when wedo not ray according to the will o God (Matthew :1).We hold alway remember toray or the will o God to be donender all circmtance. Or Godi innite in widom; what we think to be the bet may not be or orown good. Remember the reoneo the Hebrew lave that wereentenced to death becae they de-cided to obey God rather than man.“Shadrach, Mehach, and Abedne-go, anwered and aid to the king, ONebchadnezzar, we are not carelto anwer thee in thi matter. I it beo, or God whom we erve i ableto deliver  rom the brning ery rnace, and he will deliver  oto thine hand, O king. Bt i not, beit known nto thee, O king, that wewill not erve thy god, nor worhithe golden image which tho hatet ” (Daniel :1–18).Tee yong Hebrew knew thatGod i able to do all thing, incld-ing aving them rom the brningrnace. Bt even i not [i He, orwhatever reaon, hold chooe notto deliver them], they aid, “Be itknown nto thee, O king, that wewill not erve thy god.”We hold know that there i a very big dierence between what wewant and what we need. God may not give  what we want, bt Hewill rely give  what we need.“Bt my God hall ly all yorneed according to hi riche in glory by Chrit Je” (Philiian 4:19).Many ay, Bt when or lovingGod in Hi innite widom eethat what they are aking will nothel them to kee their aith, Hemay ree to grant their reqet.“Ye ak, and receive not, becaeye ak ami, that ye may conmeit on yor lt” (Jame 4:).“And thi i the condence thatwe have in him, that, i we ak any thing according to hi will, heheareth : and i we know thathe hear , whatoever we ak, weknow that we have the etition thatwe deired o him” (1 John :14, 1).“When yo ray or temoralbleing, remember that the Lordmay ee that it i not or yor good
Youth Messenger 
, Volme XXVIII, Nmber 1
or or Hi glory to give yo jtwhat yo deire. Bt He will anweryor rayer, giving yo jt what ibet or yo.”
In Heavenly Places
, . 82.
“Tat rayer which come orthrom an earnet, believing heart ithe eectal, ervent rayer thatavaileth mch. God doe not alwayanwer or rayer a we exect,or we may not ak what wold beor or highet good; bt in Hiinnite love and widom He willgive  thoe thing which we motneed.”
, vol. 4, . 1.
Hindrance No. 2 
An unforgiving spirit
Te No. 2 hindrance to rayer iwhen we cannot orgive thoe whotrea againt . “Forgive  ordebt, a we orgive or debtor.”Many roeed believer nd it very diclt to orgive other theirwrong. Je aid, “I ye orgive notmen their treae, neither willyor Father orgive yor treae”(Matthew :1).Unorgivene hinder rayer.“Fating and rayer will accom-lih nothing while the heart ietranged rom God by a wrongcore o action. Read Iaiah 8:,, 9-11”
Counsels on Health
, . )
.“What thing oever ye deire,when ye ray, believe that ye receivethem, and ye hall have them. Andwhen ye tand raying, orgive, i ye have oght againt any: that yorFather alo which i in heaven may orgive yo yor treae. Bt i ye do not orgive, neither will yorFather which i in heaven orgiveyor treae” (Mark 11:24–2).In thee word Chrit Himel made it clear that thoe nwillingto orgive other cannot receiveanwer to their rayer.“He who i norgiving ct o the very channel throgh whichalone he can receive mercy romGod. We hold not think thatnle thoe who have injred cone the wrong we are jtied inwithholding rom them or orgive-ne. It i their art, no dobt, tohmble their heart by reentanceand coneion; bt we are to havea irit o comaion toward thoewho have treaed againt ,whether or not they cone theiralt. However orely they may havewonded , we are not to cherihor grievance and ymathize withorelve over or injrie; bt a wehoe to be ardoned or or oeneagaint God we are to ardon allwho have done evil to .”
ToughtsFrom the Mount of Blessing 
, . 11, 114.
“Tereore i tho bring thy gi tothe altar, and there rememberet thatthy brother hath oght againt thee;leave there thy gi beore the altar,and go thy way; rt be reconciled tothy brother, and then come and oerthy gi” (Matthew :2, 24).
Hindrance No. 3 
Doubt and discouragement
Te No.  hindrance to or rayeri dobt or dicoragement. At omeoint in lie it haen to nearly allthat, even when we are trying tolive according to the light we havereceived, anwer to or rayer tilleem not to come. And thi i whenmany loe their aith. Bt it holdnot be o, becae when the wind o dicoragement eem to blow hardon , that robably cold be theexact time when the anwer to orrayer are likely to be available.
Don’t give up!
“[Je] ake a arable nto[the dicile] to thi end, that menoght alway to ray, and not toaint; aying, Tere wa in a city a jdge, which eared not God, nei-ther regarded man: and there waa widow in that city; and he camento him, aying, Avenge me o mine adverary. And he wold notor a while: bt aerward he aidwithin himel, Togh I ear notGod, nor regard man; yet becaethi widow trobleth me, I willavenge her, let by her continalcoming he weary me. And the Lordaid, Hear what the njt jdgeaith. And hall not God avenge hiown elect, which cry day and nightnto him, thogh he bear long withthem? I tell yo that he will avengethem eedily” (Lke 18:1–8).“And, behold, a woman o Ca-naan came ot o the ame coat,and cried nto him, aying, Havemercy on me, O Lord, tho on o David; my daghter i grievoly 
If there is anything a believer should study with deep,and intense devotion, it is the subject of prayer.Many have gone astray today and some have abandoned their faith because they did not know how to pray.
Youth Messenger 
, Volme XXVIII, Nmber 1

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