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Take Assessment - Module 7 Exam - CCNP: Building Scalable

Take Assessment - Module 7 Exam - CCNP: Building Scalable

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Published by cgbfish

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Published by: cgbfish on Nov 27, 2009
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Take Assessment-Module 7 Exam-CCNP: Building Scalable Internetworks (Version 5.0)
Refer to the exhibit. Which two multicast routing statements are true?(Choose two.)Assuming that the neighbor of this router has the same priority configured, then the router has the higher IP address on thelink.The frequency at which PIM hellos and PIM queries are sent has been altered from the default of 30 seconds.This command displays information about discovered PIM neighbors.This configuration is on a point-to-point link as indicated by the DR IP address interface is participating in sparse-dense mode.This router is the DRbecause its default priority has been altered.
Which three statements regarding IP multicast addresses are true? (Choose three.)All IPmulticast group addresses fall in the range from through addresses and limited scope addresses are two types of IP multicast addresses.IP address identifies the all-routers group.IP addresses between and are reserved link-local addresses.IP address is a globally scoped address that has been reserved for Network Time Protocol (NTP).Pinging IP address will get all multicast-capable hosts on the networkto reply.
Which three statements are reasons to choose a PIM Dense Mode (PIM-DM) multicast configuration? (Choose three.)Senders andreceivers are in close proximity to one another.Senders and receivers are widely dispersed.The type of traffic is intermittent.The volume of multicast traffic is high.There are few receivers and many senders in a group.There are fewsenders and many receivers in a group.
Refer to the exhibit. All routers in the network are running Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)protocol and all interfaces are configuredin sparse-dense mode. On the basis of the configuration that is provided, how will the multicast traffic be forwarded within the network?The multicast traffic will be forwarded to all segments of the network.The multicast traffic will be forwarded to all segments of the network including the RPs and the designated routers.The multicast traffic will be forwarded to all network segments including the RPs and RP mapping agents.The multicast traffic will be forwarded only to the segments of the network with active receivers that have explicitly requestedmulticast data.
Refer to theexhibit. Which statement is information that can be derived from the command output that is shown?The transmitting interface of the multicast source is serial 0/0.The serial 0/0 interface of the router is the only known path to the multicast source.Th IP address of the multicast source is reverse path was learned via a static unicast route statement.
Referto the exhibit. On the basis of the configuration that is provided, what are the two roles of router R1? (Choose two.)Router R1 will act as a mapping agent for the multicast group that is operating in a dense mode.

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