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Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters

Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters

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Published by Dr. Fusion

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Published by: Dr. Fusion on Nov 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Healing letters//page Title page//section Title Page//textMyrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters//page//section In Appreciation//textThis book is made up of extracts from the letters of MyrtlePage Fillmore, "mother of Unity," as she was lovinglycalled and as she was in its founding. By her motheringspirit of love and faith and service, in cooperation withher husband Charles Fillmore, she molded Unity and upheldit during the years of its growth.As the letters from which these extracts were taken blessedand lifted those to whom they were sent, it is hoped thatthey will do this for others as they go forth in printedform; that they will bless students everywhere and thusextend Myrtle Fillmore's ministry on this plane, as she isnow extending it on that other plane to which she said shewas called for another phase of Christ ministry.The preparation of these pages for your perusal has been aservice of love undertaken in appreciation of a great soul.It has been like being again in her presence and receivinginstruction and inspiration from the Christ Mind that spokeso freely through her; like receiving a benediction fromher. May you, too, as you read these pages, receive fromthat Christ to whom she always pointed all who came to her,some of the fire of her inspiration, some of thesteadfastness of her faith, some of the zeal she had forTruth, as well as the wisdom and understanding with whichshe handled all problems, the love she so freely bestowedon all; and may you, as you are lifted, use these Christattributes as she used them: to inspire others and lift therace in its ongoing to glory.Frances W. Foulks//page ???My Love to TheeAdapted from "The Rosary"By Myrtle FillmoreThe hours I've spent with Thee, dear Lord,Are pearls of priceless worth to me.My soul, my being merge in sweet accordIn love for Thee; in love for Thee.Each hour a pearl, each pearl a prayer,Binding Thy presence close to me;I only know that Thou art there, and IPagina 1
Healing lettersAm lost in Thee.Oh, glorious joys that thrill and bless!Oh, visions sweet of love divine!My soul its rapturous bliss can ill expressThat Thou art mine, O Lord! that Thou art mine.//page ???//section Contents//textIn AppreciationMy Love to TheeMyrtle Fillmore ... 1Jesus Christ ... 13Prayer ... 17Drawing On the Source ... 22Going Into the Silence ... 27Quickened By the Spirit ... 35Understanding the Body ... 38Day and Night Experience ... 42No Incurable Disease ... 44Permanent Prosperity ... 49The Subconsciousness ... 56Threefold Healing ... 62Developing Our Faculties ... 68Spiritual Control of the Body ... 74The Way to Health ... 78Helping Others ... 85Concerning Age ... 91Our Work ... 98Our Methods ... 104Transition ... 111Maternity ... 116To Truth Teachers ... 123To Married People ... 142//page 1Pagina 2
Healing letters//section Myrtle Fillmore//textTHE FOLLOWING EXTRACTS FROM HER LETTERS INTRODUCE MYRTLEPAGE FILLMORE TO YOU AS SHE KNEW HERSELF AND AS NO ONE ELSECOULD.You see, dear, we just feel rather modest--really wehaven't much to say, as to when the work was started, andhow it was done! We just received from the Father someideas that proved wonderfully helpful in our own family;then we shared them with others, and they too were helped.Since those of like faith are drawn together, we soon foundourselves in a little society, which was formed for thestudy of Truth and the practice of its ideas. We grew.After a time it seemed that the other folks went theirvarious ways, and only we were left to continue what wefelt to be important enough to develop and to devoteourselves to. Unity School unfolded and continued to grow.We have never cared to interest folks in our own lives. Itmakes no difference to others what we have done, who weare. What is important is that we are doing what the Fatherhas given us to do, according to our best light. And if wehave something that others want or that will helpthem--spiritual ideas and their radiance--we are glad toshare it. If others wish to receive, all right; if not,because of what they may//page 2term our personal limitations, that is all right too. Weare not trying to interest folks in the School, but in theideas of the Christ Mind, which we feel to be thefoundation of the work, and our standard of life.But, dear, I feel you are crowning me with an honor thatbelongs to the Holy Spirit--which is omnipresent, and whichexpresses in the loving desires of the hearts of all thosewho are endeavoring to manifest the Mother side of God! Youcall me the mother of Unity! Well, now, I know of nothingthat would give me greater joy than to feel that God couldwork so perfectly through me as to bring forth a greatministry and a place of peace and goodwill and health suchas this [Unity School] is. But in reality, I feel that I amonly the soul who caught the first vision of this ministry,and who nurtured that vision until others came along tohelp in the establishment of it in the minds and hearts ofour dear ones, and to help in the molding in substance theouter forms of this school and its work.It is my great joy to perceive somewhat of the mother sideof God--the divine love that never fails and that is equalto the drawing of souls to itself. It is my prayer to beable to radiate the qualities of this divine love to all.You too are the mother of Unity, because in your heart youhave the same ideals, and the same great generous spirit,and the endless and tireless service, and the love thatnever fails! The mother//page 3of Unity is the universal mother. How happy we are, torepresent this mother!You may never have suspected it, but the Unity work is adream that has been nurtured and built from the invisiblePagina 3

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