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How To Build Muscle - The Secrets to a Good Workout

How To Build Muscle - The Secrets to a Good Workout



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Published by MarkCasey
This free e-report details how to build muscle properly and avoid a lot of mistakes people make EVERYDAY.

If you want properly build lean muscle you have to know what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong.
This free e-report details how to build muscle properly and avoid a lot of mistakes people make EVERYDAY.

If you want properly build lean muscle you have to know what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong.

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Published by: MarkCasey on Mar 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© Vince Delmontewww.VinceDelMonteFitness.com2008.All rights reserved.
I Mul Gi
f -t
Learn How To Sidestep These Suicide TrainingErrors That Almost All Skinny Guys Make..
by Vince DelMonte, Author of 
No-Nonsense Muscle Building 
About The Author Vince DelMonte
Unless you just arrived fromthe planet Mars, you haveheard of Vince DelMonte atsome point.Growing up as an awkward,skinny, endurance athlete,he earned the nick-nameSkinny Vinny and believed hehad no muscle friendly geneswhatsoever. After a tragicevent in his life, Vince wenton to gaining 41 lbs of rock-hard muscle in less then sixmonths, which lead to histransformation being fea-tured all over the Internetas well as the International
tness magazine, Maximum
Fitness.Currently Vince runs a per-sonal training department of 15 full time trainers and isthe most sought out trainerin his area. He entered the
world of tness modeling a
few years ago and in his 3rdshow ever, became a nation-
al tness model champion.
Vince currently writes formany of the biggest online
bodybuilding and tnessmagazines today.
His personal success storyand thousands of client suc-cess stories inspired the cre-ation of 
, the Internet’s mostpopular online muscle build-ing program of it’s timefound at
It is the only program that
you can nd that is endorsed
by over 7 of the Internet’smost reputable sources.Each day, Vince receives
dozens of unsolicited success
stories from and spectacularbefore and after picturesfrom real-life users of theprogram, many that you canread and view for yourself onhis
.Vince has been around longenough to prove
 is not another ‘trend.’ Hehas the best online musclebuilding course, they per-sonal transformation story,the expert endorsements andthe personal success storiesto back up his claims.He sees no reason who youcan not build the body of your dreams unless you arenot truly committed to yourgoals and not willing to putin the effort...
 The Top 20 Ways To screW Up In The GyM The Top 20 Ways To screW Up In The GyM
© Vince Delmontewww.VinceDelMonteFitness.com2008.All rights reserved.
• Never perform more than 4-12 TOTALwork sets per workout. Yes, this is far less than performing the bodybuilders’suggested 12-24 sets per musclegroup! Unless you are in a contest tosee how many sets are possible per workout, then your focus should be tospark the muscle into growth and thengo home.• Never follow a program out of apopular bodybuilding magazine – unless you are on steroids. Cheston Monday, Back on Tuesday, Legs onWednesday, and so forth. I uestionthe workout intensity and recoveryability if anyone can make weekly gainsfrom this conventional approach -thatclearly reflects a blatant acceptance of tradition without any thought applied.• Never train continuously for longer than 12 weeks. Hardgainers willactually benefit from taking a half weekoff every sixth week of hard training toallow their muscular, neural, hormonaland immune system to FULLYrecharge. Try this one tip and watchyour strength go through the roof!• Following 3 sets of 10, 3 sets of 12, 3sets of 8 – any program that begins with3 sets of whatever was clearly copiedfrom someone else and, again, clearlyreflects the historical mistake of copyingtradition without any thought applied.Doing 3 sets of whatever for eachexercise in the workout is a surefire wayof overtraining.• Never train more than two days in arow. I uestion anybody’s recoveryability to train more than two days in arow. It typically takes up to 24 hours tofully replenish your glycogen reservesso by taking a day off every two daysyou are allowing your energy reservesto be replenished and optimized.
nonsense you arebombarded witheach day.In my e-book,
, I sharea blueprint of the mostfundamental principlesand techniues thatMUST be executed togain 20 and up to 50pounds of muscle in6-12 months.Once youmaster theseprinciplesyou will beanchored toa proven setof criteria reuired to gainmuscle and gain weight –stack up any information,concept, hype or adviceagainst these principles – and you will never befrustrated, confused or disillusioned ever again.You will know exactlywhat to believe. Isn’t thatrefreshing?The reality is thatthere is plenty of freeadvice dished out in thegym, which can reallyroadblock your gains if taken literally. This canbegin a downward spiralof making guys believethey are ‘hard-gainers’when they are really not.Training harder and notsmarter. Taking out asmall loan for the nextsupplement breakthroughand even resorting todrugs. None of this isrecommendedor necessary.I wrote thise-book reportto touch on,in my opinion,the most popular anddamaging screw-ups usedwhen trying to gain size.It’s hard to say withabsolute certainty if thesescrew-ups are having anegative effect on your progress, but, generally,speaking I’m veryconfident that they are.So without further ado,here they are:
The Top 20 ways to screw up in the gym!
Can I ask you a couple of honest questions? 
Who in the last 10 years has influenced you the most with regards to how to train? Where have you and where has everyoneelse learned how to build muscle? 
Everything in life startsoff as a dream. if youdon’t have that visionyou’ll never make thingshappen.”
Gary Strydom
Would you agree thatbodybuilding magazinesand websites havecontributed to the bulk of the training informationand misinformationtoday? I don’t want tobe completely critical,but I am sure you wouldagree that the majority of mainstream bodybuildingliterature caters to thegenetically gifted or to thedrug user – which leavesthe rest of us wandering... Today, with the jungle of conflicting and misleadingmessages, I do notwant you to make thesame titanic mistakesand training errors thatare costing thousandsof young trainees their dreams of a ripped,muscular physiue. Theyare taking advice fromunualified ‘experts’,reading rehashedmagazines, tradingwads of cash for magicalpills and powders and‘program hopping’ withvery little to show for it.Unless you want tocontinue to be a part of the mooing herd that isbeing led to the slaughter each day, you must learnto filter out the noise and
© Vince Delmontewww.VinceDelMonteFitness.com2008.All rights reserved.
Experience vs.Discipline
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetuer adipiscing elit, seddiam nonummy nibh euismodtincidunt ut laoreet dolore eratmagna aliuam erat volutpatutwisi enim ad minim veniam,uis nostrud exerci tation loremwisi ullamcorper. Et iusto odiote ignissim ui blandit praesentluptatum zzril delenit augue duisdolore te feugait nulla facilisi.orem ipsum dolor sit amet.
Screw-up #1:Training Too FrequentlyAnd Too Long
Overtraining is a resultof training too freuentlyand/or too long. Don’ttake a microscope to thedefinition. Overtrainingis as simple as that –overtraining. It is a resultof one of the following:• Training too freuentlyor in excess.• Training too long.• Inadeuaterecovery.Mainstreambodybuildingliterature andscience havetraditionallyfocused on thesymptoms rather thanon the prevention of them. You often readarticles on ‘overtrainingsyndrome’ and ‘plannedovertraining’. This isunnecessary. If you are incontrol of the training andrecovery process, if youtrain for predeterminedperiods and recover inpredetermined ways,then you don’t need toknow anything about‘overtraining syndromes’!
does nottalk about ‘overtrainingsyndromes’, but teachesadvanced recoverymethods to take chargeof your training andaccelerate your abilityto recuperate and trainagain.
Screw-up #2:Not Eating EnoughCalories And Eating TheWrong Calories
I know you have heardit before but I will say itagain – if you are noteating enough calories,you will NEVER gainweight, no matter whatyou do. THERE IS NOWAY AROUND IT! Evenif you have the perfecttraining routine, you willnever growunless youprovide your body with theproper nutrients.It’s like sayingyou want to builda house butyou don’t have enoughbricks, cement or wood.It will be impossible tobuild that house. It’s liketrying to buy a $100,000house and you only have$50,000. It’s going to bedownright impossible.Long story short – if youare not growing, therecould be two problems:
You have not appliedenergy balance (energyin versus energy out)properly. It is a lottrickier than simplymultiplying your bodyweight by a factor of 18-22 as most authorssuggest. This factor neglects your uniueresting metabolic rate,your uniue cost of dailyactivity, your uniuecost of exercise activityand the thermic effect of food.
You combine thewrong food at the wrongtimes. Obviously eating3000 calories of chipsand Doritos is not aseffective as eating 3000calories of high ualitycarbs, fats and proteins.There are also a fewcritical windows in theday when you mustconsume the majorityof your nutrients tomaximize musclegrowth.If you wish to ensurethat your muscles haveenough fuel to supportyour workouts, trainintensely, recover fromworkout to workout and,let’s not forget,growNEW muscle, you haveto keep track of what youare eating every day.There is no way aroundit. This is the number one reason why skinnyguys never gain weightor why anybody, for thatmatter, will not make theuality gains that they sodesperately strive for.My Success Kit includesa metabolic growthcalculator that will do allthe math and calculationsfor you.You will know exactlyhow many caloriesyour body needs onyour workout and your non-workout days. Themetabolic calculator willtake into considerationyour specific goal: Doyou want to maintain, cut,progressively gain muscle
I train consistently,sleep 10 hours a night,never go partying,never drink, and never eat junk food...I don’tlike it. Jay Cutler 

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