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Kuthbah from Grand Muftee of KSA Youm al-Arafah1430

Kuthbah from Grand Muftee of KSA Youm al-Arafah1430



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Published by UmmMuftee
Khtubah from Grand Muftee of KSA Shaykh ‘Abdul-’Azeez Ibn ‘Abdullaah aalush-Shaykh
Khtubah from Grand Muftee of KSA Shaykh ‘Abdul-’Azeez Ibn ‘Abdullaah aalush-Shaykh

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Published by: UmmMuftee on Nov 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Yaa Akhwaat, in case some missed this sermon. I tried my best to take notes while listening, I do not have them all, and nor isit word per word.. but inshallaah it's a great piece of adviceand motivation.... so I hope you all benefit, and inshallaah it  should be posted fully prepared after Eid inshallaah in the saudi gazette.... just bare with me since it was before fajr while jotting down...
Soon islaam will reveal its power, most important thing is to promote islaam. Wehave to support and defend the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alaihiwasallaam) from all that is spread against him.... Those people who defend themessenger of islaam (sallallaahu alaihi wasallaam) it reflects there love for theremessenger.Some ppl are counted as muslims, but they deviate many young muslims. Andhit the ummah in its hearts, and collect people against islaam.. ..Islaam willalways be in the trust worthy hands.Those who involve in black majic, and think they cure disease, take help of jinnand devils. Getting help for there wims and desires, they have there own ways topromote there evil.Drugs is one problem we face, is what destructs the ummah, people that spreadthese evils there main objective is to ruin the young people. The authority of thiscountry is aware and there to protect the ummah of this harm with the help of Allaah.Terrorism is international problem some people take advantage of it, thosepeople with this suicidal mission are evil, they divide the community. Shouldsolve your problems in the atmosphere of love, they want to twist or change themeaning of the book. They follow there own desires,they dont understand certainayahs.The early mulsims depended on Allaah, this message will never die the quraan isgonna be used....core of the whole mission is Laa ilaha illallaa, you must turn toAllaah fully to supplicate to Him and sacrifice. We believe in the angels, life afterddeath.Your faith keeps you away from the deviated people, gives you the power,strength and energy and get rid of your pride. And stay away from prohibitionsand stick to the sunnah,salaah is connection of man and allaah increases thefaith in his heart. It helps you to concetrate and purify your body, zakaah alsopurifies the persons heart. It also is the feeling of the rich person to sympathizewith the poor person.Also fasting enduring it patiently connects between the poor and the rich, and itwill make the rich contribute to the poor. The hajj will prepare you to be ready for the day of the resurrection, the place is the same time is the same.All this is a trust in our hands we must preserve it in our hands. Prohibited usfrom murder, fornication, alcohol and avoid it for Allaah. Keep away from all

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