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Workplace Violence 11-2013

Workplace Violence 11-2013

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Published by csea_union
Workplace Violence 11-2013
Workplace Violence 11-2013

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Published by: csea_union on Jul 02, 2014
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10.14 BROOME DDSOO ISSUING DEPT. Executive Office SECTION 3 Page 10.14a Policy and Procedures SUBJECT Workplace Violence Prevention DATE OF ISSUE November 2013 (Amended from February 2012)
The Broome DDSOO has a long standing commitment to promoting a safe and secure living and work environment. All staff is expected to maintain a living and working environment free from violence, threats, harassment, intimidation or coercion. The purpose of this policy is to address the issues of potential workplace violence in the DDSOO
 community residences, program sites and district offices. It is designed to prevent workplace violence from occurring to the fullest extent possible, and to set forth procedures to be followed when such violence has occurred. This Policy and Program does not negate the requirement to follow all other existing laws, regulations, and policies that govern OPWDD.
The Broome DDSOO prohibits workplace violence. Violence, threats of violence, coercion or other threatening behavior towards people or property will not be tolerated. Complaints involving workplace violence will not be ignored and will be given the serious attention they deserve. Individuals who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary and/or other administrative action up to and including termination consistent with collective bargaining agreements, and/or referral to law enforcement agencies for criminal prosecution. The Broome DDSOO may prohibit employees, individuals, members of the public, including family members, from seeing an employee or individual on DDSOO property. The Broome DDSOO will maintain the confidentiality of investigations of workplace violence to the extent possible. The DDSOO will act on the basis of anonymous complaints where it has a reasonable  belief that there has been a violation of this policy and that the safety and well being of all persons in the DDSOO would be served by such action. Retaliation against anyone acting in good faith who has made a complaint of workplace violence, who has reported witnessing workplace violence or who has been involved in reporting, investigating or responding to workplace violence is a violation of this policy. Those found responsible for retaliatory action will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination.
All employees, individuals, vendors, contractors, consultants, etc. who do business with the Broome DDSOO are covered by this policy. This policy also applies to other persons not affiliated with the DDSOO such as former employees and visitors.
10.14 BROOME DDSOO ISSUING DEPT. Executive Office SECTION Page 10.14b Policy and Procedures SUBJECT Workplace Violence Prevention DATE OF ISSUE November 2013 (Amended from February 2012) Definitions:
Workplace violence is any behavior that is violent, threatens violence, coerces, interferes with an
individual’s legal rights of movement or expression or disrupts the work 
 place or the ability of Broome DDSOO to provide services to its individuals. 1.
Workplace violence
An attempt or threat whether verbal or physical, to inflict injury upon another person.
Any intentional display of force which would give a person reason to fear or expect bodily harm.
Intentional and wrongful physical contact with a person without his or her consent that entails some injury.
Stalking a person with the intent of causing fear when such stalking has arisen through or in the course of employment. 2.
Imminent danger
is defined as “
any conditions or practices in any place of employment which are such that a danger exists which could reasonably be expected to cause death or serious physical harm immediately or before the imminence of such danger can be eliminated through the
enforcement otherwise provided by
this part.
 Serious physical harm
is defined as “
impairment of the body so as to render the body part affected functionally use
less or substantially reduced in efficiency.”
Retaliatory action
is defined as “the discharge, suspension, demotion, penalizati
on, or discrimination against any public employee, or other adverse employment action taken against a public
employee in the terms and conditions of employment.”
Workplace Examination, Evaluation, and Determination:
The workplace examination looks at any injury, accident, incident, or statistical records to identify trends and the type and cause of workplace injuries. The examination attempts to identify patterns of injuries in particular areas of the workplace or incidents that involve specific operations or individuals. The individual work sites are evaluated annually and whenever there is a change in the identified risk factor list. The work site evaluations are completed and reviewed, in concert with members of the authorized employee representatives from CSEA, PEF and NYSCOPBA.
10.14 BROOME DDSOO ISSUING DEPT. Executive Office SECTION Page 10.14c Policy and Procedures SUBJECT Workplace Violence Prevention DATE OF ISSUE November 2013 (Amended from February 2012)
The Violence in the Workplace Prevention Assessment/Risk Evaluation is completed at least annually. It checks the availability of the policy and training; staff awareness and the work environment. When a hazard is identified, the method of mitigating the specific risk is addressed through site specific training, environmental adaptations, policy/procedural changes, modifications to
 treatment  plans, etc. The workplace examination, in addition to actual reports of workplace violence (incident reports), are reviewed by
Broome’s WPV Coordinator and Broome’s
 Health and Safety Committee, which is comprised of authorized employee representatives from CSEA, PEF and NYSCOPBA.
Data Collection and Analysis:
The workplace violence prevention reporting system is maintained for inclusion in the annual workplace examination, risk evaluation and assessment. Each workplace violence incident that is reported is reviewed by the DDSOO
Workplace Safety Coordinator. The Coordinator meets with the Broome DDSOO Health and Safety Committee no less than one time per quarter, to review proactive steps taken to protect similar episodes from occurring in the future. The workplace violence report includes the following required information: 1.
Workplace location
 site specific 2.
Time of day/shift 3.
Incident description including what happened immediately prior to the incident and how the incident ended. 4.
 Names and job titles of involved employees 5.
 Name or other identifier of individuals involved 6.
Extent of injuries 7.
 Name of witnesses 8.
An explanation of the actions the employer has or is in the process of taking to mitigate future incidents with a time table for correction, where appropriate. 9.
Interim protective measures taken Additionally, Broome DDSOO will address global enhancements at similar worksites if it becomes apparent that they are necessary to protect all employees.

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