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Predators Dressed in Priests Clothing

Predators Dressed in Priests Clothing



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Published by EvinDaly
The latest chapter documenting the sexual abuse of Irish children by Catholic priests has been published by the Commission of Investigation into the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin. It is deeply disturbing.
The latest chapter documenting the sexual abuse of Irish children by Catholic priests has been published by the Commission of Investigation into the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin. It is deeply disturbing.

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Published by: EvinDaly on Nov 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Predators dressed in Priests Clothing
The denial and suppression of information about the decades of child sexualabuse perpetrated by priests the Irish Catholic Clerical hierarchy is, according tothe conclusions of the new report submitted by the
Commission of Investigationinto the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin
, nothing short of criminal. Criminal forthe abusers; criminal for their bishops and archbishops. The enormity of thecrime is incomprehensible in its scope and deeply disturbing in the complicity of its participants.
The description of the profound, widespread and repeated abuse is, in a word,sickening. As bad was the stonewalling victims faced when pursuing a complaint against apriest. Complicit too were the Irish police force that at times refused toinvestigate complaints and instead referred them to church authorities to handle.The political and religious system was riddled with cracks through which casesslipped, some to languish for years. All because of a misguided loyalty to theCatholic Church in Ireland, which some psychologists might describe as aninfantile need to please.
The Irish Catholic hierarchy, while claiming to address issues of abuse, hid behind the coat-tails of cannon law protecting accused priests from theramifications of the due process of Irish civil law. They did this while at the same
time ignoring the very church doctrine they claimed to follow. This underlines thehierarchy’s conspiracy of suppression. The affairs of the church were always putabove the concerns or needs of the victims.
The pedophile priests were empowered by an inferred moral authority reinforcing their ability to deny – lie barefaced – when faced with accusations.These are the traits of true sociopaths. Their sense of entitlement, their lack of remorse or conscience, their ability to continue their actions against childrenregardless of accusations sets them apart in their criminality. As it does theactions, or inactions, of their protectors, their deniers, their superiors.
The widespread denials towed the church line and allowed a succession of  Archbishops to side-track and ignore these vile crimes against Ireland's children. What is unmentioned is the other consequence of the actions of these predators;the fraud perpetrated on their parishioners. These men – criminals - were notmen of G-d; they were devout atheists. Logic dictates that they didn’t – couldn’t - believe in G-d by the nature of the terrible crimes that they committed over theirlifetimes as priests.Parishioners therefore were led spiritually by a man with the spiritual depth andcapacity of a stone. Their intonations on the altar, their blessings, their guidance was meaningless. These were a means to an end; that end being the raping of 
children. As such their entire religious lives were a cover, a sham. The authority of their priestly actions was no more relevant had they been performed by a goat.Their duties are therefore null and void; baptisms, communion, confirmations,marriages are technically illegitimate. How could they hold credence when they  were officiated by a monster masquerading as a priest whose authority wascertainly not from by G-d? There’s something to chew on your next cup of coffee. What’s next then in this uncovering of Irish clerical criminality?
The first order of business is the continuing treatment of the victims of abuse.The focus on financial compensation is something that will be dealt with in time.No matter what the outcome no amount of money can make up what has beendone to these victims, many of whom have had their lives destroyed twice. First by their rapist; the second time by church denial. A system to ensure that thisdoes not happen again should take the form, not of another government bureaucracy but, of a widespread secular - frank - educational program aimed atempowering children and parents.
 As an institution the Catholic Church is loaded with rules for the faithful. There'sa penalty for missing mass on Sunday, another of the use of birth control, thedenial of communion for supporting a women’s right to choose. What then is the penalty, one must wonder, for the crime of raping children?How about the deliberate covering up the crimes? Excommunication is the

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