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2014Ads by Kids

2014Ads by Kids

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Published by: GCMedia on Jul 02, 2014
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 Spring 20I4
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 A  D  S
 b  y
 K I D S
  K  I  D  S
  C a r i s s a  M a r t e l l
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  Alyssa Sharp 7th Grade TBMS Tabitha Beeler  8th Grade TBMS
Thursday, June 12, 2014
Ads By Kids
Lincoln News Messenger 
  Beth O’Brien  Advertising Director   Lincoln News Messenger 
 hank you for supporting this section, either by purchasing an ad, supporting our future artists or simply by reading and enjoying the section! This is our second annual
“Ads by Kids” 
 section and it is so exciting to see what the kids have created. Last year, my predecessor, Publisher Jean Lund, and I were lucky enough to go to the Twelve Bridges Middle School to teach advertising to the sixth, seventh and eighth-grade art classes.We had a wonderful time and the kids were great! This year, one of our advertising representatives, Jennifer Parisius, and I taught advertising fundamentals to the student artists again. We revisited Ray Gonzales’ classes at
Twelve Bridges Middle School.
 Several students raised their hands when I asked if they worked on this project last year. They were very enthusiastic and remembered the five elements for a great ad (graphic, header, body copy, signature and call to action) from last year! This year, we added
Community Christian Schools
 . Students at this downtown-area school were also excited about the prospect of helping and learning! The kids were attentive and eager to show their work. We also initiated a competition where a winner from each grade was chosen by a third party. Each of the winners (pictured on the next several pages) received a $25 Visa gift certificate. I want to thank Ray Gonzales of Twelve Bridges Middle School and Matthew Brown of Community Christian Schools for the time and effort they put into this project. The Lincoln News Messenger sales staff, Jennifer Parisius and Cassie Genthner, have also worked very hard to make sure that every business had a chance to see the ads that were created for them. These businesses were offered the opportunity to be a part of this unique publication. Not all of the ads were purchased but all the ads can be viewed on our website at lincolnnewsmessenger.com in the
 Ads by Kids
 Gallery and on our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy this special section. If you would like your business represented next year, please email us at
or call
Draw An Ad
contest was truly an opportunity for my Art students to put their talents to work. My young Artists had a blast. To benefit from having the publisher and a commercial artist come in and present to each class how a newspaper works and how the Arts and artists fit into this real world was a meaningful lesson. The students learned how to design an ad using their unique perspective and skills coupled with their new knowledge of how to make it marketable. With the tremendous support of our local businesses my already talented students come away from this collaboration with a rich experience that I think will have an enduring impact for years to come. Thank you! Ray Gonzales
Lincoln News Messenger 
Ads By Kids
Thursday, June 12, 2014
 How did you go about researching the Business that you created your ad for? What did you think was the most fun about this project?
 Lizz y Bline 8 th Grade Ar tis t  Winner Communi t y Chris tian School I  though t  this pro jec t  was  fun and I en jo yed doing i t. Dra wing horses is  fun  to me. I chose  to dra w an ad  for Ride  to  Walk because I like horses.  Through  this pro jec t I learned  the 5 s teps o f ho w  to make an ad  tha t  will ha ve people no tice i t, so i t s tands ou t.  Things like making  the pic ture be  the bigges t par t, like no t a lo t o f  words.  Wha t I ve learned abou t ar t in Mr. Bro wnells ar t class are  things like shading  techniques and ho w  to dra w plain  figures like boxes and  flo wers and s tu f f. I am exci ted abou t  winning  this con tes t.
 Taylor DeRossett-7th grade Artist Winner Twelve Bridges Middle School I’ve alw ays loved to draw ever since I was a little kid. I would always draw cute things like flowers that are smiling, baby animals, and a picture of me and my family together. A lot of people are very serious when it comes to art, but I just like to hang loose and have fun! What’s the point of doing Art when you’re not having fun while doing it? I just want to say thank you to all my friends in art for making art super fun! I couldn’t have done it ithout them. Also a lot of people believe they can’t draw, but I don’t believe that! Everyone has their own style and types of Art. So, I believe that anyone can draw or sculpt. don’t let anyone discourage you from your dreams. Who knows? You may just be the next Vincent Van Gogh!
 Taylor DeRossett 7th Grade TBMS
 Lizzy Bline 8th Grade CCS

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