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Jesus Beautiful in His Authority.

Jesus Beautiful in His Authority.

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He was teaching them as one having power (St. Matt. vii. 29).

He was teaching them as one having power (St. Matt. vii. 29).

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 02, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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JESUS BEAUTIFUL I HIS AUTHORITY. BY SISTER TERESA GERTRUDEHe was teaching them as one having power (St. Matt. vii. 29). IT may probably strike some of our readers that the subject of our present chapter has already been treated of while we were considering the beauty of Jesus in the manifestation of His power. It must be granted that His authority and His power do not appear at first sight to demand separate treatment, inasmuch as being Divine they are inseparably united together. We shall soon see, however, that although one in essence they differ in the time and character of their manifestation before men. Our Lord s power would have remained ever equally great, equally efficacious in its results, had He received it without any external manifestation of authority. His Divine authority was inherent like His Divine power, and yet His will was free to exercise 122 JESUS BEAUTIFUL these or not, according as He was led by the Holy Spirit. His miracles were all the work of His Divinity, but He did not manifest His authority after the same manner in performing them. Thus when He cured the woman of an issue of blood, the miracle was wrought so secretly that on turning to inquire who had touched Him His disciples were astonished He should ask the question, because the crowd were thronging around and  jostling against Him. or was it until the woman came and threw herself at His feet and " told Him the truth" in the hearing of the people, that He indicated by word the authority He had exercised ; and even
then He simply bade her go in peace, ascribing her cure as was His wont to her own faith. Again, our Lord s authority would as truly and substantially have resided in Him even had He never revealed it by a single word or act, since He was one and the same Essence with the Father, and was charged from the beginning with the Divine commission to manifest Him to men. But the repeated external manifestations of His authority formed one of those cords of Adam by which He would captivate, for the sake of their salvation, the minds and hearts of men to whom He was sent. In meditating on our Blessed Lord we are apt to confine ourselves to one aspect only of His beauty, with a result both pernicious to ourselves and wanting in respect to Him, because while it narrows our appreciation of -all that He really was, it also tends to set limits to our love. This places us in danger of forming fanciful views respecting our Lord, and so of imparting to our devotion a sentimental cast, which renders it weak, inefficacious, and egotistical. It is to I HIS AUTHORITY. 123- counteract this evil that the perfections of our Lord are in the present volume regarded from various points ; so that we may view His beauty under a variety of different aspects. Even at the risk of apparent repeti tion, it is better to avoid all chance of losing a single trait of that divinely human loveliness which a more careful method may disclose to us. In the present chapter, therefore, we contemplate the beauty of our Lord in the exercise of His authority. The dignity of manner which gave weight to His every word, which marked each with a character of its own,
and invested His actions as with a royal robe this deeply impressed all who approached Him, and, as we gather from the Gospel narratives, attracted multitudes by its marvellous charm. o more striking proof have we of the presence and work of the Holy Ghost in the adorable Soul of Jesus than the manner in which He exercised His authority. In the Epistle to the Romans we read: " Whosoever are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God." 1 ow the first-born among the sons of God was our Lord Jesus Christ, Who was led by the Spirit in every action of His life. Whether He spoke or whether He was silent, whether He confronted His enemies with stern rebuke or delivered Himself out of their hands, in fact, in whatever He did He strictly followed the guidance of the Spirit dwelling with Him in all its plenitude. Wisdom had built herself a house" in the Soul of the Incarnate Son, and He drew from thence the Divine counsels according to which we behold Him now speaking with authority, now observ ing silence at one time bearing Himself with all the majesty of the Divine Person, at another possessing 1 Romans viii. 14. i2 4 JESUS BEAUTIFUL Himself in meekness, and suffering men to have their way. A due appreciation of the attractive influence -of the authority whereby our Lord spoke and taught cannot be formed by a simple perusal of the Gospel history. The quiet and loving contemplation of prayer is necessary, apart from reasoning or the endeavour to form thoughts of our own regarding it. At the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount we learn that "the people were in admiration at His doctrine; " for " He was teaching them as one having power, and not as their Scribes and Pharisees." 1

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