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Published by: api-19621192 on Nov 27, 2009
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General Knowledge
Siva Narayana
Model Questions Paper-1
1. An Indian river that not from any delta is:
(a) the Krishna
(b) the Sindh
(c) the Narmada
(d) the Cauvery

2. Asia\u2019s first underground Hydel Project is located in:
(a) Jammu and Kashmir
(b) Uttar Pradesh

(c) Aruunachal Pradesh
(d) Himachal Pradesh
3. Indian\u2019s first National Cricket Academy has been established in:
(a) Hyderabad
(b) Pune
(c) Bangalore
(d) None of these
4. The man who discovered Mt. Everest as the highest peak of the Himalayas was:
(a) a geologist
(b) an astronomer
(c) a surveyor
(d) a scientist

5. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) consists of mainly:
(a) methane, ethane and hexane
(b) methane, butane and propane
(c) ethane, hexane and nonane
(d) nonane, ethane and hexane

6. Which of the following diseases is not cause by bacteria?
(a) Tuberculosis
(b) Typhoid
(c) Measles
(d) Leprosy
1. (c) 2.
7. Which of the following diseases is caused by virus?
(a) Diphtheria
(b) Tetanus
(c) Syphilis
(d) Influenza

8. Pituitary gland is present:
(a) below the brain
(b) above the brain
(c) inside the brain

(d) no where near the brain
9. Vitamin necessary to prevent prolonged bleeding is:
(a) Vitamin A
(b) Vitamin D
(c) Vitamin K
(d) Vitamin E
10. BHC (Benzene Hexa Chloride) is a/an:
(a) Herbicide
(b) Fungicide
(c) Insecticide
(d) Weedicide
11. If the lens in eye becomes opaque, the disease is called:
(a) Myopia
(b) Astigmatism
(c) Glaucoma
(d) Cataract
12. Which one of the following writs is issued by the court incase of illegal
detention of a person?
(a) Quo Warranto
(b) Mandamus
(c) Habeas Corpus
(d) Certiorari

13. Nobel Prize for Medicine 2003 was awarded to:
(a) Sydney Brenner
(b) Paul Lauterbur

(c) Peter Mansfield
(d) Both (b) and (c)
14. The Mans Wild Life sanctuary is located in the state of:
(a) Gujarat
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Assam

15. The Indian who has been awarded the Olympic Order in the 114th Congress of
IOC in Lausannee (France) is:
(a) Suresh Kalmadi
(b) Sunita Rani

(c) Milkha Singh
(d) Ashwini Kumar

16. Obra is famous for:
(a) New Redinery
(b) Thermal Power Station
(c) New Aluminium Plant
(d) Birds Sanctuary

17. The Rajya Sabha which is the upper house of the Indian Parliament:
(a) is a permanent body
(b) has a life of six years
(c) has a life of five years
(d) has a life of four years

18. Which of the following pairs is not correct?
(a) Deodhar Trophy-Cricket
(b) Rangaswami Cup-Hockey

(c) Rovers Cup-Football
(d) Davis Cup-Badminton

19. \u2018The Life of Pi\u2019 is a book written by:
(a) Vikarm Seth
(b) Khushwant Singh

(c) Yann Martel
(d) Shobha Dey
20. In the Indian Constitution opportunities for the development of scientific

temper, humanism and sprit of inquiry and reform are found in the:
(a) Fundamental Rights
(b) Fundamental Duties
(c) Directive Principles of State policy
(d) Preamble

21. Rajghat dam is situated on river:
(a) Narmada
(b) Sutlej
(c) Betwa
(d) Chambal
22. The Hindu dynasty in the South (Vijayanagar Kingdom) came to end by the
defeat of:
(a) Krishna Deva Raya
(b) Ram Raja
(c) Hari Har
(d) Bukka Raja
23. Which is the largest continent of the World?
(a) North America
(b) Africa
(c) Asia
(d) Australia
24. Kovalam Beach resort is situated in:
(a) Tamilnadu
(b) Karnataka

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