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Jesus Beautiful in His Sorrows.

Jesus Beautiful in His Sorrows.

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A Man of Sorrows and acquainted with infirmity (Isaias liii. 3).

A Man of Sorrows and acquainted with infirmity (Isaias liii. 3).

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 02, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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JESUS BEAUTIFUL I HIS SORROWS. BY SISTER TERESA GERTRUDEA Man of Sorrows and acquainted with infirmity (Isaias liii. 3). THERE are many beautiful things in this world of ours which bear traces of the Divine hand laid on them in their creation. Others there are which have been rendered beautiful by the touch of the Incarnate Word, and enriched with a virtue which, until His coming, had been unknown to them. One of the foremost in receiving this new grace is sorrow. Our Lord opened out wide His Heart to embrace it, and it became His inseparable companion throughout the three-and-thirty years of His varied life, and by such context was ennobled and rendered lovely in the eyes of angels and of men. Before the Incarnation sorrow was regarded rather as a mark of God s displeasure, and a badge of ignominy ; nay, in the mourning of many saints of the Old Law we fail to recognize those characters of beauty which we so readily discern in that of the saints and servants of God in His new Kingdom of love and grace. It was only when He had come Who should declare its excellence and pronounce those blessed in whom it dwelt, that sorrow and mourning were clothed in all their splendour. It was then that men became habituated to associate sorrow with Him Who was " beautiful above the sons of men," and saw JESUS BEAUTIFUL. 23! it for the first time deified, as it were, in His Divine Person ; and henceforth it was to act as a magnet
attracting the hearts of men, and to assume a power of chastening, softening, and beautifying, wherever its hallowed presence rested. Jesus has touched many things in His human flesh, and wherever He has laid His hand He has left an indelible impression of beauty, but to none has He imparted a more Divine loveliness and consequently a more sanctifying influence than to sorrow, whence it may be called the guardian angel of the principles of the new Kingdom, whose mission it is to keep alive the memory of the Divine Lawgiver. The sorrows of the Incarnate Son of God had been predicted in most pathetic language by the Royal Psalmist, and by the Prophets Isaias and Jeremias. While we read them we listen not only to the tones of a Divine grief mourning over the ruin of souls and the frustration of the eternal designs in their regard, but also to the accents of human sorrow breaking forth from a human Heart at the sight of its rejected love, and pouring itself out in plaintive measure from as many sources of sorrow and anguish, as are to be found in the soul of man. For, not one of the various fountains of sorrow which it is the lot of man to know was wanting in the Soul of Jesus. If we could only remember this truth, we should draw from it abundant consolation in our own griefs, whatever may be their cause ; but we are too prone, in meditating on the sorrows of the Son of God, to limit the objects which called them forth to such as we consider consistent with His Divine ature, forgetting that He took a human Soul with its many susceptibilities, and that in His human Heart He carried our every grief. 23* JESUS BEAUTIFUL We shall arrive at a better understanding of the boundless sources of sorrow within the Heart of our
Saviour, if we reflect upon the nature of sorrow itself. Sorrow is, we must bear in mind, the offspring of original sin, and under whatever form it presents itself it is the consequence of the first fall, which brought sorrow and weeping and death into the world. It is then in this sense a product not of Heaven but of earth, yet it is so fruitful a means of glorifying God that we may apply to it those words of the inspired Psalmist: "All ye things that spring up in the earth (of which sorrow is one), bless the Lord." Although sorrow springs up from the soil, over which sin has sown briars wherever we place our foot, it has become transformed into a Divine plant, budding forth beauty and endowed with a virtue which perhaps nothing else of earthly origin possesses, because the Son of God has touched it and given it a Divine character in the crucible of His own Sacred Heart, and has glorified it, investing with its spirit His Humanity at the right hand of the Father, where He reigns for ever as "the Man of Sorrows." So attractive and, at the same time, so elevating in its influence is this angel of the ew Law, as we have named it, that there seems to be something wanting to the perfection of any created loveliness where its presence has never been felt. It is the sigh of the exile for the eternal home ; it is the beauty of Adam in his penitential love, and of all his descendants mourning the Paradise which he lost to them ; it is the royal purple of the children of God, showing their affinity with the Crucified and entitling them to a place in their Father s love. All this can be said of sorrow without exaggeration, since the Church can sing of the sin which caused it : felix I HIS SORROWS. 233 cnlpa, qua talent ac tantum meruit habere redemptorem

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