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Course Syllabus
EDFS 377 Seminar in Educational PsychologyThree Credits On-Line crn 6!!6 Charles "athbone# Ph$ D$ %uly &' ( )ugust *# +&'
Course Descri,tion
The Tentieth Century sa the rise o. Educational Psychology as an enter,rise that sought its /arious 0truths1 through the study and analysis o. ho ,eo,le learn# es,ecially in the ,lace called 0school1$ )cross the s,an o. the century# ,sychologists conducted in2uiry# increasingly scienti.ic# to im,ro/e some as,ect o. the teachinglearning ,rocess$ "egardless o. the methodologies em,loyed or the ,ers,ecti/es in hich /arious methodologies ere grounded# certain basic 2uestions seem to .rame the researchin2uiry regardless o. the era4 &$5hat is learning+$o do ,eo,le learn3$5hy do ,eo,le learn'$o might e organi8e teachinglearning en/ironments to ,romote the best learning ,ossibleThe or9 o. this seminar ill be to read# synthesi8e# inter,ret# and share ,rimary and secondary sources o. literature that highlight the de/elo,ment o. the .ield .rom the late &!th Century to ,resent day$ )dditionally# each ,artici,ant ill be as9ed to become .amiliar ith ,articular ,ersons and their .raming 2uestions# ,aying ,articular attention to the historical conte:t ithin hich the ,ersons and 2uestions reside$
&$To ,ro/ide a com,rehensi/e o/er/ie o. the e/olution o. the ,ro.ession .rom its nascent ideological roots in the late nineteenth century to its current .oundational ,osition in the tenty-.irst century$+$To ensure that each ,artici,ant<s in2uiry into the ,rocesses o. teaching and learning is ell in.ormed by their 9noledge o. educational ,sychology$3$To be able to su,,ort through citation andor attribution# the com,le:ity o. trying to create the best ,ossible learning .or each ,erson in a re,resentati/e +&
 Century classroom$'$To recogni8e the or9 and understand the ,rocess o. marginality o. im,ortant ,sychologists# es,ecially omen and ,ersons o. color# hose ,ro.essional contributions lay at the margins or o. mainstream recognition$
Learning Outcomes
=,on com,letion o. the course# each ,artici,ant should be able to4&$>ame signi.icant contributions to 0the disci,line1 o. at least 6 recogni8ed mainstream educational ,sychologists o. the +th century$+$)rticulate at least three signi.icant e,istemological ,ositions ithin the .ield and note their e/olution across the +
 and +&
 centuries$3$Sho in at least three instances ho your on ,ro.essional in2uiry has been in.ormed and e:,anded by your ac2uired 9noledge o. 0the disci,line1$'$Criti2ue mainstream e..orts in the disci,line through a study o. at least three im,ortant members o. the ,ro.ession# unrecogni8ed as such by a select grou, o. esteemed ,eers$
;eneral Course ?n.ormation
Course Policies and )ttendance Policies
&$Partici,ate each day the class /irtually meets$+$Partici,ate in all as,ects o. class$3$Do the or9$'$Let me 9no i. things aren<t or9ing .or you be.ore they get o/erhelming$@$"es,ect yoursel.# res,ect the your or9# and res,ect each other$
- + -6$Let me 9no ,rior to the day o. absence i. you are going to be absent AcrathbonBu/m$edu$7$issed or9 must be made u, ithin se/en days o. its being assigned$
Contributions in Class
 )n on-line seminar is only as e..ecti/e as the 2uality o. ,artici,ant ,artici,ation$ ? ould ho,e that e do the or9# 0listen1 to each other care.ully# rite ith ,recision# and ,artici,ate .ully$ ) sense o. humor is im,ortant to me and on-line time need not be an e:ercise in solemnity$ ? a,,reciate ris9 ith all as,ects o. the course as long as it is ta9en ith an a,,reciation .or sel.-res,ect and academic integrity ith regard to our study o. Ed Psych$
Course Organi8ation and )ssignments
Organi8ationOur .our ee9 study o. Educational Psychology ill be organi8ed across .our historical ,eriods as noted in our te:t4 The Founding Period# The "ise To Prominence# the odern Era# and Amy addition the Post-odern Era$ Each ee9 ill cycle through the same set o. guiding 2uestions# each one o. hich is addressed by an assignment$ Each day<s .ocus and associated guiding 2uestion .ollos$onday4 o do e:,erts in the .ield /ie the de/elo,ment o. the disci,line A"ead Section O/er/ie# Discussion oardTuesday4 5hat insight to the disci,line is gained by .amiliari8ing yoursel. ith one ,rominent ,sychologist .rom the ,eriod under study A?n.luence Essay5ednesday4 5hat insight to the disci,line is gained by reading a ,rimary source re,resentati/e o. or9 being done during the ,eriod under study AConnection EssayThursday4 5hat are my thoughts and .eelings about the or9s e studying during this ,eriod o. time ACritical Pers,ecti/e "antFriday4 o do the ig ?deas un.old during this ,eriod o. time ATagging the ig ?deas# Discussion oard$  )lso# u,load an image to the a,,ro,riate thread in the Discussion oard that ca,tures .or you an im,ortant de/elo,ment during the ,eriod under study$ ASynthesi8ing ?magery ProectDiscussion oard )ssignments ASuggestion4 rite o..-line$ Then co,y and ,aste into Discussion oard$&$ O/er/ie "eading )s noted# the historical ,ers,ecti/e used in this course sections the history o. Educational Psychology into .our eras$ )ll students are as9ed to read the o/er/ie cha,ter .or each era studied$+$ Discussion oard Entry re4 Section O/er/ies )ll students ill share their 0ta9e1 on the maor themes and ,ersonages o. each era in a Discussion oard entry .olloing their reading o. the o/er/ie cha,ter .or each era o. the boo9$+$ ?n.luence EssayEach student ill study an assigned ,sychologist .rom the era and rite a brie. biogra,hical essay on that ,erson$ The essay ill A& brie.ly o/er/ie the ,sychologist<s li.e# A+ note at least to ,ortions o. that ,erson<s li.e or9 that the ,erson is recogni8ed .or ithin the ,ro.ession# A3 note ho the ,ro.ession as in.luenced by this ,erson<s or9# and A' include at least one /isual related to the ,sychologist being ,resented$ Source material should include material .rom the te:t and 5i9i,edia$ Direct 2uotes or restatements .rom the te:t should be so noted by A,age number$ Please include the ="L .or the 5i9i,edia re.erences$ The ?n.luence Essay should be '-@ ords in length$
- 3 -+$ Connection Essay )ll students ill read a re,resentati/e ,a,er .rom one ,sychologist .rom the era under study$ Each student ill then dra.t a Connection Essay that connects salient ,ortions o. theory ithin this ,a,er to the de/elo,ment o. the disci,line as noted in the o/er/ie cha,ter$ The Connection Essay should be '-@ ords in length$3$ Critical Pers,ecti/es "ant? ma9e the assum,tion that each o. you brings a certain critical ,ers,ecti/e to your readings o. academic scholarshi,$ Such ,ers,ecti/es might include critical theory# .eminist ,edagogy# alternati/e education ,aradigms# constructi/ism# or e/en one o. the schools o. thought ithin Ed Psych itsel.# .or e:am,le Positi/e Psychology$ The Critical Pers,ecti/e "ant is a ,ersonal res,onse to a ,ortion o. the ee9<s or9 that ,i2ues your interest$ Critically engage some ideas andor theoretical ,ers,ecti/es andor indi/iduals under study .or the ,articular ee9$ This assignment is all about letting the rest o. us 9no ho you .eel about some ,ortion o. the content under study$ The "ant ill be u,loaded to the Discussion oard and should be a,,ro:imately 3-' ords in length$ '$ Tagging the ig ?deas5e ha/e a set o. ig ?deas that .rame our study o. each o. the eras o. Educational Psychology &$5hat is learning+$5hy do ,eo,le learn3$o do ,eo,le learn'$o should e organi8e teachinglearning en/ironments to ,romote the best learning ,ossibleThis assignment as9s you to 9ee, trac9 o. ho each o. these 2uestions is ansered Ai. at all by or9 ithin each o. the eras e study$ "ecord ,ertinent in.ormation .rom the ee9 .or each big idea$ This should be done in.ormally$ %ust remember to do it$ For e:am,le# you might choose to use stic9y notes organi8ed by ig ?dea# and 9ee, them inside a manila .older .or each 2uestion# organi8ed by era$ Or# maybe you ant to use a .a/orite so.tare ,rogram A?ns,iration# .or e:am,le to organi8e your thoughts$ The ,oint here is to use an intentional record 9ee,ing system to 9ee, trac9 o. ho the big ideas e/ol/e o/er the tentieth century to ,resent time$ This assignment also as9s you to create a Discussion oard entry each ee9 that summari8es your thoughts about the e/olution o. the ig ?deas during the era under study$@$ The Synthesi8ing ?magery ProectThe readings .or this seminar are be com,act and dense$ There<s a lot o. theory and argon ,articular to the disci,line in hat e ill be reading$ y Thursday o. each ee9 you ill ha/e read a synthesis o. an era<s or9 in Educational Psychology# researched an educational ,sychologist and thought about hisher contributions to the disci,line# connected as,ects o. at least one original or9 to the era o. its origin# and gi/en us a bit o. a rant about something that ,i2ues your interest$ Phe$ The Synthesi8ing ?magery Proect ants you to use more o. the /isual ,rocessing ,art o. your brain to conce,tuali8e the or9 going on .or each o. the eras$ The Proect as9s that you mo/e aay .rom the te:t hea/y stu.. e</e been doing and try to re,resent hat<s going on in the disci,line# or some ,ortion o. it# in some /isual ay$ Gou can dra an image# .ind an image on the internet that matches your ideas# use bloc9s to ma9e a construction and then ,hotogra,h it# etc$ %ust ma9e sure you A& u,load an image into the a,,ro,riate Discussion oard s,ace .or the era under study# and A+ rite a brie. e:,lanation o. your thin9ing that led to your choice$ Labels a,,reciated# but not re2uired$ 6$ "es,onses To )nother A"T)# Discussion oardGour ill be as9ed to res,ond to another student<s or9 .or se/eral o. the discussion board entries$ The res,onse should be thought.ul# analytical# connecting# and generally su,,orti/e$ These res,onses are short# &-+ ords$
 )cademic onesty H Pro.essionalism
5e ill adhere to uni/ersity ,olicies on student rights and academic integrity$ y statement on 0Contributions1 ca,tures hat ? belie/e is my a,,roach to ,ro.essionalism$ =ni/ersity based codes o. conduct outline student rights# ,olicies# and the ,rocedures the =ni/ersity ill .ollo i. a student is allegedly in/ol/ed in a ,olicy /iolation$

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