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Conversations With Potiffical Household March 11th-April 3rd 2013

Conversations With Potiffical Household March 11th-April 3rd 2013

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Published by The_Comforter
Communications between Mrs Marshall and His Holiness BenedictXVI's staff at Castel Gandolfo up until they were arrested by Jesuit thugs and the traitor Georg Gänswein.
Communications between Mrs Marshall and His Holiness BenedictXVI's staff at Castel Gandolfo up until they were arrested by Jesuit thugs and the traitor Georg Gänswein.

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Published by: The_Comforter on Jul 03, 2014
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 Conversation started March 10
 This message is for Joseph from Yahweh Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. Joseph may call my number Australia 617 4192 7407 at any time. My mobile phone number is 61 435 935 082. It is 5.05pm Sunday afternoon in Brisbane Australia, I will take Jospeh's call any time day or night. Love and peace and great joy to all of you...the beast is dead...BLGM
 This 3 hour movie put together by our saint is a record of some of the meek my wife and I have cured of their diseases in PNG and Fiji, our thanks was to get deported by the beast controlled government of Fiji and threatened with arrest by the PNG government after I spent my father's inheritance to take the cure for AIDS, cancer, malaria etc into their nations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMfm1RPqcxM&feature=share 
 March 11
 The Holy Father Emeritus is not available for this week. Try to email him at:  pontiffemeritusbenedict@gmail.com This email adress was set up just to talk with Mrs. Andrea Leinich and Mr. Brian Golightly Marshall. And Please do not call him "Joseph" or "Joe". He goes instead by Holy Father or "Your Holiness". Please Understand that.
 Are you the spouse of Mr. Brian Golightly Marshall?
 March 11
 I am, I have read the emails you sent the Christ He will respond when he reads them himself. I would remind you that unless you become like a small child that you will not enter nor see the Kingdom of God I would also remind you that the Son of Man must suffer many things in this evil generation was the answer Jesus gave after his disciples asked him what would it be like at the time of his second coming. Read Luke 17 22-25 Everything Jesus did and said was a prophetic message for those close to him that all would be fulfilled in this time now, his second coming. "Coming in all of his glory" all of his glory is his body of flesh, as it is for all reincarnated souls. The Christ family is Essene and the teaching of Nicodemus when he came to Jesus at night "in fear of the Jews". The conversation with Nicodemus was lengthy and explained the many lifetimes the soul would live like the rising and setting of the sun. All souls are gathered upon the earth now for the judgment of God, the supper of God is a feast of flesh by fowls of the air and the reapers are the angels who have already been given the go ahead by the Christ to begin the reaping of the wicked. Should you die having rejected the Christ in the flesh then you will go the way of all of those who have perpetrated the filth in the church and the Jews who call themselves Jews and are not. The Christ is the Angel of the Revelation who measures the Temple which is the Earth, the Altar of the Lord is the Great Pyramid and that is exactly what he has done over 20 years of toil, the Truth lies in the measure that is the numbers of the creation not the words of ancient books that have been manipulated by man. As for the protocols of the Church they will be destroyed, the protocols of the Church have brought to ruin countless millions of lives while the suffering of the meek continues in this day when the wealth of the Christ's creation is in the hands of the devil, that day is over because of the Revelation of the Christ who if you know your scripture has a new name. Revelation 3:12 read it and then go to Revelation 19:12, 13. It plainly warns the world that not only would Jesus have a new name it would be a name written that only he would know and the name is The Word of God. In other words he would reveal it when he gets back, when the world has been devoured by the beast of religion ruled by evil men in high places who care more about protocol than "having the heart of Jesus". Pomp and ceremony is far from the heart of Jesus it makes him sick while the suffering of the meek and the children of the world. Jesus was a man, God in the flesh and he is a man God in the flesh in his second incarnation, if you like the rest of the devoured world have been expecting a floaty ghost riding clouds or a big white horse, then you too have been duped. Jesus spoke in parables, the name Marshal is Hebrew and is Mareschal which means parable. The theif in the night, no man knows when a thief comes until after the advent as for the day and th hor of his coming as the
 Hey, I'm just the messenger. Also, the Holy Father requested a specific time for Mr. Brian Golightly Marshall to email him back. Thanks so very much for your patience. God Bless You. I speak on behalf of His Holiness, and I have set up a Facebook page to pay a tribute to him as well. My name is Fr. Giuseppe Civello, by the way.
 Father Giuseppe, lovely to meet you...I was about to send more until I read this, you must be a very good man I feel such joy at having read your words...and please let His Holiness know that The Christ will be back within the hour from now and he will then respond to his emails. I will send yo a message when he returns then he will write the email and I will let you know when it is sent
 any typos are just that typos...
 Father Guiseppe, for your own information and please if you will convey this to His Holiness, the Holy ghost is the resurrected soul of Jesus in other words it is the Christ today, his resurrected soul worn over like a white garment the glory of his flesh body, please warn His Holiness that is there is no forgiveness for any person who offends the Christ today, all of his life has been rejection and abuse and scoffing, in particular if His Holiness offends the Holy Ghost Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall the angels will take care of him and it won't be  pretty. I tell you this out of concern, the children of the world and the meek inherit the earth in other words, there are not too many adults alive today that the Christ would allow into His Kingdom which is occurring upon the earth. Warn His Holiness, that he should be showing the utmost respect to the Christ who has no tolerance at this  point anything he has witnessed coming out of Rome...in peace....JMGM
 Will do, Mrs. Marshall. I have a question. What do you mean witnessed out of Rome?
 Father Guiseppe, The Christ was reborn into a Catholic family, he attended a Catholic convent as a small boy and was caned every day by Brother Lucius for merely responding to the brother "I am good Brother Lucius" when that brother asked "how are you today " Mr Marshall. The Christ child would respond "I am good" and be caned  by the devil in man quoting scripture "no one is good except God":...little did the Brother know he was caning God in the flesh, you could say that Rome was caning the small child that Isaiah prophesied would be the one to lead them...them being the stupid adults of the world devoured by religion and protocol quoting scripture because they count the book the bible, ink on paper above God in the flesh...just as the Jews did the first time around. We took the cure for all diseases to PNG and approached 2 Catholic institutions to show them the very simple protocols that cleans the blood and so rids the blood of all germs pathogens and viruses...not one single institution not here of in PNG or FIJI wanted to know...so we did it all ourselves and the ones cured continued with the protocols to cure all around them. Just as in the days of Jesus, we went to the man in the street, the market place and taught all things, the Truth that sets all mankind free from the religious grasp of the devil. What has come out of Rome

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