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300 Important v Raman

300 Important v Raman

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Vedic astrology
Vedic astrology

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: m.s.subramania sharma on Jul 03, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The importanoc of Astrology in the social life of man ismanifold. Human needs and aspirations urnish a continuousmotive power for astrological inquiry. Astrology has a definiterelation to the several grades of urgency into which the needsof human being in society can be dlvided. Success n life de-pends o a large meterial prosperity or adversity. Yogas nastrological parlance tend to show the degree ofwealth, fame,rank, position, adversity, ll-health and misfortunes a man islikcly to enjoy in his present ife as a scquel o his own actionsin previous states of existence. In other words, the differentspecific planetary combinations show a summation of inheritedphysibal and psychological tendencies which condition ourpresent environment ; the extent to which we can offset thcinherited tendencies by effort; the characteristics that will bcdonrinant and those hat will be recessiye nd so on and so forth.Strictly speaking, all yogas are combinations of planets but allcombinations annot be Yogas. C)nly specificcombinations anbe styled as Yogas. In this book, I have madc an attempt tocarefully select nly such important combinations hat couldbe raised o the dignity of Yogas and that could indicate certaindefinite physical or mental traits, or degree ofwealth, fortunc,or misfortune. To co.llect ombinations at random s easy but toselect notable ones illustrativc of a variety of life evcnts s notonly difficult but even risky.I should call this book a research projcct in the scnsc hematerial used forms part of the vast schemc of investigationsI have in view. Modern astrologcrs seem o have overlooked ancxceptionally fertile field of invcstigation in their indifferenccto study of Yogas which forms, as t were, he essencc f IndiadPredictive Astrology. Most modern writers arc silent on thcsubject of the Yogas except perhaps for somc odd remarksupon a few common Raja Yogas or Arishta Yogas. For this
virclson, there has bccn for several years a demand for a bookdcvotcd spccially to thq ptedictive signifcance of yogas andtbe present work has becn undertaken o meet this demand.Long back this want was supplied by my grandfather. prof.B. Suryanarain Rao whose excellent book Satayogamanjaridcals with some of the mosr important yogas on the subject.But I felt that a more systematised account of all the impor-tant Yogas should bc brought out so that, illustrated by anumber of practical horoscopes, the work may stand as a foun-dation upon which future research may be developed.Therefore Three Hwdred Important Combinations is inten-ded to provide a working knowledge of the yogas which indi_cate specifc horoscopic trends. The astrological mathematicsrcquired for this purpose is very elementary. Numerousexamples especially designed o illustrate points arising in theclucidation of the Yogas have been nserted and as these areworked out fully, rcaders should have no difficulty in followingthe principles clcarly. Points of a controversial nature havenot been shelvcd or glossed over. They have beenapproached from the point of view of their practical appli-cability.All planetary combinations may be divided into two broadgroups, viz., Yogas and Arishtas. Though by the word yoga ismeant a combination, in actual practice yoga is always consi-dcrcd to imply a fortunate combination. Arishtas generally dealwith misfortunes though they are also included in the genericterm Yoga. The Yogas may be Raja yogas (political power),Dhana Yogas (combination for wealth) or Gnana )zogas com-binations for real higher knowledge and spirituality).The subject of interpretation of Yogas is briefly dealt within the first few pages of the book. This branch is to be special-Iy studied by the student of astrology in as much as it enableshim to evaluate the exact implication of a particular yoga.Special Yogas, including what are called Nabhasa yogas, havebecn dealt with, with suitable illustrations wherever neces-sary. Thc difficulty arising when two or rnore yogas coincidesuch as would be the casc in rcspect of say Asraya and Akriti

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