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First Vita Plus Healing Testimony - Lelay

First Vita Plus Healing Testimony - Lelay

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Published by cocoy777

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Published by: cocoy777 on Jul 03, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Feel Lelay. For Lelay is one of us; Lelay is us. What happens to Lelay, happens to us.
Name: Alexa Nell Cuarteros Badilla Regis “Lelay”
 Address: Pagina, Jagna, Bohol Illness Concerned: Cancer of the Thyroid Story: Lelay and her five younger siblings grew in the thriving downtown barangay of Jagna, barangay Pagina, their house located a few meters from the seaport. As they grew into teenagers, family night was often perfumed by the delicious smell of chicken barbeque, which the family used to savor every dinner time. Lelay and her younger brothers and sisters loved chicken, including the skin of the barbeque. Bonus: some charred parts of the skin
 that is, the skin that turned charcoal.
…not knowing that burne
d or overheated food, such as with grilled meat, sinugbang isda, chicken barbeque, those part which were burned
 a.k.a. charcoal
 have been proven to be carcinogen
 causes cancer.
But the happy life continued… especially that nobody got notice of the ch
arcoal or of the chemicals eaten up by the kids from the feeds fed to those chicken.
All was well…
 Added to that was when she got married to a seaman and made her life better, especially that she and her husband, Allan Regis, of Loay town, have no child in their ___ years of marriage. This means delicious food and drinks in abundance. Like most of us, Lelay did not suspect anything was dangerous with those delicious things we put into our mouths. For whatever has been approved by the BFAD, the government agency in-charge of ensuring the safety of products sold in the market, must be safe and of good quality. Right? Right to us, but to Kevin Trudeau, a defector from the Illuminati, and who knew everything,
we’re wrong. It is not true that BFAD (in the US, it
 is FDA) is loyal to the people. The officials manning these agencies are found to be connected to companies who are responsible of this massive poisoning intended to spread cancer to the population, companies like Monsanto, Marlboro, big Pharma, etc. It is, according to former member of this conglomerate of chemical, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies, a real conspiracy, held as secret as possible, that the owners of the
chemical and manufacturing are the same owner of the big Pharma…
And that it is now made public by these former members that these owners have instructed
their fertilizer companies to formulate artificial nitrogenous fertilizers. Result: the residue nitrates and nitrites are making their way to the human body, mixing with the body
’s amino acids (protein or human fat), turning into nitrosamines, the deadliest
among carcinogens! In Germany, the authorities were astonished to find nitrosamines
preferring to accumulate in fatty tissues such as women’s breasts, causing breast cancers.
The German study shows that nitrosamines are a major cause of breast cancer. (Another study pointed out to parabens, the preservatives cosmetics most commonly use, as another chemical that causes cancer in the breasts).
their seeds companies (Monsanto, et al) to fill the seeds with pesticides (GMO), spray the weeds with herbicides, spray the plants with pesticides, with disastrous effects such as strange kidney disease and certain types of cancers;
Their feeds companies to use chemicals to stimulate extraordinary growth but at the same time, these growth hormones are carcinogenic (causes cancer);
Their breeding companies (piglets, chicks) are also full of chemicals from artificial insemination, to medication, to growth injections, filling their young meat already with chemicals;
their milk companies to homogenized (overboil) the milk to make it something like charcoaled, hence, carcinogenic;
their milk companies to add the growth hormone which is also carcinogenic;
their soap and cosmetic companies to use the preservative parabens because parabens is carcinogenic;
their toothpaste companies to use fluoride because fluoride calcifies the pineal and pituitary glands of the brain, making the victim lose his memory, and thinking power, hence, dumb;
make soft drinks from three acids: phosphoric, nitric and carbonic acids and pour tons of synthetic sugars (aspartame, sucralose or high fructose corn syrup)
 these sugars being feeds to cancer;
The local governments to pour chlorine and/or fluoride into the municipal waters by which process, the pure oxygen in waters turned into oxidants (when these chemicals splits the positive ions and negative ions [anions], by kidnapping the negative ions [also called electrons] and leaving the positive ions/atoms like widower. Pure oxygen is two atoms, negative [wife] and positive [husband]. As soon as the wife is kidnapped by chlorine, thus, becomes chloride, or as soon as fluorine has kidnapped the female negative oxygen and becomes fluoride, etc., then, the remaining positive oxygen turns suicidal
 becomes what is known as free radical
 which is like a man who runs amok, stabbing everyone on the way. This is called the development of cancer. It is the widowed oxygen, the suicidal positive oxygen who causes the wounding of cells, turning them into cancers. Sodium fluoride is the harmful synthetic version of the natural fluoride. This synthetic fluoride is very poisonous, being the byproduct in the production of bomb and manufacture of aluminum wares. When this industrial waste was thrown into an open
ground, the metal components of school buildings and houses in the vicinity suddenly worn out. So, the manufacturers decided to use their government leaders (agents) to throw this chemical waste into the drinking water, and thus turn human beings a walking trash can. Chlorine is another poisonous chemical pioneered by Hitler as a mixture to drinking water. German scientists discovered that chlorine in the brain, disables the part which reacts against abuses and oppression, and turn the person into a docile, servile, naïve individual
 an enforced false humility. The German army in particular, and the whole German people in general, were chlorinated to the point that they did not resist
Hitler’s bid to destroy all other races and le
ave their Aryan race as the only race on earth! They gave Hitler unquestioning obedience. No thanks to chlorine.
Besides, the very reason why they also prefer fluorine/fluoride to be used to mix our waters, instead of chlorine is this: the latest finding of our righteous scientist is this: fluoride is effective in creating plaque inside our blood vessels which is the main cause of cardio-vascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke, scleroses.
companies (they own or finance all companies) to use fossil fuel (crude oil, gasoline), after the oil king Rockefeller silenced in the mid 1800s the American inventor of solar-powered vehicle; for a long time, the authorities denied the fact that the smoke of burnt gasoline from vehicles or factories are turning the air into a carcinogenic agent, they could not deny anymore the recent findings of many scientists from all over the world, to wit: AIR POLLUTION IS A MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR TO THE CANCER PANDEMIC; that is, polluted air is now acknowledged as also causing cancer to the people;
their cigarette companies to put 4,000 chemicals (lately, it is increased to 6,000), all harmful but at least 48 have been identified to be carcinogenic (causes cancer)! Result: 240 dies every day from cigarette-related diseases, or 1 per six minutes.
The nicotine is also identified to help solidify our fats inside our blood vessels. So, if you have fluoride in your blood plus nicotine, plus fats, then, that is a perfect formula for heart attack or stroke! We will not finish a whole ream of bond papers to list the chemicals they had added to our food, cosmetics, and other products to increase the chances of every human being of catching cancer sometime in their whole life. This is the major aspect of their main disease strategic, to wit: bawas-dagdag (deduct-add). What do they add? Answer: chemicals which are carcinogenic. What do they deduct/remove? Answer: the nutrients that act as safeguard against cancer and other diseases. What are those nutrients or substances that they had removed?
By removing the bran and germ of grains or seeds, through refine milling, they removed 28 out of the 30 essential nutrients in the grains. So, at the very most staple food, that we eat every day, they had succeeded in removing 28 of those complete nutrients God place in our staple food, rice or wheat.

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