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BTS Fault Codes

BTS Fault Codes

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Description of BTS Fault Codes for Ericsson 2G
Description of BTS Fault Codes for Ericsson 2G

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Published by: Iván Mula Rodríguez on Jul 03, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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BTS Fault Codes BTS fault codes ****** SO CF INTERNAL FAULT MAP CLASS 1A ******Fault No Fault TypeCF-1A 1 Reset, Power onCF-1A 2 Reset, SwitchCF-1A 3 Reset, WatchdogCF-1A 4 Reset, SW faultCF-1A 5 Reset, RAM faultCF-1A 6 Reset, Internal function changeCF-1A 7 X bus faultCF-1A 8 Timing unit VCO (Oscillator) faultCF-1A 9 Timing bus faultCF-1A 10 Indoor temp out of safe rangeCF-1A 12 DC voltage out of rangeCF-1A 14 Local bus related faultCF-1A 15 IDB corruptCF-1A 16 RU database corruptCF-1A 17 HW and IDB inconsistentCF-1A 18 Internal configuration failedCF-1A 19 Indoor temp above safe rangeCF-1A 20 Indoor temp below safe rangeCF-1A 21 HW FaultCF-1A 22 Air time counter lostCF-1A 23 Time distribution fault ****** SO CF INTERNAL FAULT MAP CLASS 2A ******Fault No Fault TypeCF-2A 1 Reset, Power onCF-2A 2 Reset, SwitchCF-2A 3 Reset, WatchdogCF-2A 4 Reset, SW faultCF-2A 5 Reset, RAM faultCF-2A 6 Reset, Internal function changeCF-2A 7 RXDA amplifier current faultCF-2A 8 VSWR, Standing wave limits exceededCF-2A 9 Power Limit exceededCF-2A 10 DXU-Opt EEPROM checksum faultCF-2A 12 RX maxgain/mingain violationCF-2A 13 Timing unit, VCO Oscillator ageingCF-2A 14 CDU supervision/communication lostCF-2A 15 VSWR/Output power supervision lostCF-2A 16 Indoor temp out of normal conditional rangeCF-2A 17 Indoor humidityCF-2A 18 DC voltage out of rangeCF-2A 19 Power and climate system in standalone modeCF-2A 21 Internal power capacity reducedCF-2A 22 Battery backup capacity reducedCF-2A 23 Climate capacity reducedCF-2A 24 HW faultCF-2A 25 Loadfile missing in DXU or ECUCF-2A 26 Climate sensor faultCF-2A 27 System voltage sensor faultCF-2A 28 A/D converter faultCF-2A 29 Varistor faultCF-2A 30 Local bus related faultCF-2A 31 High frequency software fault
CF-2A 32 Non-volatile memory corruptCF-2A 33 RX diversity lostCF-2A 34 Output voltage faultCF-2A 35 Optional synchronization sourceCF-2A 36 RU database corruptCF-2A 37 Circuit breaker trippedCF-2A 38 Default values usedCF-2A 39 RX cable disconnectedCF-2A 40 Reset, DXU link lostCF-2A 41 Lost communication TRUCF-2A 42 LOst communication ECUCF-2A 43 Internal configuratin failedCF-2A 44 ESB distribution failureCF-2A 45 High TemperatureCF-2A-46 DB Parameter FaultCF-2A-47 Antenna Hopping FailureCF-2A-48 GPS Synch FaultCF-2A-49 Battery backup time shorter than expectedCF-2A-50 RBS running on batteryCF-2A-51 TMA supervision/communication lostCF-2A-52 CXU supervision/communication lostCF-2A-53 HW and IDB inconsistentCF-2A-54 Timing Bus FaultCF-2A-55 X Bus Fault ****** SO CF EXTERNAL CONDITION MAP CLASS 1B ******Fault No Fault TypeEXT CF-1B 2 BTS locally disconnectedEXT CF-1B 4 L/R SWI (BTS in local mode)EXT CF-1B 5 L/R TI (Local to remote while link lost) ***** SO CF EXTERNAL CONDITION MAP CLASS 2B ******Fault No Fault TypeEXT CF-2B 9 RBS door openEXT CF-2B 10 Mains Fail (external power source fail)EXT CF-2B 11 ALNA/TMA faultEXT CF-2B 12 ALNA/TMA DegradedEXT CF-2B 13 Auxiliary equipment faultEXT CF-2B 14 Battery Backup External Fuse Fault ****** SO CF, REPLACEMENT UNIT MAP ******No. RUCF RU 0 DXU, Distribution switch unitCF RU 1 ECU, Energy control unitCF RU 2 Micro RBSCF RU 3 Y linkCF RU 5 CDU, Combining and distribution unitCF RU 6 CCUCF RU 7 PSU, Power supply unitCF RU 8 BFUCF RU 9 BDMCF RU 10 ACCU, AC connection unitCF RU 11 Active coolerCF RU 12 ALNA/TMA A, Antenna low noise amplifierCF RU 13 ALNA/TMA B, Antenna low noise amplifierCF RU 14 BatteryCF RU 15 FanCF RU 16 HeaterCF RU 17 Heat exchange Ext fanCF RU 18 Heat exchange Int fan
CF RU 19 Humidity sensorCF RU 20 TMA CMCF RU 21 Temperature sensorCF RU 22 CDU HLOUT HLIN cableCF RU 23 CDU RX in cableCF RU 24 Cooler UnitCF RU 25 Distribution UnitCF RU 26 Fuse Unit+CF RU 27 FU CU PFWD CableCF RU 28 FU CU PREFL CableCF RU 29 CAB HLIN CableCF RU 30 CDU busCF RU 31 Environment or main switchCF RU 32 Local busCF RU 33 Power communication loopCF RU 34 IDBCF RU 36 Timing busCF RU 37 TX antenna A / CDU CXU RXA cableCF RU 38 TX antenna B / CDU CXU RXB cableCF RU 39 XBUSCF RU 40 AntennaCF RU 41 PSU DC CableCF RU 42 CXUCF RU 45 Battery Temp SensorCF RU 46 FCUCF RU 47 TMA-CM CableCF RU 48 GPS ReceiverCF RU 49 GPS Receiver DXU CableCF RU 50 Active Cooler FanCF RU 51 BFU Fuse or Circuit BreakerCF RU 52 CDU CDU PFWD CableCF RU 53 CDU CDU PREFL CableCF RU 54 IOM BusCF RU 55 ASU RXA unit or cableCF RU 56 ASU RXB unit or cableCF RU 57 ASU CDU RXA cableCF RU 58 ASU CDU RXB cable ****** SO TRXC INTERNAL FAULT MAP CLASS 1A *****Fault No Fault TypeTRX-1A 0 Reset, Automatic recoveryTRX-1A 1 Reset, Power onTRX-1A 2 Reset, SwitchTRX-1A 3 Reset, WatchdogTRX-1A 4 Reset, SW faultTRX-1A 5 Reset, RAM faultTRX-1A 6 Reset, Internal function changeTRX-1A 7 Radio baseband loop test failedTRX-1A 8 Timing reception faultTRX-1A 9 Signal processing faultTRX-1A 10 RX communication faultTRX-1A 11 DSP CPU communication faultTRX-1A 12 Terrestrial traffic channel faultTRX-1A 13 RF loop test faultTRX-1A 14 RU database corruptTRX-1A 15 XBUS communication faultTRX-1A 16 Initiation faultTRX-1A 17 X-interface faultTRX-1A 18 DSP, Digital signal processor faultTRX-1A 19 Reset, DXU link lost

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