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The White Resistence Manual

The White Resistence Manual

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Published by Jason

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Published by: Jason on Nov 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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V - 2.4
This document is freeware. I encourage all comrades to distribute this document freely,to post it on their websites and to make it available on file-sharing systems and FTP sites.Please distribute only the zipped file
so that the file will be transferred inits complete form. The White Resistance Manual is dedicated to all of our fallen heroes.May their courage and honor inspire us and burn like a torch now, in our darkest hour.
Table of Contents
The Revolutionary MovementIntroductionLeaderless ResistanceControl Of Information
Goals Of Our Struggle
The Resistance ArsenalFirearms
.22 Rimfire Weapons
Non-Firearm Systems
Weapons Caching
Improvised Firearms
Improvised Weapons
Modified Ammunition
Improvised Explosives
Improvised Initiators + DelayMechanisms
Improvised Explosive Devices
Improvised Incendiaries
Booby Traps + Mines
Selective Assassination
Threats, Vandalism + Harassment
Acquiring Funds
Police Investigations
As we witness the dawn of a the new millenium so to have we witnessed the birth of anew era of Leaderless Resistance in the struggle for White survival. No longer do welook to politicians and law-makers for a solution, they have been bought, their lips aresealed with green paper; they have grown rich and powerful through sucking the life-blood of the crumbling ruin that Western Civilization has become. However their powerhas come at a price; greed, corruption and sloth are the adornments of their wealth. Thisleaves western society in a position ripe for upheaval and revolution. We will cast off ourwishful belief in democratic salvation, our votes will now be cast with bullets and bombs.No longer will the yoke of race-denying, religious systems restrain us. As in the past wemust rekindle a faith not in false, alien gods but in ourselves and our ability to struggleand overcome without prostrations before any Kosher world-deity. No longer will weallow the Jews to live like parasites upon the body of our race. No longer will we tolerateany Jewish influence in our political system, our legal system or our mass-media. Nolonger will our children be taught the suicidal and baseless dogma of egalitarianism andracial equality. No longer will we allow dysgenic breeding to damage the health of ourrace. No longer will we tolerate any non-White colonizers living and breeding among us.In this new era we fight for nothing less than the absolute physical separation of theWhite race from all Jews and non-Whites. Along with this we will purge from our midstthe traitorous and degenerate elements of our race. We demand swift and brutal justicefor those who assisted in, or profited from, the murder of our Race and the colonizationof our lands by non-Whites. May their time be short upon the earth.The purpose of this document is not to explain the Whys? of armed struggle, anyWhite person with a pair of eyes can appreciate the desperate situation we are in as aRace. Anyone can see that this situation cannot be turned around at the ballot box orthrough negotiation and compromise, it will end in tears and bloodshed. Of this there isreally no doubt. Western civilization will fall in a similar way and for the same reasons asancient Egypt, Aryan India, ancient Greece, Rome and every other nation which failed toprotect its blood from the poisoning effects of race-mongrelization. The situation issimple, a violent struggle will come about and if it happens soon we will win. If we areunable to coalesce our movement into a fighting force capable of initiating and seizingvictory in this conflict within the next decade or so we will lose. To lose in this strugglemeans that the White race will be butchered by the sub-humans who have colonized ourlands and our women and children will be brutally raped and murdered in the streets.My purpose here is to provide information on the Hows? of armed struggle. How toselect or fabricate weapons useful in an armed struggle, how to manufacture, handle andemploy explosives as part of an armed struggle, how to conduct a guerilla campaign andhow to select targets according to their value to our movement.
"Out of the closet" Racialists, Cells and the Lone Wolf 

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