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Locaswarananda 4

Locaswarananda 4

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Published by api-3707924

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Published by: api-3707924 on Nov 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The kaleidoscopic worldly scene driven by greed and
Is speckled with her fearless sons who stay the harmful
In every gloomy vale of land courage is the countersign

They the sprits in our veins enliven like wine.

Far, far across this glorious land those tranquil heroes
Love sweeps down their karmic path and penetrates
The people know this silent breed, the land they
Attest the carnival of life, the daily battle scene.

Scornful, misguided, hot and bleak the sweltering
columns press.
When ignorance simulates disdain, victory is
When discontent hankers a material feast and power
seems bliss,
It is the cause, the cause, my soul, that rises above all

Ride, brothers, ride! The fateful hour has come.
Let all the conks of India blow or be forever dumb.
The Superman has burst his bonds with Dharma\u2019s flag
With prayer on lip he marches forth, awakening the

The pious creed that love is might in him personified
Bids all to bend before and satiate Mother\u2019s pride,
Which, nourished on Swamiji\u2019s dream of empire
With love for all he prods us forth as liberators of

hat is this exhibition about?

This exhibition is a simple narrative of a free born spirit from a
traditional village, and parents so self-sufficient, and broad
minded who naturally launched him on to live \u2018The Ideal\u2019.

From Kheragachi and Baruipara Village in Satkhira
Subdivision of Khulna District in Bangladesh to Calcutta \u2013
Deogarh \u2013 Belur - Bhangamora near Arambagh- Jeduba island,
Burma - Cherrapunjee \u2013 Deoghar \u2013 Pathuriaghata \u2013
Narendrapur to Calcutta(Golpark) and abroad this life scripts
the struggle for the freedom of the soul.

Encouraged by his school headmaster, he choose the bold
missionary path enunciated by Swami Vivekananda and lived
the life of a disciplined sanyasi of the Ramakrishna Order for
profit of the people and advantage of nations.

Why is this exhibition being done?
To learn, be inspired and to identify with Swami
Lokeshwarananda who achieved \u2018The Ideal\u2019.
How is the Ideal exhibited?

\u2018The ideal\u2019 is depicted in three phases of development in the
person of Swami Lokeshwarananda the founder Secretary of
the Narendrapur, Ramakrishna Mission Ashram.


A Sanyasi\u2019s Mother
\u201c- You are the bows from which your children as
living arrows are sent forth.

The archer sees the mark upon the path of the
infinite, and He bends you with His might that His
arrows may go swift and far.\u201d - Gibran

Mother, Shikharbasini Bandhyopadhyay was adapt in Bengali and Sanskrit literature. She could read English too. Agifted singer she

composed verses that were much appreciated

at her afternoon soir\u00e9e with ladies of the
neighborhood where the Purans, Bhagbat,
Ramayan, Mahabharat etc were studied. Her
beautifully hand written manuscript of poems
covering several notebooks were lost during the
partition. Maharaj was greatly influenced by his
mother. He fondly remembered their enjoying
the same books together page by page.

Once mixing curds, sandesh and sugar his
mother said to Kanai, \u201cYou will become a sadhu, I
know. You will not give me anything. You will not
even observe the feeding rituals (Hindu rites
attendant to cremation). So feed me now. Then
Kanai making balls of the food mix, fed her
saying \u201cEat mother\u201d.

Kanai then a
bramhachari on a visit to his mother asked her,
\u201cMother are you afraid to die?\u201d His mother
replied. \u201cAfraid of what? Why should I be

afraid to die?\u201d His mother was at the time

Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also
the bow that is stable. - Gibran

Father, Basanta Kumar Bandhyopadhyay of Baruipara village,
was areligious person who worshiped his own mother. Over six
feet tall, he was astrong, brave, and handsome man. A
successful contractor he not just expanded his inherited property
but was generous enough to give away over a hundred bighas of
his paternal inheritance to his brothers.

Veryliberal minded he was easily approached by the weak
and poor people, cutting across cast and religion. Maharaj
remembered seeing a Muslim woman running to him for shelter
chased by her husband, knife in hand. On another he observed
his father shelter a Muslim dacoit from the police.

Struck with diabetes at the early age of thirty,
Basantakumar\u2019s health broke down early. He initiated young
Kanai before he was fifteen into the responsibilities of his
business and property. Kanai as a result spent months away from
home with his father and thus frequently missed school.

Basantakumar died of typhoid when he was just forty years
of age. Kanai then 17 years old had just finished school. Perhaps
to enable Kanai to take on family and business responsibility his
certificate age had been increased by two years.

Maharaj remembered hisloving father who doted on him,
combing his hair.
Is not religion all deeds and all reflection,\u2026?

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