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Germano Tesla Schauberger Free Energy

Germano Tesla Schauberger Free Energy

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Published by oblivionboyj

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Published by: oblivionboyj on Nov 27, 2009
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Frank.Germano.com, the Master Index to the website
Site Index of Frank.Germano.com
Who wasNIKOLA TESLA,and what were his greatest inventions?
Extensive information on Nikola Tesla, with emphasis on his "Magnifying Transmitter"invented to offer the world wireless transmission of electrical energy to any point on theplanet. Extensive in-depth articles, notes, archival footage and excellent pictures. Includesperiod newspaper and magazine articles on Tesla's life and work. A very detailed,comprehensive webpage.As companion articles:
The definitive page and resource for understanding or learning about the Bladeless Disk,Vortex and Implosion Technologies used in all of our products. Our products are based onthe original inventions of Viktor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla created nearly a centuryago. Applications, descriptions and details of each engine and system is presented for thereader or potential investor.
: I have expanded our research into aerial transportation and underwatercrafts. This page will let you take a "sneak peak" at what we've come up with. 
The Lost Inventionsof Nikola Tesla
This page will give you some surprising information about Tesla, the disk turbine, themagnifying transmitter, high-frequency lighting, the Tesla Coil, and more. Also included isa very "short winded" biography on Tesla.
http://www.frank.germano.com/index.htm (1 of 7)2004/11/22 09:44:06 AM
Frank.Germano.com, the Master Index to the website
Offers an in-depth analysis of the ''Tesla Turbine,'' and the "Tesla Pump," both in theirdesign, and the history of their development. Included are some great period articles fromNikola Tesla, on his construction of the turbine itself, as well as his future plans for it. Thispage is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the principles of operation of theTesla bladeless disk boundary layer turbine engines and pumps. Researching A Shockwave Tesla Turbine A Thermo-Pneumatic Tesla Turbine Locomotive 
 the Tunguska Explosiona possible explanation to this astounding event. Tesla's ''Fuel less Generator''exactly what was this amazing invention? A theory ispresented. Physics of the ''Fuel less Generator''an in-depth description of the deviceused by permission; compliments,
Dr. Oliver Nichelson
What would happen if Tesla's "Magnifying Transmitter" were to be built, and operatedtoday? This excellent page offers an interesting opinion. Also:
. This compilation of information offers Tesla'sown words on exactly what he was trying to accomplish with this amazing device - his life'sdream. Free, unlimited, wireless, electrical power to any point on the planet - pretty darncool. If you would really like to learn what Tesla was trying to offer mankind, please readthis section. 
In 1931, Tesla took an automobile, with its internal combustion engine removed, installedan AC electric motor, connected the wires from the motor to his "black box," and ran theauto for days...with nothing else hooked up for power. A great period historical article.
http://www.frank.germano.com/index.htm (2 of 7)2004/11/22 09:44:06 AM
Frank.Germano.com, the Master Index to the website
The information contained on the five pages will amaze you. Naturally, most of this site isgeared towards presenting the history behind, and the inventions of Nikola Tesla. I beganstudying the Schauberger theories as a way of incorporating two similar, yet oppositeavenues of thinking.
Viktor Schauberger
, with his innate understanding of the workings ofnature, and in particular - WATER - and the immense energies contained "in" water, was,quite probably one of the most underestimated , and misunderstood men of the lastcentury. There now is a resurgence into looking at his theories...with the aim ofincorporating his ideas into working models. After you view this section, pick up at leastone of the six books offered. The ideas, and theories can radically alter the way wepresently view, and ultimately harness the power of the "living energies" contained in"living water." Check out all five pages; As the "wind-up" to the four page series,"Implosion Technology" takes a look at a report that will be generated in the hopes offorcing our modern society, governments and big businesses to take a direct look at thetechnology presented. 
: Practical Schauberger technology applied to today. 
Vortex Theory: Water Power, andWater Power II: utilizing water as a means of propulsion for the Tesla Turbine.
Detailed information on the use of water power, from our nation's natural rivers, to driveTesla-type turbines for electrical power generation. The theories of Dr. Victor Schauberger,and Dr. Nikola Tesla's are amplified. Further Schauberger theories are contained in thecompanion page:
Perhaps one of the most fantastic applications of vortex theories in existence. The conceptof "Whirlpower" was coined and created by Mr. David Dennard in the early 1990's. SinceDavid's untimely death, many have theorized that this concept could, in fact, actually bethe "holly grail" of free energy production. 
http://www.frank.germano.com/index.htm (3 of 7)2004/11/22 09:44:06 AM

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