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DC Office of Planning MidCityEast Small Area Plan Notice of Availability 2014 07

DC Office of Planning MidCityEast Small Area Plan Notice of Availability 2014 07

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Published by Scott Roberts
DC Office of Planning MidCityEast Small Area Plan Notice of Availability 2014 07
DC Office of Planning MidCityEast Small Area Plan Notice of Availability 2014 07

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Scott Roberts on Jul 04, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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: Notice of Availability of the Mid City East Small Area Plan Draft for PublicComment.
: The Mid City East Small Area Plan (Draft Plan!" is a frame#or$ %lan& theresult of an intensive '&month lon) community&based %lannin) %rocess. The Draft Plan
provides a framework for conservation, development, sustainabilityand connectivity in Mid City Eas
t* #hich includes the nei)hborhoods of +ates,Tru-ton Circle* +loomin)dale* Ec$in)ton* anover* /eDroit Par$* and SursumCorda* as #ell as sections of Ed)e#ood and Stron)hold. 0urther* the 1223 DCCom%rehensive Plan Action MC&1.4.A: North Ca%itol 5evitali6ation Strate)y! s%ecifiesthe %re%aration of a small area %lan for the North Ca%itol,0lorida Avenue businessdistrict.
 The vision for the
 Mid City East Small Area Plan is to
 improve quality of lifeand enhance neighborhood amenities and character while supporting acommunity of culturally, economically, and generationally diverseresidents
The Draft Plan incor%orates the )oals from the Com%rehensive Plan as #ellas the )oals develo%ed throu)h the community and sta$eholder %rocess. The Small Area Plan #as also informed by technical analyses includin) an E-istin)Conditions analysis* a istoric and Cultural 5esources re%ort* and a Mar$et Study. The %lan also incor%orates recommendations from the District De%artment of Trans%ortation7sMid City East /ivability Study* #hich #as conducted in collaboration #ith the 8ffice of Plannin) (8P" and #as com%leted in 8ctober 12'9.The 8ffice of Plannin) (DC8P" has %ublished for %ublic revie# and comment the DraftPlan for Mid City East. The DC8P is %rovidin) a 92&day %ublic comment %eriod on theMid City East Plan. Comments must be submitted to the office by the closin) date*Tuesday* Se%tember 1* 12'.The Draft Plan conveys a shared vision* records the )uidin) %rinci%les that #eredevelo%ed throu)h the community&based %lannin) %rocess* and includes $eyrecommendations for nei)hborhood character* commercial revitali6ation* redevelo%ment* %ublic realm* %ar$s,)reen s%ace and connectivity. ;t includes an im%lementation strate)yto serve as a roadma% for im%lementin) %lan recommendations includin) %ro<ectedtimeframe and res%onsible entity. The Draft Plan %rovides residents* land o#ners*develo%ers* city officials and District a)encies #ith a frame#or$ to )uide futuredevelo%ment in the study area. Pa)e ' of 9
The DC8P* #or$in) in collaboration #ith the coo%eratin) a)encies* #ill consider all %ublic comments on the Draft Plan and ma$e its final recommendations on the %ro<ect tothe Mayor of the District of Columbia. Subse=uently* the Mayor #ill submit to theDistrict of Columbia City Council for consideration a 5evised Draft Plan. The Council#ill %rovide additional o%%ortunities for %ublic comments* and #ill ma$e its finaldecision re)ardin) this %ro<ect and any modifications and conditions it mi)ht im%ose onthe %lan. The Mayor* throu)h the coo%eratin) a)encies #ill im%lement the %lan.
: Chelsea /iedstrand* City#ide Planner  by mail ''22
 Street S>.* Suite E3?2* >ashin)ton* DC 1221@ by %hone (121" 1&4322@ fa- (121" 1&439or email at: /iedstrand* Chelsea (8P"Chelsea./iedstranddc.)ovThe Draft Plan is available for revie# at the follo#in) locations:arry Thomas 5ecreation Center:'49 /incoln 5d NE* >ashin)ton* DC 12221>al$er Bones /ibrary: '?? / St N>>ashin)ton* DC 1222'Martin /uther in) Br. /ibrary: 2'  Street* N>>ashin)ton* DC 1222'8ffice of Plannin): ''22 
 Street S>* Suite E3?2>ashin)ton* DC 1221The Draft Plan is also available online at the DC 8ffice Plannin) >eb site: ###.%lannin).dc.)ov or ###.midcityeast.comPlease clic$ on lin$ for Mid City East Draft Small Area Plan!.
Public Comment
>ritten comments on the Draft Plan must be submitted by Se%tember 1* 12'. Commentsmust include a name* address and any or)ani6ation for #hich the comments re%resent.Please send all comments to:Chelsea /iedstrand* City#ide Planner ''22 th Street S>.* Suite E3?2* Pa)e 1 of 9
>ashin)ton* DC 1221(121" 1&4322 (%"(121" 1&439 (f" Chelsea./iedstranddc.)ov
M!o"l He"in#
;n addition to receivin) #ritten comments on the Draft Plan* DC 8ffice of Plannin) #ill host a Mayoral earin) on
$ul! %&' %()*' +"om ,-.(/0-.(1m
T2e Summit t St3 M"tin45 locte6 t )), T St"eet' N3E3' Secon6 Floo"' 752in#ton' DC %(((%3
 Please note that comments can be submitted until
Se1tembe" %' %()*
. At the hearin)* DC 8fficeof Plannin) #ill %rovide boards #ith visual re%resentation %ertainin) to the recommendations set forth #ithin the Draft Plan and res%ond to any =uestions relative to the )ra%hic dis%lays. 0ollo#in) this* members of the %ublic #ill have an o%%ortunity to offer comments for the %ublic record.
Submitte6 b!-
Chelsea /iedstrand* City#ide Planner* by mail ''22 th Street S>.* SuiteE3?2* >ashin)ton* DC 1221@ by %hone (121" 1&4322@ fa- (121" 1&439 or email at:/iedstrand* Chelsea (8P" Chelsea./iedstranddc.)ovPa)e 9 of 9

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