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Daniel's Revelation

Daniel's Revelation



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Published by theHumanStain.net
Daniel Chapter 7 explained
Daniel Chapter 7 explained

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Published by: theHumanStain.net on Mar 21, 2008
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Daniel’s Revelation
Post Date: 3-20-08
Little known fact - the Old Testament book of Daniel is just as cool as the prophetic book of Revelation. In fact, if it wasn't for the Book of Daniel, John, the guy that took notes for thebook of Revelation, would not have a clue on some of the things going on right before hiseyes. But, since Jesus himself quoted from the book of Daniel, John got a little heads up.I decided, for this post, to explain Daniel, Chapter 7. This chapter is brimming withsymbolism and even though the angel explains to Daniel what future nations will beinvolved in the end-time, nothing is ever said about the specifics of the who and the what.So pay attention, get the peanut butter out of your ears and learn about something thatWILL come to pass; not 'maybe' or 'possible' - I'm here to tell you, it WILL happen - afterall, its in the Bible.Now, lets get after it. Chapter 7 of the Book of Daniel, time wise, falls between Chapter 4and Chapter 5. Chapter 5 is when King Belshazzar got the ax (literally) at the hands of Darius, ruler of the Medes/Persians. The reason why Chapter 7 falls out of order is when theJewish priests were putting together the current line-up of today's Bible, they decided to putthe chapters about history together and the chapters about prophecy together; thus theconfusing jump back and then forward. Not sure about the logic in that approach would bebut I'm not a Bible scholar so I'll leave that for the experts.Back to the interpretation. Daniel Chapter 7 starts out with letting the reader know who thecurrent King is and that Daniel just had a vision given to him from the Almighty God andhe's fixin' to try and figure out what it meant. So as any good journalist does, he startswriting the stuff down he remembers.Our Lord God is so cool. He knows that the human mind works better with visualizing thingsinstead of just spouting off a bunch of events or facts that are going to happen. So that ishow God gave Daniel this vision; dramatic symbols that are easy to remember and writedown. Daniel 7:2 mentions that there was a stirring of the great sea from the four winds of heaven. This is an interesting phrase as it directly correlates to Revelation 7:1. This passagesays 'After this I [John] saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holdingback the four winds of the earth, that no wind might blow on earth or sea or against anytree.' Not only is it interesting in the fact that some of the same things are being mentionedbut its the same chapter and verse! The only difference being that in Revelation, John iswitnessing the angels holding back the 'winds' until God seals his 144,000 servants on theforehead. So this puts Daniel Chapter 7 slightly after Revelation Chapter 7 in the prophetictime-line.
Continuing after the stirring up of the great sea, Daniel witnesses four great beasts thatcame up out of the sea. Here is where many Bible scholars say that these four beasts arethe same as the Nebuchadnezzar's image back in Chapter 2 of Daniel. Bzzzzz, wronganswer. I'll get to that later on in this post and tell you why Daniel's beasts are not the sameas Nebuchadnezzar's image.The first beast Daniel describes in Daniel 7:4 is a lion with eagle's wings. Then suddenly, theeagles wings are 'plucked' off and the lion was made to stand 'like a man' and a mind of aman was given to it.For hundreds of years, Great Britain's symbol has been the lion. There are countlessmagazine articles as well as Internet news stories how Great Britain is symbolized by thelion, which by the way is on all of the Royal family crests of the last 700 years. I won't listthe hundreds of magazine articles as anyone can do a Google search for 'Great BritainSymbol Lion' and get thousands of search results. There is one periodical that I would like tomention, however. Webster's Third International Dictionary, under 'lion' states 'the symbolof a country - Great Britain'. That, on its own, is very compelling. So, the lion is undoubtedlyGreat Britain.So what about the eagle's wings? Daniel says that he witnesses the plucking off of theeagles wings from the lion. What prominent nation uses the eagle as its official emblem orsymbol? You got it - the U.S. of A. Daniel prophesied 2600 years ago that the United Stateswould declare its Independence from its mother country, Great Britain. That is awesome!The second beast is a lopsided bear with some ribs sticking out of its mouth (Daniel 7:5).Wow - what an image to witness! If you knew the national symbol of the U.S. was theeagle, then you gotta know what nation has the symbol of the bear. Time magazine, onmany occasions, has placed bears on the cover to symbolize the Soviet Union/Russia. Thethree ribs coming out of the bears mouth are the nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia;three nations that Russia completely swallowed up when it expanded to the west. Daniel 7:5states that 'the bear' was instructed to 'devour much flesh'. Russia has been one of themost brutal and inhumane nations since its inception. Joseph Stalin alone, executed over 50million of his own citizens during his reign. So the second beast, the lopsided bear, is nodoubt, Russia.Daniel continues with the third beast coming out of the great sea was a leopard (Daniel7:6). The third beasts' identity is just as stealthy as its name, however, once revealed, it islogical. Another word for leopard is panther. They are the same creature; one has spots(leopard) and the other doesn't (panther). The last three major wars of the 20th centurywere the Franco-German war of 1870, World War I and World War II. These three wars wereall plotted, planned and initiated by the same nation; Germany. The leopard or pantherseems to pop up quite a bit within the German culture. A major television manufacturer'sname is 'Panther Electronics'. In the German military, two prominent naval vessels werenamed the 'Panther'. Under Hitler, the main tank used in World War II was called the'Panther'. The armored division of the Nazi war machine was called the 'Panzer Division'.The latest 21st century German tank deployed in Bosnia is named the 'Leopard'. At firstglance, all these facts may look like circumstantial evidence. Ah, but wait, there's more(sounds like a late night TV commercial trying to sell you the latest kitchen gadget)!The leopard in Daniel's vision has wings; four wings. In our language that translates to twosets of wings. Many times, wings in Bible prophecy equates to something that is part of orassists in accomplishing a task. In Daniel's vision it does both. History records that theforces part of 'The Axis' were Germany, Italy and Japan. It's is probable Italy and Japan arethe leopard's wings as they not only were allies to Germany during World War II, theybacked Hitler with air support as well; the 'wings of the leopard', so to speak.
On several occasions throughout Bible prophecy, heads on a beast represent the rising of different eras of a nation. It is evident that Daniel's vision is representative of four different'ruling bodies' or nationalities. The four heads of the leopard reference the fall of theGerman First Reich, Second Reich, Third Reich (Hitler) and the rising Fourth Reich of 21stCentury Germany.The last beast in Daniel 7:7-8 is one that Daniel has never seen and describes it as'terrifying and dreadful and exceedingly strong. It had great iron teeth; it devoured andbroke in pieces and stamped what was left with its feet' and if that wasn't enough, it hadten horns to begin with and then one little horn with eyes and the mouth of a man sproutedup and pulled three other horns up by the roots. Youch - that's gotta hurt!So what's with this ten horned monster with eyes on one of its horns? Well, Daniel had thesame question and he asks an angel in Daniel 7:16. So the angel tells Daniel (Daniel 7:24-27) that the ten horns are ten kings that arise and then the little horn rises from withinthese ten kings. The little horn (the Antichrist) gets a wild hair and whacks three of thekings and takes complete control, changes the rules to suit his desires, gives God's servantsof the time a really, really hard time and then God takes over control, eliminates this yahooand gives power of these nations over to his servants.The angel gives quite a bit of information but doesn't go into the detail of the exact identitythis final beast. Because this fourth beast or kingdom is what catapults the Antichrist intopower, the identification of this fourth beast must be viewed in a global light. Revelation13:7-8 states that authority was given to the Antichrist for 'all who dwell on earth'. Manyprophecy scholars believe that this ruling body is the European Union. However, thereferenced 'all' in Revelation 13 implies that this includes more then just Europeans. Yougotta think bigger. The other thing to consider is that ALL Bible prophecy directly affectsIsrael. The European Union, historically speaking, has had virtually no impact on the nationof Israel. So the fourth beast is not the European Union.There is only one political entity that has the global clout to claim absolute jurisdiction overthe entire world and has a considerable historical footprint placed in the nation of Israel andthe land of Palestine in general. The United Nations fits that footprint better then Cinderellafit her lost slipper. Not sure if the U.N. is the fourth beast? Check out these facts:
Through international treaty, the UN is dictating how children are to be educated.Just look at what's happening in theCalifornia School System.
The UN is forcibly intervening in international military conflicts. Iran and Iraq areonly two examples of many others.
The UN isoverseeing the worlds financial systemsas well as legal matters of manynations.Don't be fooled. Despite the common perception of the U.N. being a benevolentorganization, it is the fourth beast in Daniel 7.So, when does this beast come into power? Daniel 7:25 gives us that tidbit of informationby saying 'and they shall be given into his hand for a time, times and half a time'. This isthe Bible way of saying 3 1/2 years; a time is one year, times is two years and a half a timeis 6 months. So you add these up and its 3 1/2 years. This passage tells us how long butnot when. In order to find out when, we need to look in Daniel 7:27 where it says that theAntichrist will sign a peace treaty with Israel. This peace treaty or Confirmation of theCovenant is to be for seven years, however, this treaty is broken by the Antichrist half waythrough the seven year treaty. This broken treaty is referred to in Daniel 9:27 as theAbomination of Desolation which in fact is when the Antichrist enters the newly rebuilt

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