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Spoken English Expressions

Spoken English Expressions

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Published by api-3806123

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Published by: api-3806123 on Nov 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Collocations and Set Phrases
Have a … take a …Have a drink/ have a bite/ have a laugh/ have a look/ take a lookHave a go/ have a talk/ have a say/ have a try/ have a rideHave a walk/ take a walk/ have a rest/ take a restA few/ a little/ a lot (of)A kilo/ a meter/ a dozen etcA coffee/ a fruit juice/ a Coke etcA hundred/ a thousand/ a million etcA year/ a week/ an hour etc
all say/ night/ morning/ afternoon/ evening etc.all summer/ winter etc.all day long/ all night long/ all summer long etc.all year round
all the time
= continually
for all time
=for ever
(Not) … at all
= in any way
by all means
(for giving permission)
all in all
(for summing up)
all of a sudden
= suddenly
for all
= despite
for all I/ we know
(to say that something may be true, but it’s not important)
first of all
..(to emphasize what comes first)
after all
(to say that something happens in spite of what has been said/done)
am/ is/ are
 / made/ called/ put/ given/ taken/ used/ toldLaundry is done on holidaysIt is made hereHe is called ‘Raju’ It is put on the top of cupboardIt is kept all the time hereIt is given to allIt taken from hereIt used for all purposes
are you(still) there?
(when you are talking on the phone)
where are you
(frequently asked on mobile phones)
where are you from?
(to ask nationality, home town)
what’s it called in Spanish
 / English/ French?
And so on
 / and stuff/ and everything (for expanding a category)And/ or…(to say that two things, or only one of them, can exist or may happen)
‘Go + and’
go and see / go and get/ go and have/ go and make/ go and buy ‘
come + and’
come and get/ come and see/ come and sit/ come and say/ come and havecome and help/ come and stay
‘try + and’
try and get/ try and find/ try and remember/ try and do/ try and make/nice and …..good and … (to add some positive emphasis)and follows a hundred – a hundred and ten
 ‘any’ is used in negative and interrogative sentences and in ‘if’ clauses
never any
= I never have any nice teachers
hardly any
= I have hardly any blue shirts
seldom any
= I seldom see any horror movies
rarely any
= I have rarely gone to any movie alone
not any good/ use
(to say something is not good or useful)
in any case/ in any event
= whatever the situation is or may be ‘
at any rate’
(to say that at least one thing about the situation is true)
by any chance
( to find out if something is true)
as for …
(to change to another subject)
such as …
= for example
as yet
= until now
as it is/ as it was…
( to say what the real situation is or was)serve asuse something asbe known asbe regarded asbe seen asbe considered asbe defined asoften to introduce clauses which point forward or back in written EnglishAs we have seen, the best method of preventing…As shown in the diagram …As we shall see in chapter 3 ….

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