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Pokemon - Gold & Silver

Pokemon - Gold & Silver

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Published by api-19737643

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Published by: api-19737643 on Nov 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pokemon Gold: FAQ/Walkthrough by Donald
Version ZeroHour, Last Updated 2006-12-30 View/Download Original File Hosted by
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| _ | | _ | | | / / | ___| | \ / | | _ | | \| |
| |_|| ||| |||/ / | |_
| \/| | | | | | \| |
|___| ||| ||
|| ||| |
\| |
| |
||_| |||\ \ | |___ | |\/| || |_|| ||\
|_____| |_| \_\ |_____| |_| |_| |_____| |_| \__|

Written by Donald
Started on November 28, 2000 9:58:20 AM AST
Completed on November 5, 2002
Version: ZeroHour
E-mail: donaldfaq at gmail dot com

Table of Contents:

1) Revision History
2) Copyright
2a) Webmaster Instructions
4) Walkthrough
5) Pok dex

6) Movesets *<3 Striker)

7) Miscellaneous Information
7.1- Those (radio edit) Gerbils
7.2- Game Corners
7.3- TM and HM Descriptions
7.4- Breeding
7.5- Happiness Evolution
7.6- Move Listing
7.7- Type (Dis)Advantages
7.8- Items
7.9- Weekly Calendar
7.10 - Team Strategy

8) Tips and Tricks
9) For the cheaters in the crowd... (Gameshark/Game Genie Codes)
10) Conclusion

1) Revision History:
v ZeroHour
-New e-mail address
-Minor adjustments, clear some moves that were just rumors from the
NYPC, add a few movesets and redid the Pokemon charts for the
-Thanks to what seems to be shoddy game design/limitations of the
Game Boy Color, you might find your battery dying. The first FAQ
should give some advice how to proceed if you still want to play the
-We actually found out what Raikou, Entei and Suicune are - well, a
couple of years ago, but still. Corrected guide to reflect it - see

FAQ # 2.
-It took RBY players five years to find Mew, and now we've got
Celebi... *580 kb*

v 7.0
-Betcha didn't see this one coming, did you? :x
-Added a new FAQ (maybe I'll stop getting e-mail now! Or not...)
-Corrected some formatting errors that cropped up while I was messing
around with a new program
-Corrected Delibird's spelling in the Pokedex *thwacks himself with a
large brick* *523 kb*

v Final:
-Nuked all forms of filler
-Replaced "Team Ratings" with a new misc. section - Team Strategy.
-Brought a lot of info from the Crystal FAQ in - complete breeding chains
for every move (with special notation if the move is Crystal-exclusive),
a full item list, a couple of cool tricks, and some new Pokecenter moves.
-Hopefully, I won't get the same e-mails over and over again - added a
couple of new FAQs. Read these over VERY carefully. *522 kb*

v 2.6
-Made a small correction in the Hidden Power section.
-Added Pokecenter moves (moves learned via Mystery Eggs from New York City's
Pokecenter) where appropriate.
-Added a way to get through the 1st part of Mt. Silver without using Flash
(thanks to JamesXXIV). *444 KB*

v 2.5
-Added that nasty little ASCII art at the top (which I freely admit, I
lifted it from MetroidMoo's Pokemon Yellow guide and modified).
-Banned another site, due to plagarism. Tsk tsk... I warned you, didn't
-Corrected the L50 stats to reflect the Wild Maximum (the current values
are logically impossible to do DV checks with).
-Updated the Movesets by Ibuki section.
-Added two more tips. These are evil...
-Made minor corrections. If anything major breaks, I'll put it in,
otherwise, this will be the final update. *444 KB*

v 2.0 (Final?)
-This FAQ (and my others) can now be found at NeoSeeker (www.neoseeker.com).
-Added Minimize in the move list (insert giant DOH! here) thanks to Feng
-Added a clarification to the Breeding section (thanks to SpaceDog)
-Found a new method for calculating DVs, and added L50 max stats to
everyone in the Pokedex.
-Updated Movesets by Ibuki.
This update would've been up earlier, but the start of school delayed me,
as did my loss of enthusiasm after September 11 (and if you don't know
what happened on that day, what rock have you been living under?) *449 KB*

v 1.9- Made some minor changes to the FAQs (read carefully)
-Added a note on the Ruins (thanks to Tristan). Also, if you need to know
the answers for the Ruins, go to

(link deleted due to a site move)

-Added a note about Mystery Gift in the Walkthrough (check Goldenrod)
-Also added something for those who need more training time in the Indigo
Plateau section.
-Since Pokemon Crystal has been released, I've added Crystal moves to the
Pokedex and changed its description around in the Future Games section. (Bad
news for Celebi fans...)
-Amended one of the GameShark cheats (the one for getting all three starters)
thanks to Murky the Murkrow.
-frank@cheats.de is not smart... for spidering the GameFAQs contributor
database and sending us all annoying e-mails, you are the weakest link!
G'bye. (I love that show!!) *438 KB*

v 1.8- Added two FAQs, both of which deal with Hidden Power in some way.
-Corrected some mistakes in Movesets, and added (Crystal Influence) where
-Corrected something in Game Corners (thanks to Magcannon).
-Added the Perfect Pokemon codes (mad props to cfalcon for getting these
-Also added Max PP codes (thanks to spunman) *428 KB*

v 1.7- Added Webmaster's Instructions (read them very carefully).
-Added a new FAQ, and eliminated the FAQ about Pokemon evolution (look in
the Pok dex for that info).

-The Pok dex still isn't a one stop shop for all Pokemon data, but it's
close... Added R/B/Y move info and shuffled the Pokemon so they are in
New Pok dex order.

-Added Movesets by Ibuki. Read or your life is forefit (KIDDING!!)
-Corrected something in the Attachment section (thanks to Darcy Wartenkin)
-Added new Tips (thanks to Byron Kazek and Vaughn Wares)
-Added some notes about Stadium 2 and Crystal in the Future Games section
Don't ask why there hasn't been an update since March, as I don't have time
to get into it. *421 KB*

v 1.6-Added 3 FAQs. Thanks to John Jones for the team in the second one.
-Added 7 teams. This will be the last update that I will add teams to
the FAQ. Afterwards, either see me on the GameFAQs message boards, or Azure
Heights (www.azureheights.com).
-Added a Public Service Announcement (check the bottom of Team Ratings).
-Added that Jigglypuff can be caught on Route 46 (thanks to Byron Kazek)
-Added a ranking system for each of the stats in the Pok dex.


-Corrected a few notes in the Attaching Items section.
-Added a new trick (Better Credit Skip) thanks to Stephanie Ng.
-Added a note about Stadium 2 in the Future Games section. What is it? Let's
just say it involves early moves...
-Made the formatting in the FAQ uniform. *371 KB*

v 1.5-Pok dex is done! Yeah! *does a weird dance*

-Corrected some of the info about Pokemon Locations (thanks to MMevasian's
Pokemon G/S FAQ).
-Added some important info to the Breeding Section.
-Added two FAQs.
-Added several teams. *NOTE* Ibuki will not be rating any teams for the
time being, as he has some personal problems to work out.
-Added a new trick (the Box Trick)
-Added a Future Games section. (Most of the stuff in there is rumor, but
hey, it'll help get you ready.) *353 KB*

v 1.4-Pok dex done to Mew. Still adding moves that can be learned by

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