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Published by: api-19753598 on Nov 28, 2009
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1.0 Project Title : Broiler Contract Growing2.0 Category :
Income – Generating
3.0 Type :
Broiler Production4.0
Proponent :
4.1 Type(s) : Private Sector Group4.2Name/Organization : Rowil G. Batan4.3 Address : Barangay Belen, Leyte-leyte 5.0
Coverage :
Main project activities is located at Sitio Marag-ing, Brgy. Belen, Leyte-Leyte.5.2 Intended market : meat shops, wet markets, Grocery stores, Talipapa,5.3 Type/kind of agricultural/fishery product/s commodity/ or support service theProject shall be involve with: Contract growing of Broilers
6.0 Duration :
6.1 Pre implementation 12 months6.2 Implementation - 10 years
7.0 Funding Requirements :
 7.1 ACEF Loan : P
7.2 Equity : P
(Counter part of the proponent)7.3 Total : P
8.1 Justification
8.1.1A brief description of the current state of development of the Agricultural  product/commodity and/or support services sub-sector which the proposed  project intends to support.
 Tacloban City is located at the eastern side of the island of Leyte. It is the center of trade and commerce of the whole island. Its socio- economic development is mainlysupported by trading, banking, and commerce. The city is very dependent on its foodsupply of agricultural products from nearby municipalities including fish. The prices of  pork in the market is expensive because of the very high cost of handling and transportof hogs from Mindanao to Region VIII, not to mention the series of middle mendistributors and dealers who pass on the cost to the consumers. Hog raisers and dealersfrom Mindanao are earning more than 10 million a month just for Tacloban City alone.The people of Tacloban City have been trying to find ways to substitute pork meatwith other meat specially the average and low income families. The demand for chickenhas risen steadily for the past fifteen years. Chicken meat has always been the cheaper alternative to pork and the people have been more and more conscious about this fact.With the increasing population of the city and the series of positive economicdevelopment. The demand for chicken is very high and there are several companies whoare looking for investors who are very willing to be partners in the business . With the1
introduction of Contract Growing Business by these companies, there is now a presentsolution to the problem of the supply of chickens in the region which this project intendsto support.8.1.2
The potential for the development of sub-sectors involved in the project area,including the level and kind of demand for agricultural products/commoditiesand/or services involved which the projects intend to meet or create
.The potentials for the development of sub-sectors in the project area is vast. Theneed for breeder farms, hatchery, dressing plants, feed mills, meat shops, and meatdealers will be very vital for the sustainability of the project.
8.1.3Existing efforts/interventions of government and private sector groups todevelop the sub-sectors involved.
Currently the private companies are holding trainings and seminars to investors toupgrade various technologies in meat processing, dressing plant operation, hatcheryoperations, and breeder operations. The Government sector particularly the Departmentof Agriculture is training farmers to meet the demand for yellow corn which is seventy percent of the feed component for Broiler feeds, and trainings and seminars on the use of organic fertilizer using chicken dung.
8.1.4The proposed projects consistency with the policy and priority thrusts of the DA Plans and Programs and its support to, and/or complementation with,the regularly funded activities of DA.
The proposed project is consistent with the Department of Agriculture food security programs and to make region VIII sustainable and to create more job opportunities for the people. The project will continue to provide job opportunity for the community andfood security after project financing has been completed. Strategies to make the projectsustainable after project completion includes regular personnel training and updates inBroiler Production Technology, strict bio-security, and supervision.
8.1.5The perceived problems and/or constraints, which the project intends toaddress, including the cause and evidences of these problems/constraints.
The project aims to achieved maximum bird capacity and attain not less than six growouts in one year. This can be achieved by proper forecasting and good management withhands on technical supervision. Mortality of birds must not exceed the average rate of 3 percent. This can be prevented by implementation of effective medication andvaccination program with regular monitoring, clinical evaluation and examination of healthy and sick birds.To address the negative impact of the project to the environment, the proponent hasseek the help of the DENR to help established a very effective waste managementsystem based on the sound advise of environmental engineers and advisers.
8.1.6Relevant information on how the intended beneficiaries will directly or indirectly benefit from the project, including the direct and indirect benefitswhich the projects may have on the proponent as well  
The project will enable the people in the community in which the project is located tohave job opportunity. The farmers in the project area will benefit from the abundantsupply of chicken dung form the project. Which could help cut down the cost of their  production and farm inputs. Production of Broilers shall increase activities from theupward and downward linkages that provide more jobs and businesses to others The proponent itself will be able to gain profit and can in the future expand its capacityadding more job and business opportunity to the community.2
9.0 Project Description :
The project is Broiler Production in which the proponent will enter into a contractwith a private company to grow chickens until they are ready to be marketed. Thecompany will provide the chicks, feeds, medicines, and the marketing of the birds. Whilethe proponent will provide the housing of chickens, water, electricity, labor and other vital role in the production. The private company will pay the proponent a correspondingfee for the growing of the birds after all the expenses on their part is deducted.
9.3 Objectives :
Development Objective
The project aims to increase supply of good quality chickens to the region throughContract Growing scheme with a private company who supplies all the necessary inputsand technological assistance.9.3.1
Immediate Objective
 a.To supply the demand for chicken meat in Leyte thru Contract GrowingScheme. b.To help farmers have access to cheap source of organic fertilizer using chickendung.c.To provide job opportunity to the community and businesses to othedownward linkages.
9.4 Beneficiaries :
a.The proponent and company partner that provides the inputs for the production. b.The employees to be hired by the project.c.The farmers who will have access to cheap source of organic fertilizer.9.4.2
a.Indirect jobs and their multiplier effects that the project may create such as breeder farms, hatcheries, feed mills, and meatshops and meat dealers. b.The government for helping reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty.
9.5 Location :
The project shall be located at Sitio Marag-ing, Barangay Belen, Leyte-Leyte.The facilities will have a maximum capacity of one hundred thousand birds andwill cover approximately five hectares of land.
9.6 Scope :
ComponentsMonitor Type Broiler Building :
Eight (08) units of 12 X 42 square metersmonitor type broiler house with a maximum capacity of ten thousand birds(10,000).
Automatic Water Drinkers :
An equipment that provides automated and easyaccess of water for the birds.
Automatic Feeders :
An equipment that provides and automated system of feed3

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