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Published by: api-19753598 on Nov 28, 2009
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EQUIPMENT CAPABILITESType of equipment Average Capabilities
Bulldozer (D8) a.) Clearing 500 sq.m./hr.b.) Stripping 200 sq.m./hr c.) Excavation1.) Common Soil 45 cu.m/hr.2.) Slightly hard Materials 25 cu.m./hr.d.) Quarrying107 Common Materials 50 cu.m./hr.
108 Aggregates 40 cu.m./hr.Boulders 15 cu.m./hr.200 Needs Screeninge.) Pushing 3 cu.m./hr.2. Road Grader a.) Sub grading 300 cu.m./hr.b.) Spreading 50 cu.m./hr.3. Payloader Loading 30 cu.m./hr.4. Crane Shovel Loading 35 cu.m./hr.5. Sheep Foot Roller a.) Static Rolling 15 cu.m./hr.(12 passes – 15 cm. lift)b.) Vibratory Rolling 135 cu.m./hr.(6 passes – 20 cm. lift)6. 3 Wheel Road Roller a.) Static Rolling 24 cu.m./hr.(6 passes – 20 cm. lift)7. Tractor Drawn Roller a.) Vibratory Rolling 24 cu.m./hr.(6 passes – 20 cm. lift)8. Tandem Roller a.) Static Rolling 24 cu.m./hr.
(6 passes – 20 cm. lift)b.) Vibratory Rolling 72 cu.m./hr.(6 passes – 60 cm. lift)9.) 6 T Dump Truck a.) Hauling Common Borrow 3.5 cu.m./hr.Base Courseb.) Hauling Selected Borrow 5.0 cu.m./hr.c.) Hauling Concrete Batch 2 Batch/trip‘Class A’10. 2 ½ T Dump Truck a.) Hauling Common Borrow 2.5 cu.m./tripBase Courseb.) Hauling Selected Borrow 4.0 cu.m./tripBase Concrete Batch 1.0 Batch/trip‘ Class A ‘11. Buggy a.) Hauling Concrete Mix 0.17 cu.m./trip
12. Wheel Borrow a.) Hauling Aggregates 0.17 cu.m./tripb.) Hauling Concrete Mix 0.05 cu.m./trip13. Water Truck a.) Watering 1000 sq.m./trip14. Concrete Mixer a.) Mixing Concrete 9 cu.m./hr.15. Rock Crusher a.) Crushing Mix sand & Gravel 30 cu.m./hr.16. Concrete Vibrator a.) Vibrating Concrete Mix 40 cu.m./hr.17. Concrete Floor Finisher a.) Finishing Concrete Floor 140 cu.m./hr.18. Percussion Drilling a.) Drilling Hard Rock 0.23 m./hr.b.) Drilling Loose Rock 0.30 m./hr.c.) Drilling Lime Stone 0.38 m./hr.d.) Drilling Sticky Clay 0.49 m./hr.e.) Drilling Loose Clay 0.70 m./hr.
I. For Item 100 – Clearing and Grubbing
1.) Bush Clearing sq.m./man-dayBush Typea.) Light Bush 200b.) Medium Bush 100c.) Dense Bush 502.) Tree and Stump Removal One (1) man-day per cm. of trunk diameter atBase of tree3.) GrubbingVegetation Typea.) Dense vegetation in firm soil covering 80the whole areab.) Spaced vegetation in loose soil 250II.For Item 105 – Excavation for Roadway & Drainage
Activity Productivity
1.) Excavation Cu.m./man-day (throwing distance in m.)Soil Type 0 4 m. 4 6 m. 6 8 m.a.) Loose, rot sticky soil 5.0 - 6.0 4.5 5.5 3.5 4.5b.) Firm Soil 3.5 4.5 3.4 4.0 2.5 3.5c.) Very hared soil, hard soil mixed 2.0 3.0 1.8 2.5 1.7 2.5with stones2.) Loading Cu.m./man-dayType of Soila.) Loose 4.5 5.5b.) Firm 2.5 4.0c.) Hard 1.5 2.5Excavation combined with loading of soil can be effectively carried out bylaborers up to a loading height of about 1.00 e.g. into wheel borrow or head baskets.
Above that height, it is preferable to have a separate group of leaders whose outputmust be matched with that of the excavators.
Necessary output for the Loading Activity
Soil Type Loading Height Productivity cu.m./man-daya.) Loose 0.1 m. 12 15 b.) Loose 1 2 m. 7 10c.) Loose Over 2 m. 4 5III.For Item 106 – Excavation for StructuresActivity Productivity1.) Excavation Depending on the type of soilThere use similar productivityData as those used for ExcavationIn Item 105IV.For Item 110 Foundation FillActivity Productivity1.) Backfilling and Tamping 3 cu.m./man-dayV. For Item 108 Aggregate Sub Base CourseActivity Productivity1.) Quarrying (Excavation & Gravel) 0.50 2.0 cu.m./man-day2.) Loading 7 10 cu.m./man-day3.) Spreading 8 12 cu.m./man-day4.) Compacting 8 12 cu.m./man-day5.) Hauling activity should be considered in this item, hence, hauling distance has animportant bearing on the cost of the gravelling operation, the maximum acceptable.Hauling distance has to be considered from case to case. VI For Item 200 - Aggregate Base CourseActivity Productivity1.) Quarrying 0.50 2.0 cu.m./man-day2.) Loading 7 10 cu.m./man-day3.) Spreading 8 12 cu.m./man-day4.) Compacting 8 12 cu.m./man-day5.) Hauling – please refer to activity no. 5 of Item 1086.) Screeping 3 5VII.For Item 413 – Reinforced Concrete Pipe CulvertActivity Productivity1.) Crushing of stone for aggregate 0.20 cu.m./man-day2.) Casting of culvert rings 2 man-days/ring3.) Laying of standard culvert (24 in. diameter) Refer culvert laying data belowOr 0.60 m. dia., length 6.00 m.,

Activity (69)

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