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Constitution of the GSHS Student Council

Constitution of the GSHS Student Council

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Published by rdsasa

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Published by: rdsasa on Nov 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Constitution of the PLM-GSHS Student Council Page 1 of 10
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
(University of the City of Manila)
Intramuros, Manila
We, students of the PLM Graduate School of Health Sciences, bonded bythe commitment of serving the interests of the studentry and the Filipino people,determined to promote and protect the people’s rights and welfare especially theright to health and education, unite ourselves with the studentry and the Filipino people in the pursuit of a truly just, free and democratic society, dohereby ordain and promulgate this Constitution.
Article 1.Name and Nature of the OrganizationSection 1.
The organization shall be known as Graduate School of Health Sciences Student Council
Section 2.
The organization shall based in the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila – GraduateSchool of Health Sciences.
Section 3.
The organization shall serve as the supreme governing body of the studentry of the PLM-GSHS.
Article 2.Contextual DefinitionsSection 1.
The following terminologies shall be defined in this constitution as follows:1.1
pertains to the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila1.2
“Graduate School” 
and / or
pertains to the PLM Graduate School of HealthSciences1.3
and / or
refers to GSHS Student Council1.4
and / or
pertain to the students of the GSHS1.5
“General Assembly” 
refers to the highest governing body of the GSHSStudent Council which includes all of the members1.6
“Executive Committee” 
pertains to the elected officials of the StudentCouncil1.7
pertains to 50% + 1 of all members of the General Assembly or theCommittees, as the case may be1.8
“Majority vote” 
pertains to a vote of 50% + 1 of the members present in a meeting1.9
“Plurality vote” 
pertains to vote of 75% + 1 of the members present in a meeting
Constitution of the PLM-GSHS Student Council Page 2 of 10
Article 3.Declaration of PrinciplesSection 1.
GSHS Student Council believes in the biopsychosocial and spiritual nature of man. Assuch, the Council shall forevermore strive to be responsive to the dynamic and multi-faceted needs of its members.
Section 2.
GSHS Student Council believes that Nursing education is a continuous, lifelong processthat ultimately leads to self-actualization and must benefit humanity.
Section 3.
GSHS Student Council believes that camaraderie and good will among the studentry mustbe present for the Graduate School to flourish.
Section 4.
GSHS Student Council believes in upholding PLM’s tradition of academic excellence andacademic freedom
Section 5.
GSHS Student Council believes that being students of one of the country’s leadinguniversities whose funds are derived from the coffers of the Filipino people, it is a must touphold their right and welfare at all times. Moreover, GSHS Student Council believes thatservice should be rendered to the Filipino people in whatever way possible..
Article 4.ObjectivesSection 1.
GSHS Student Council shall promote and protect the rights and welfare of the studentry,especially the right to quality post-Graduate education.
Section 2.
GSHS Student Council shall tap and maximize all means to help in the holisticdevelopment of students.
Section 3.
GSHS Student Council shall aid its members in their academic, social and spiritualendeavors.
Section 4.
GSHS Student Council shall periodically engage in outreach activities and shall integrateitself with communities, especially in areas inhabited by the urban poor of Manila who arein need of healthcare.
Section 5.
GSHS Student Council shall form linkages and shall foster solidarity and cooperation withall individuals and groups who share GSHS Student Council’s principles and objectives.
Article 5.Membership
Section 1.
All bona fide students of the PLM Graduate School of Health Sciences are members of theGeneral Assembly of the Council.
Section 2.
Members shall have the following rights and privileges:2.1 the right to be represented in the General Assembly2.2 the right to be allowed to participate in all decision-making processes in theGeneral Assembly
Constitution of the PLM-GSHS Student Council Page 3 of 10
2.3 the right to present suggestions and comments to the General Assembly which willbe beneficial to the organization2.4 the right to be elected in any position within the organization2.5 the right to be accorded one (1) vote in all electoral processes and decisions to bemade by the General Assembly2.6 the right to be informed of matters of common concern2.7 the right to access records, documents and papers pertaining to official acts,transactions and decisions of the organization2.8 The right to solicit any form of aid that the organization may provide2.9 the right to avail of privileges / subsidies which maybe made available to the GSHSStudent Council
Section 3.
Members shall perform the following duties:3.1 abide by the Constitution and By-laws of the organization3.2 attend General Assembly and Committee meetings and actively participate in theformulation of decisions and policies.3.3 help in implementation of the General Plan of Action, as solicited by the ExecutiveCommittee
Article 6.The General Assembly
Section 1.
The General Assembly shall be the highest governing and policy-making body of theorganization.
Section 2.
It shall be composed of all full-pledged members and shall be convened by the ExecutiveCommittee.
Section 3.
The General Assembly shall be convened as the need arises, in situations wherein theentire studentry needs to be consulted. Such situations include, but are not limited to:3.1 election of a new set of officers3.2 revision of the Constitution3.3 situations where the GSHS studentry needs to come up with a stand and / orofficial statement with regard to a particular issue of local or national concern3.4 formulation / enactment of policies that will affect the entire studentry (e.g., revisionof student council fees), per recommendation of the Dean and/or the CollegeSecretary
Article 7.
The Executive Committee
Section 1.
The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary,Finance Officer, Auditor and the Press Relations Officer.
Section 2.
The Executive Committee shall perform the following functions:2.1 plan and formulate the organization’s activities2.2 form linkages with other organizations as approved by a majority vote2.3 create or dissolve
ad hoc 
committees as the situation calls2.4 implement, coordinate and monitor the program of action set by the GeneralAssembly

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