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azazel - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

azazel - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Published by: Jason Galvan (Abu Noah Ibrahim Ibn Mikaal) on Nov 28, 2009
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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For other uses, see Azazel (disambiguation).
A depiction of Azazel in his familiar form of
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Azazel - Wikipedia, the fre\u2026
agoat-like demon, from Collin de Plancy's
Dictionnaire Infernal( P ar i s ,1 8 2 5 ) .
Azazel(Hebrew:\u05dc\u05d6 \u05d0\u05d6 \u05e2,A z a z e l,Ar am ai c:\u05dc\u05d0\u05e0 \u05e9 \u05de\u05e8,[citation needed]
Arabic:\u0644\u0632\u0627\ufeb0\ufecbA z a z il) is an enigmatic name from theHebr ew
scripturesa n dApocr y ph a, where the name is used
interchangeably with Rameel and Gadriel[citation needed]. The
word's first appearance is inL ev i ti cu s 16, where a goat is
designated "for Azazel" and outcast in the desert as part ofY om
According to the Jewish sageR as hi Azazel is a strong and hard
mountain, [with] a high cliff, as the Jewish bible says [in
describing Azazel] Leviticus 16:22:\u201ca precipitous land (\u05d4 \u05b8\u05e8\u05b5\u05d6 \u05b0\ufb32 \u05e5 \u05b6\u05e8 \u05b6\u05d0
meaning a cut-off land [i.e., a sheer drop].\u2014 [Torath Kohanim
16:28; Yoma 67b]" Judaica Press Translation.
Other religions think that Azazel was a supernatural being
mentioned in connection with the ritual of the Day of Atonement
(Lev. xvi.). Some Christians believe that he is a fore-runner to
Satan, for whom he was in some degree a preparation. This is
not Jewish teaching. In Judaism the Hebrew word [Satan] simply
means "adversary" and refers to humans and angels who stand
as adversaries to humans, not to God. In Judaism God has no
adversary. Is there any sort of Purgatory or Satan in Jewish
2In the Hebrew Bible and Rabbinical literature
Azazel - Wikipedia, the fre\u2026

2.1 Biblical Verse
2.2 The Name
2.3 The Rite
2.4 In Biblical, Apocryphal, and Rabbinical Literature
2.5 Personification of Impurity
2.6 Leader of the Rebellious Angels
2.7B i bl i ogr aph y

3In First Enoch
4In the Apocalypse of Abraham
5Dictionnaire Infernal

6Modern Satanism

7Literary references
8See also

The name itself is a combination of the words "Azaz (rugged)
and el (power/strong/of God)" in reference to the rugged and
strong rocks of the deserts in Judea. According toT al m u di c
interpretation, the term "Azazel" designated a rugged mountain
or precipice in the wilderness from which the goat was thrown
down, using for it as an alternative the word "\u1e92o\u1e33" () (Yoma vi. 4).
An etymology is found to suit this interpretation. "Azazel"() is
regarded as a compound of "az" (), strong or rough, and "el" (),
mighty, therefore a strong mountain. This derivation is presented
by aB ar ai ta, cited Yoma 67b, that Azazel was the strongest of
The ancient rabbis, interpreting "Azazel" asA z a z ("rugged"), and
e l ("strong"), refer it to the rugged and rough mountain cliff from
Azazel - Wikipedia, the fre\u2026

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