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2014-Fletes Ocon and Bonanno - The Processing of Palm Oil in Chiapas, Mexico Resistance and Alternatives

2014-Fletes Ocon and Bonanno - The Processing of Palm Oil in Chiapas, Mexico Resistance and Alternatives

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Published by wernerbh3974

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Published by: wernerbh3974 on Jul 05, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Hector B. Flts-Oc6n and Alssandro Bonanno
Hstoaly, the relaonshp betwn famers and the pr
ng tor has been asymmetic (Bonao
Cavacati, 2012; Bonao
Constan, 2006). I ct ddes ths asymmery of power has ncreased as copoatos have expanded ther control over a facts of ag-food (Bonano
Constace 2008; Burch
Lawnce 2007 Bsch
Ban, 2004) Resstac to agrbness, however, has ao been a tradtoa omponent of he evoto of the sctor Some obsevers have noted that soca reatons nder eolbera gobazaton are chaactezed by codtons that gve ovewhemng power to coporatons ad lave farmers as well as oher subordnate ops wth lmted optons of resstan (Constae 2008; Heean, Hendckson,
Hendckson, Wlknson, Heean,
Gronsk, 2008) Othes have ontended hat not only resstan has emerged in a vaety of settgs (e, consumpton, ateatve podctio cvl socety) bt that the evouton of agrfood s tter
ar Relao in Globalized
R oo and Deoent Voue 20,247-167 Copygt
204 by Emead Grop Pbish Lit
g of e
a orm eed ISSN: O7922jdi0.08/S0579222020
descrbed y the expression "conested teain as conestation emeges in every facet o agi-food Bonno
Cavalcani 201; Bonanno
Consance, 2008 Fees 2013). In this cone paca atention has een pad on the roe tha he sae plays in he eaionship etween grisiness and agiculua wokes. Aoding o some athos stae nerention n agrifood is always necessay ecase o e nata chrtestics o he seco. DweUing on e casscal wok o Max (M
Enges [15] 992) they stess tha the lower rae o po in acultue compaed with higher aes
oe econoc stos eqies stae intevenon he stae is clled o attct pa
ace ha othewise wod hve not een invesed Ephasizing he sraegic importance of ood hey contend that he sate is inteesed in pomong he poducivy and eciency o aiood ai 2004 Ma 1990 Mota
Pgiese 90. Ths stcalst accon is contrased y views tha see e sae as a complex instion a whle t canot e consideed y auonomos i ca e ated y te sgge o and may act in avor o lao. The stae cn  simtaneousy n eny that suppots the domination o poweul economic actos t also an emancpatoy oce hat aids the stuggle of suodiate goups Bonanno
Cosance 996} Addessing his deate and the pocess o resistan o agrisess this chape pos the issue o ames' esistance to e processng cto n aifood
a less deveoped egion o he gloa Soh In patcla t invesigates he pross y which fames esisted e power o pocessng s in he podcton o Palm Oil in he state of Chapas Mexico We empoyed a case stdy mehodology that is developed hrogh the examinaon of exisng documens neriews wih ky inomans and site visis Daa wee aayed ogh the use o echniqu o
 egatve cae
wheey the conclsons wee confonted wh ateive intepetaons a were no selected. he chaper is dvded into ve secons Ae the ntodction he second secon nalyzes of he histoca context o he case
discsses Fodism is isis and the developmen of neoeraism wh specc reference o Meco The evolion of cule i Mexico unde he neoliea egme is discssed in e hid secton along wi sc ifomation on the state o Chiapas he outh secion lsaes he case stdy documens the expason o e Afican Palm cre fo the prodction o palm oi and discsses he conradctons and resistance assoied wth his pocess he concJuding sctions eiews e chaactestics of the case in regad o eevn ieae nrodced at the ose if the chpe (Fg.  )
 rog of a
 Chapa Mxco
  Examl f Ar Palm Prduct  Caa Mx
by auhos.
Fodm d Nlblm
is psical spac for is investigaion is e sae of Ciapas in Mexico  wle Neolera Goalizaion is is hstorica conext (Croc, 2011; Prasad 2006) Neoera measres were st inrodced in Mexco in e ea 1980s (Mel
Mir 1996; Morton 2003 Oteo 2004). This mo  was pa of e ineaonal process of trnsition awa from Fordsm and an atmp o address its cs (Agieta 979 Bonanno
Consance 2008 Harve 1989 2005 Siglitz 2002). Ding a signcan poon of te tweniet cent and mor evidentl aer Word War
Fordism  was e system o organzed capiaism ha coordinatd mss consmpion and mass prodcon and engendered stead accumlation provided dmo craic egimac created nparaeled economc grow and andan

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