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Eclipse Shortcuts

Eclipse Shortcuts

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Published by api-19625511

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Published by: api-19625511 on Nov 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eclipse IDE \u2013 Keyboard Shortcuts
1. Keyboard Shortcuts
Using keyboard shortcuts in my option is a huge productivity booster while developing the
application. The shortcuts specified are for Eclipse 3.0 version and higher.
(Eclipse 3.0 default keyboard shortcuts are available under Window -> Preferences -> Workbench -> Keys)
Below are some of the useful keyboard shortcuts, which can be used while developing the
application using Eclipse IDE.
Open type (ctrl + shift + T)

This will open up a class in the workspace (or in dependencies such as jar-files), the dialog accepts wildcards (for instance *Action), another nifty feature are the CamelCase notation to quickly open a file, for instance if you want to open the class LinkViewAction entering LVA would give you the correct result right away, and save you some typing.

Open Resource (ctrl + shift + R)
Same tip as above, but it works on every resource (.jsp, .properties, .xml etc) in your
workspace, same tips for wildcards as above applies.
Navigate to member (ctrl + O)

How do you navigate to a member (method, variable) one option (and most often used) is to search for it using Ctrl + F, it\u2019s really not that efficient, instead use this short cut to list all the methods, to narrow the list start typing the method name navigate to the one you want with the arrow keys and press enter. Even more, press the key another time and it will show you the inherited members.

Go to Line (ctrl + L)
Often you find a line number when digging through stack traces and such, to simply go to a
line in the open file press Ctrl + L and enter the line number.
Go to last edit (ctrl +Q)

Do you know the scenario when you edit your large class file, and you change something in one method, and want to go to the last thing you edited in before this? Instead of browsing to the previous method, finding the right spot use this command to jump right back to the last edit, use it multiple times to track back in history.

Show type hierarchy (ctrl + T)
This is for showing the hierarchy.
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Go to open editor (ctrl + E)
This is used for switching between the editors
Next error/warning (ctrl + +.)
This command will cycle through the errors/warnings in the current file, instead of using the
Problems view.
Move block of code (alt + arrow up/down)
This shortcut will move a line (or block) of code up/down one line much easier and faster
than cut\u2019n\u2019paste.
Block comment/uncomment (Shift + Ctrl + /)
Instead of commenting out blocks of code with /* */ use this, it will make every selected line
commented out with a // , to remove the comment invoke this again to remove.
Search workspace for references (ctrl + shift + G)
This shortcut is used to find the which all code are using the specified method or variable.
Reformat code (ctrl + shift + F)
Apply the current code formatting to the open file,
Organize imports (ctrl + Shift + O)
To organize the import orders.
Build All (ctrl + B)
To start the build project process.
Below table have more keyboard shortcuts:
Short Description
Keyboard Shortcut
Run/Debug Option
Open Search Dialog
Sort Members
Ctrl + H
Debug Last Launched
Read Access in
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Short Description
Keyboard Shortcut
Surround With
Try/Catch Block
Read Access in

Working Set
Toggle Comment
Ctrl + / or Ctrl + 7

Ctrl + Shift + D
Read Access in
Ctrl + U
References in
Ctrl + Shift + I
References in
Working Set
Run Last Launched
Ctrl + F11
Project Option
Select All
Build All
Ctrl + B
Ctrl + A
Select Enclosing Element

Backward History
Alt + Left
Build Clean

Alt + Shift + Up
Select Next Element
Build Project
Alt + Shift + Right
Select Previous Element

Forward History
Alt + Right
Close Projec
Go to Line
Ctrl + L
Open Project

Alt + Shift + Left
Show Tooltip Description
Go to Matching
Ctrl + Shift + P
Text Editing
Copy Lines
Ctrl + Alt + Down
Delete Line
Ctrl + D
Delete Next Word
Ctrl + Delete
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