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Are We Really Free?

Are We Really Free?

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Published by Tyson Manker
Text of Independence Day Speech, 2014
Text of Independence Day Speech, 2014

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Tyson Manker on Jul 06, 2014
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Good morning everyone. Thank you all for coming out. It’s really an honor for me to be here with you on this American Independence Day. But before I begin, I’d like to take a moment to recognize those Veterans who are present in the audience. It is because of the sacrifices made by these Men & Women in uniform that we continue to enjoy our freedoms today. So would everyone please join me in a round of applause for our Veterans? Today we’ve come together to celebrate the Independence of this great nation. And what a great nation it truly is. Unfortunately, our representatives in Washington couldn’t be here in attendance. But don’t worry, I’ve been assured that – with help from the NSA – they are monitoring the situation! The 4
 of July gives us a chance to enjoy precious time with our friends & our families. But as you all know, this special day is about more than just fireworks, parades, & BBQs. It’s a celebration of freedom. It’s a remembrance of our nation’s struggle for democracy And it’s a tribute to our Founding Fathers in their battle against Tyranny over 2 centuries ago. When our ancestors established the United States of America, they did so out of necessity. They asked themselves, ARE WE REALLY FREE? And in answering that question, they determined that they were not. In the decades before the Revolution, citizens living in the colonies increasingly found themselves under the rule of an unjust Dictatorship. Despite having no representation in the British Legislature: American Colonists were forced to pay for England’s many, costly wars. They were required to pay higher & higher prices for basic goods & necessities.
 And perhaps most famously, they were repeatedly subjected to unfair levels of taxation. Sound familiar? “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION” became their Patriotic motto. Not long after the Colonists launched the Boston Tea Party in rebellion, the British Government flexed its iron fist even tighter, and tried to squash Patriotic dissent altogether. The Colonists were fed up. No longer could they tolerate the Tyranny of a Government that didn’t represent their interests. They knew that a life without freedom was not worth living. And so it was, on a hot & humid July 4
 afternoon, Patriots from all around gathered together to proclaim that they would no longer be ruled against their own free will. They wrote the Declaration of Independence, which in part read: GOVERNMENTS instituted among Men derive their powers from the consent of the governed. They said that: Whenever government becomes destructive, it is the RIGHT of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government They recognized that: a History of Repeated Injuries and Abuses [by the government] … demonstrates a plan to place them under absolute Control. And they announced that: such a Government, marked by acts that define a TYRANT, is unfit to rule over free people. And so, after years of exploitation and mistreatment, our fearless forefathers stood up to their Oppressive government, and they cast it aside. They knew that nothing worth doing comes easily; that some things are worth dying for. Including freedom. Not surprisingly, war followed soon after.
But after 8 years of fighting, the ragtag American Rebel Army – led by General George Washington – triumphed over what was then the world’s most powerful military. Our Independence had been won. After the Revolutionary War, those same leaders who stood up to the powerful King of England were suddenly faced with the substantial task of creating a Democratic form of Government, which had never been done before. They drafted the Constitution, and with it – the Bill of Rights – to forever enshrine the guarantees necessary to ensure that their new government would always protect freedom for future generations. Since then, WE THE PEOPLE have continued to fight and struggle against new enemies, both foreign and domestic. During the American Civil war, our nation was deeply divided over the brutal and inhumane abuses of slavery. In the early 20
-Century, women banded together in protest to earn their right to vote. In the 1960s, Black and White Americans marched, sat in, and protested, until African-Americans were finally guaranteed long overdue equal protections under the law. And in every military conflict – from the First & Second World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan – Veterans fought and bled and died on behalf of their fellow Americans. It is
because of 
 the great and sometimes ultimate sacrifices of past generations that we are all blessed with a standard of living that we enjoy today. YET, nothing remains stagnant in this world, and sadly, our Freedoms are once again under attack. The belief in a better tomorrow has been taken over by uncertainty. In many instances, hope has been replaced with hopelessness. Government now seems to act beyond the control of the very people it was created to serve. Most of the time it’s hard to even tell who our Government serves anymore.

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