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Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window

Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window

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Published by AJ Weberman
Dylan asks White America to come to its senses.
Dylan asks White America to come to its senses.

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Published by: AJ Weberman on Jul 06, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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He sits in your room, his tomb, with a fist full of tacksPreoccupied with his vengeanceCursing the dead that can't answer him backI'm sure that he has no intentionsOf looking your way, unless it's to sayThat he needs you to test his inventions.
“He sits” the Democratic Party occupies a seat as a member of a body of officials; “sits” in the Senate or the House “in your room” in your area, your Congressional or Senatorial District; a space that may or may not be occupied; Hard Rain 1962, “a room full of men with their hammers a-bleedin’” “his tomb” the prison he has constructed for White people “with a fist full of tacks” sustained by a fist full of tax dollars A Fistful ofDollars was a spaghetti western that was popular at the time this poem was composed. “Preoccupied with his vengeance” focusing his attention on war; World War II and the Korean War were initiated by Democratic  Administrations “Cursing the dead that can'tanswer him back” damning those who died in previous wars by his current actions “I'm sure that he has no intentions” I am convinced that the Democrats have no honorable purpose “Of looking your way” of doing something on your behalf “unless it's to say / That he needs you to test his inventions” unless it’s to say that he needs you to test his new military hardware, such as nuclear weapons, invented during Democratic Administrations, on the battlefield.
Can you please crawl out your window?Use your arms and legs it won't ruin youHow can you say he will haunt you?You can go back to him any time you want to.
“Can you please crawl” appear after being hidden or not active for a long time “out your window?” out of your political party “Use your arms” an administrative or functional branch, as of an organization, such as the local Republican Club which is an arm of the Republican Party “and legs” and vote in one of several contests that must be successfully completed in order to determine the winner of a competition, vote in a political primary “it won't ruin you” it will not reduce you to poverty or bankruptcy as the Democrats claim “How can you say he will haunt you” how can you say the Democrats will be continually present in; pervade the American politicalscene because of their actions during World War II and the Depression “You can go back to him any
time you want to” sarcastic: you can go back to the Depression Era anytime you want to! "Window" as political party,
Eleven Outlined Epitaphs,
“Jim, Jim where is our party? …what is it that's exactly wrong? who t' picket? who t' fight? behind what windows will I at least hear someone from the supper table get up t' ask ‘did I hear someone outside  just now?’"
He looks so truthful, is this how he feelsTrying to peel the moon and expose it With his businesslike anger and his bloodhounds that kneelIf he needs a third eye he just grows itHe just needs you to talk or to hand him his chalkOr pick it up after he throws it.
“He looks so truthful” the Democrats seem as if they are going to advance science “is this how he feels?” is this really his real motivation? “Trying to peel the moon” trying to pull off, effectuate a moon shot “and expose it” photograph it; “expose” subject a photographic film to the action of light “With his businesslike anger” with his friends in organized crime, Murder Incorporated, “and his bloodhounds” cops, detectives “that kneel” that do his bidding because they are corrupt “If he needs a third eye” if he needs an additional vote ‘the ayes have “he  just grows it” he commits election fraud “He just needs you to talk” to spread rumors; gossip about conservative Republicans “or to hand him his chalk” or to get him elected, vote totals written in chalk “Or pick it up after he throws it” or elect him on another occasion if he happens to throw the election by blundering or being indicted.
 Why does he look so righteous while your face is so changed  Are you frightened of the box you keep him in? While his genocide fools and his friends rearrangeTheir religion of the little ten womenThat backs up their views  but your face is so bruised Come on out the dark is beginning.
“Why does he look so righteous” Why does he think what he is doing to White people is morally justifiable “while your face” while your race “is so changed” is being changed and polluted by the Civil Rights Movement “Are you frightened of the box you keep him in” are you afraid of the ballot box, are you afraid to vote for Republicans who do not believe in integration? “While his genocide fools” while the Democratic Party’s race mixing, mix master politicians who are going to dilute then virtually exterminate the White race that built this country and made it what it is today “and his friends” and their friends; the Earl Warren Supreme Court “rearrange” put into a new social order or arrangement “Their religion of the” a cause, principle, or

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