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Greenfield Police Log 06/30/14 through 07/06/14

Greenfield Police Log 06/30/14 through 07/06/14

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Greenfield Police Log 06/30/14 through 07/06/14
Greenfield Police Log 06/30/14 through 07/06/14

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Categories:Types, Legal forms
Published by: Greenfield Ma Police on Jul 07, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Greenfield Police Department Weekly Log 06/30/14 - 07/06/14
For Date: 06/30/2014 - Monday
Call Number Time Call Reason Action 14-16943 0011 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY Services Rendered
Location/Address: [GRF 3] TAYLORS TAVERN - UPSTAIRS - 238 MAIN ST Post: CSGT Disp-00:30:25 Arvd-00:35:35 Clrd-01:00:55 Narrative: RP believes that a 5'5" HM wearing a white tee shirt, and kakhi shorts is selling drugs from this location. RP states that the subject keeps leaving this location with another person, then comes back alone. RP did not see or hear anything about drugs, but finds it strange that the male party keeps walking outside, then coming back in. RP did not want to give me any of his information. Narrative: Conducted surveillance of establishment, until having to clear to respond to another call. Nothing of note observed during this time.
14-16944 0056 THREAT Report Issued
Location/Address: 46 LILAC CT Post: C1 Disp-01:00:50 Arvd-01:06:46 Clrd-01:39:09 Location Change: 66 JUNIPER CT [Modified: 06/30/20140117] Location Change: 46 LILAC CT [Modified: 06/30/20140130] Location Change: 46 LILAC CT [Modified: 06/30/20140130] Post: CSGT Disp-01:01:05 Arvd-01:10:05 Clrd-01:17:33 Narrative: RP called and stated that she is worried her aunt is going to cause her harm because of a threat that was made to her. RP stated the aunt lived across Juniper Ct. Narrative: Verbal domestic between daughter, mother, and aunt. Situation mediated and parties advised of 209A rights. Mother/daughter chose to separate for the evening. Refer to OF for further information. Refer To Incident: 14-1029-OF
14-16945 0119 TRANSPORT Taken To JAIL
Location/Address: [GRF 148] GREENFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT - 321 HIGH ST Post: C2 Arvd-01:21:02 Clrd-01:33:21 Location Change: [GRF 1056] FRANKLIN COUNTY HOUSE OF CORRECTIONS - 160 ELM ST [Modified: 06/30/20140126] Post: C3
 Arvd-01:21:09 Clrd-01:26:35 Location Change: [GRF 1056] FRANKLIN COUNTY HOUSE OF CORRECTIONS - 160 ELM ST [Modified: 06/30/20140126] Narrative: Report that subject is being transported at this time. Reason: HOC Narrative: 147 transporting, with 149 following. Narrative: transported
14-16948 0218 DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE Services Rendered
Location/Address: 47 GROVE ST Post: C2 Disp-02:24:01 Arvd-02:29:08 Clrd-02:33:08 Post: C3 Disp-02:24:07 Arvd-02:27:02 Clrd-02:33:19 Post: C2 Disp-02:42:01 Arvd-02:42:11 Clrd-02:55:13 Post: C3 Disp-02:42:06 Arvd-02:42:12 Clrd-02:56:57 Vehicle: BRO 2011 TOYT SE COROLL 1838A Reg: PC MA 8897KZ VIN: JTDBU4EE5B9142142 Narrative: RP states her cousin was struck by her boyfriend roughly 10 minutes ago. RP states the boyfriend is at Hillside park sitting in a vehicle, and her cousin is still in the house. Narrative: Non domestic. no significate relationship Narrative: spoke with female who states that she had spent the day with a friend of hers (involved male party) and her family. rp states that the male was etoh and she asked him to go home after they returned to her residence which he did without issue. female states that the male had been messing with her vehicle radio during the ride to her house and she asked him to stop when he placed his hand on her and pushed her. female states that it was a gentle push and no injuries resulted. found to be non-significant relationship. advised rp of her HPO options as well as her options to seek own charges in court if she changes her mind.
14-16949 0232 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY Services Rendered
Location/Address: [GRF 1382] HILLSIDE PARK - CONWAY ST Post: C2 Disp-02:33:08 Arvd-02:33:21 Clrd-02:42:01 Post: C3
 Disp-02:33:19 Arvd-02:33:22 Clrd-02:42:06 Vehicle: GRN 1997 HOND CP CIVIC USEX Reg: PC MA 523VE9 VIN: 1HGEJ8241VL131527 Narrative: female advised and sent on her way. Narrative: located female sitting in her vehicle at this location while investigating a nearby call. advised female of the park curfew printed on the sign next to where the vehicle was parked. female sent on her way
14-16953 0444 TRAFFIC STOP Citation/Warning Issued
Location/Address: 430 FEDERAL ST @ 127 SILVER ST Post: C1 Arvd-04:44:00 Clrd-04:49:51 Vehicle: GRY 2014 TOYT SE CAMRYS 2548A Reg: PC MA 853XA2 VIN: 4T1BF1FK1EU329100 Narrative: Officer stopping a motor vehicle at this location. Narrative: Vehicle stopped for speeding, citation issued.
14-16969 0911 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY Services Rendered
Location/Address: 58 DEERFIELD ST Post: A1 Disp-09:13:26 Arvd-09:26:16 Clrd-09:51:12 Narrative: CALLER REPORTS SOMEONE TIED A BAG OF DOPE TO A CABLE ON HER PROPERTY. RP HAS THE INCIDENT ON CAMERA. Refer To Incident: 14-1031-OF
14-16972 0932 HAZARDOUS CONDITION Taken/Refered to Other A
Location/Address: SILVER ST @ BERNARDSTON RD Post: A2 Disp-09:34:00 Arvd-09:40:44 Clrd-09:43:54 Narrative: Passer by reports a large amount of broken glass in the roadway. Narrative: Located same, being swept into a pile in the middle of the roadway by a passing motorist. Same a hazard. Person indicated glass window fell out of a traveling vehicle and broke in roadway, having no further info. I requested dispatch notify DPW.
14-16973 0935 HAZARDOUS CONDITION Taken/Refered to Other A
Location/Address: 232 CHAPMAN ST Post: ASGT

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