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Hidden Mistake

Hidden Mistake

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Published by Courtney
THIS IS NOT MY WORK!!! www.fanfiction.net

Bella flees from her husband,Edward after finding out she's pregnant since she doesn't want to ruin his dreams.Seventeen years later,she meets him as their daughter's coach.Read more to find out!
THIS IS NOT MY WORK!!! www.fanfiction.net

Bella flees from her husband,Edward after finding out she's pregnant since she doesn't want to ruin his dreams.Seventeen years later,she meets him as their daughter's coach.Read more to find out!

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Published by: Courtney on Nov 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that.-Michael LeunigShe looked at the test in her hand. It indicated what she had feared; it indicatedthat there was a human baby growing inside her.“It could be worse,” she told herself. It was true. She could’ve been a teenagerwho had a mad night but no…she was 20 and happily married. But, how would Edwardtake it? They had agreed to wait until they were older…two or three more years.The young woman really didn’t know how to feel as she looked at those lines; thelines that had suddenly changed her future radically.She walked towards the living room of the small rented apartment and sat down,preparing herself to tell her husband the news. Edward was wonderful. He wasloving and caring and extremely handsome, not to mention that he occupied the mostimportant space in Bella’s heart and vice versa.Bella was looking down at the ground when she heard a stiff cough. She looked upand saw her 20-year-old husband looking at her with a serious face; however, sheknew it wasn’t a serious face, she knew that he was only faking it.“So how did it go?” she asked, trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible.“You’re looking at the new addition of the LA Lakers team!” he exclaimed, openinghis arms. She stood up and ran to him. He caught her and lifted her up, spinningher around crazily.“I’m so glad, baby,” she muttered against his ear, kissing him softly a secondlater. He kissed her back and she remembered the news. But before she could sayanything he started talking.“So am I. The only bad thing is the traveling. That’s why I’m glad we waited,” hetold her.“What do you mean, ‘you’re glad we waited’?” she asked, fearing the answer.“To have kids, I mean. It’s already gonna be hard enough for the two of us to keepthis up. I’ll have to travel every weekend! The good thing is you’ll be able tocome with me but if you were pregnant…And anyway, I don’t think it’ll be good formy career right now…God knows that I’m dying to have a little girl but I thinkit’s better that we waited, don’t you think?”Bella simply nodded, unable to say any words. Edward realized something was offbut he decided to wait until she told him herself. He simply kissed her.**Bella tried to be silent; she tried her hardest to not let out any sob. She lookedat Edward’s sleeping form and leaned down to kiss him softly.“I’ll never ever forget you Edward, never…”And, having said that, she took the two bags in her hands and walked out of thedoor; speaking to her husband for the last time in seventeen years.
Chapter One: A taste of Swan17½ YEARS LATEREmmaline (Emma) Swan woke up and looked around her bedroom. Today she was finallyturning 17, it wasn’t like it was the most important age but it was still herbirthday wasn’t it? She got up and walked to her mirror, looking for any change;you’d think she‘d have realize that you don’t change on your birthday by now butEliza was a completely different case. Her hair was still a haze of bronze curls,her skin was creamy and her beautiful green eyes shone like any other day; EmmaSwan was very beautiful. She opened her wardrobe and analyzed it; she wasn’tgirly, not at all. The clothes were all casual and sporty. Jeans and t-shirts werehighly predominant, two or three dresses that her mum approved of were hidden atthe back, and all the basketball clothes that she had ever owned occupied thewhole left wing of the large wardrobe. She pushed the basketball stuff to a sideand looked at the picture that was stuck on the back of the wardrobe; her herostood there, with a basketball in his right hand and wearing his jersey. He wasthe basketball ace of the century; any guy would like to be like him. Every girlwould kill to date him, not caring in the least that he could be their father.Emma wasn’t one of those girls, though or like those guys, for that matter; Emmasaw him as her inspiration, as the person who kept her going on. It’s hard toexplain how she had grown so fond of him…It was particularly strange because hermum couldn’t stand him. Emma had a hard time figuring out why Isabella Swan heldsuch a grudge against him but, after all, Bella did hate basketball…it had alwaysbeen like that.Emma picked up a pair of charcoal jeans, and her LA Lakers T-Shirt. She put themon and a pair of mustard-color converse. She didn’t look normal, that was forsure, but people who knew her had grown accustomed to her ‘look’ and some of thefreshman girls imitated the look of Hillcrest High’s golden girl.She walked towards the desk and looked through the photo album she had found lastnight. As she opened it she saw a picture of her “small” family. A three-year-oldEmma and a five-year-old Nate stood in front of Bella Swan, Jacob and Lizzie Black. That was it. That was Emma’s family. No biological aunts or uncles. NoGrandparents. No cousins. And most important, no dad. It was hard, especially onthese days, it was very hard, but she knew how to get over it. Her mum was twenty,her mum went to a party, her mum got drunk and Emma was now here, living in thewest side of Illinois, nearly 18 years later. According to her mum the only thingshe remembered was that she had met the guy in basketball game once before…so,that’s why she hated basketball so much. Don’t take it the wrong way, Emma knewher mum loved her more than anything, but she had been forced to finish herstudies while raising a kid up on her own and, as if that wasn’t enough, that kidlived for the thing that she hated so much; Emma lived for basketball.“Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up…” sounded a sweet but deep voice coming out ofthe phone. Emma smiled and picked up the phone, taking it up to her ear. This actwas immediately followed by the voice singing a round of happy birthday. Emmalaughed and imagined her best friend singing on the other side. Nate waswonderful, he was funny, he was caring, and he was kind, incredibly hot andEmmaline Swan's weakness. He was the son of Bella Swan’s only friends; the twoamazing people who Emma called “Uncle and Aunt”. Jacob had attended high schoolwith Bella. When they attended college, Jacob met Lizzie and even though they onlygot together at the end of senior year, which was enough to get married rightafter school. Jacob and Lizzie ran their own real estate company while Bellataught English at Hillcrest High.
“Good morning to you too, Mick Jagger,” Emma joked. They both were head over heelsfor basketball although Emma’s passion for the sport had been transmitted to Nateand whatever his best friend did, Nate could do just as well.“I’ll take the risk. What would be a birthday without my ‘happy birthday’?Besides, if I didn’t do it I’d actually have to spend money on a present!” Natelaughed, enjoying messing around with the newly 17-year-old.“That hurts,” said Emma, putting on a fake hurt tone.“Deal with it, Liz,” the boy told her. “I’ll pick you up in a half hour, beready.”“Sure thing, Hawk,” she murmured as she hang up.She walked down the stairs and found her mum making strawberry pancakes. Herfavorite.“Happy birthday, sweetheart,” the 38-year-old said, hugging her daughter.“Morning, mum,” Emma greeted as she broke free from her mum’s grip and sat on oneof the stalls of the American style kitchen.“I know it’s your birthday and I am not trying to criticize, I am merrily pointingout…” babbled the mother, looking pointedly at her clothes.“Mom,” interrupted the teenager, knowing perfectly what her mum was going to say.“I love this t-shirt and I think it is perfect for my birthday. I know how muchyou hate basketball and I know you’ve got a good reason but…”However, Emma’s words died out as a last minute informative came on and a pictureof Edward Masen appeared on the kitchen TV screen. Emma smiled to see her idol onthe screen and Bella concentrated on the pancake, which she was throwing in theair and catching; anything to keep her mind of that man.“This morning, at the latest press conference offered by the Los Angelesbasketball team, we were informed of startling news by the spokesperson of theteam,” spoke the journalist. Emma had all her senses put on the informative andBella couldn’t help but listen to the words of the spokeswoman. “,Edward Masen inthe picture and thought to be one of the best players in the century, wasannounced to be retired.”The woman continued speaking but the words were unheard by both women. Bella, whowas about to catch a pancake which she had thrown up in the air, dropped thesaucepan and stared at her daughter’s eyes; he had finally done it, he had finallycompletely lost it.“He’s thirty eight! He’s amazing! Why the bloody hell is he quitting?” shouted aninfuriated Emma, expecting to be told of by her mother by the bad language. ButBella hadn’t heard a word; she had managed to keep her mind far from her husbandfor the last 17 years, she had kept it all locked up in a room inside her head,she had convinced herself that night that what she was doing was right, she hadnever dared to think of contradicting herself but now there was no job, now therewasn’t nothing in the middle, now there was just Edward, there was just Bella andthat little secret that only she knew the whole truth about. That secret that, forthe first time in her life, she was regretting to have kept.

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