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Call to Tawheed

Call to Tawheed

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Published by: api-27601995 on Nov 29, 2009
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Abu Khalid Al-Muwahhid

Introduction\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026.Page 4 Definition of Da\u2019wah and its Obligation\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026...Page 5 Virtues of Da\u2019wah\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026.....Page 8 Fortification of the Daa\u2019ee\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026.. \u2026Page 9 Calling N on-Muslims to Tawheed...\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026..Page 19 Da\u2019wah to Christians and Jews\u2026....\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026..Page 26 Da\u2019wah to Atheists and Gnostics\u2026....\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026...Page 34 Ad vice Concerning New Muslims..\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026...Page 39 Conclusion\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026... Page 40 Bibliography\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026 Page 41

Indeed, All Praise belongs to Allah. We praise Allah, we seek his assistance and we beg for

his forgiveness. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil of our own selves and from the evil of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides, no one can mislead and whomsoever Allah allows to go astray, none can guide. I bare witness and give open testimony that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, who has no associates and I bare witness that Muhammad is His Servant and His Messenger. To proceed:

And who is better in speech than he who invites men to Allah and does righteous
deeds, and says; \u2018I am one of the Muslims\u2019 [The N oble Qur\u2019an 41:33]
Indeed, inviting or calling to the worship of Allah is one of the most important actions that a

Muslim can do, especially in an environment where the proper worship of Allah is either
deficient or non-existent. It is indeed the right of every neighbor, relative, classmate, or co-
worker. It is their right to be told who his or her Creator is and what this All Powerful Lord
demands of them. It is their right to be invited to the submission to His will. However, we
are in an age where non-Muslims and some Muslims are totally confused as to the purpose
of their existence and destination of us all. In the west particularly, the current atmosphere
of political correctness, public relations, assimilation, and ignorance of Islam have caused
many Muslims to deny this right to our fellow human beings with the misunderstanding that
to declare Islam to be the only true way and call to it without compromise is somehow

\u2018extremist\u2019. It is especially critical in these times to actually define what true da\u2019wah is and

what the objectives of da\u2019wah are so that Muslims who migrate to western countries as well as those who are indigenous to those countries have a clear understanding of their purpose for living amongst non-Muslims. Regrettably, I have witnessed up close the misuse of the word da\u2019wah to mean everything from voting and contributing to political campaigns to participating in non-Islamic religious services. In an environment like what is found in non- Muslim countries such as the United States, da\u2019wah is used as an excuse to assimilate into non-Islamic cultural practices, to attend haraam gatherings, and to inter-mingle with the opposite sex. So it becomes necessary to define what exactly da\u2019wah is and its obligations,

objectives, and methodologies for Muslims who live in this sort of environment and to form
this approach specifically for the mindset of those we live amongst. The purpose of this
study is not to redefine da\u2019wah nor is it a lofty dissertation of the methodology and
characteristics of the call and the caller per se. The scholars of the past and present have done

an excellent job of teaching the knowledge of da\u2019wah and the duties of thedaa\u2019ee. I could
never approach their level of dedication and understanding and may AllahT abaarak a wa
ta\u2019aala reward them for their efforts. I do however, with Allah\u2019s permission, intend to delve

into some specifics of da\u2019wah with regards to the various mindsets, attitudes, and religious
thought unique to the West as well as to focus on avoiding some of the pitfalls and mistakes
that we are prone to make when discussing Islam with non-Muslims. O ne of the most
common reasons for the lack of successful da\u2019wah efforts is the lack of knowledge of Islam.
What I mean by knowledge of Islam is not knowledge on the level of the\u2018u lam a\u2019. I am not

suggesting that we cannot give da\u2019wah unless we reach the level of Imam Maalik or Ibn Al-
Qayyim (May Allah have Mercy on them). The knowledge that I am referring to is the

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