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America Rising PAC Calls For Clinton Foundation Transparency

America Rising PAC Calls For Clinton Foundation Transparency

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Published by America Rising PAC
America Rising PAC Calls For Clinton Foundation Transparency
America Rising PAC Calls For Clinton Foundation Transparency

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Published by: America Rising PAC on Jul 07, 2014
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 America Rising PAC Calls For Clinton Foundation Transparency 
 Arlington, VA
In response to Hillary Clinton‟s announcement that her speaking fees from colleges and universities would be donated to her family‟s foundation, the Bill,
Hillary and Chelsea Foundation, America Rising PAC Executive Director Tim Miller called on the foundation to release a series of records on its spending practices as well as a full accounting of which honoraria for paid speaking events are donated. This includes
the immediate release of the Foundation‟s IRS Form 990 for 2013 which was required
 by law to be submitted to the IRS by May 15th, plus additional documentation on staff as well as expenditures related to travel, events and celebrities.
Hillary Clinton's claim that university speaking fees would be sent to the Clinton Foundation was made as damage control following a series of revelations about the "obscene" rate she was bilking UNLV and other universities for. But The Clinton Foundation has in recent years spent funds employing senior Democrat political aides who may staff Clinton's presidential campaign, financed opulent gatherings for the Clinton Global Initiative, and spent eyebrow raising funds on travel and lodging, expenditures which do not
appear to fulfill what Hillary Clinton called “life
-changing and life-
saving work.” “After mounting political pressure, Hillary Clinton chose to donate her near $2 million
speaking fees from colleges and universities
 many of whom are raising tuition on cash-strapped students to her own foundation, opening the door to questions about just
how that foundation is spending money.” said America Rising PAC Executive Director Tim Miller. “In the past, the Clinton Foundation has spent millions on opulent travel
 and lodging for her family, financed glitzy, celebrity-fueled donor events and paid key Democratic aides who would likely play key roles in her presidential campaign. For  Americans to credibly believe these speaking fees are being donated to charitable endeavors, the foundation must be transparent about how and where it has spent its
millions since Hillary Clinton joined last year.”
 America Rising PAC is calling upon Hillary Clinton to release the following information about the expenditures of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation in 2013 and 2014, including but not limited to:
1. The Clinton Foundation's form 990 for 2013 - which was required by law to be submitted to the IRS by 5/15.
2. Any financial audits from an audit committee that the foundation was advised to create following a 2011 internal review led by Simpson Thacher.
3. A full list of foundation staff or paid consultants who have previously worked as staff or paid consultants to the following staffs or organizations run by the Clintons or the Democratic party:
The State Department from January 2009 to January 2013.
The White House from January 2009 to present.
The Obama for America 2012 campaign.
The Democratic National Committee from January 1993 to present.
lary Clinton‟s Senate office from January 2001 to January 2009.
Political staff at the White House and executive agencies from January 1993 to January 2001.
4. Total funds spent on entertainment, production and security-related vendors supporting CGI meetings in 2013-14
5. Total funds spent on travel for donors or celebrities by the Clinton Foundation, including but not limited to CGI meetings for 2013-14
6. All travel expenditures taken by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton or Chelsea Clinton that  were billed to the Clinton Foundation, including private air travel, lodging, ground travel, security, food and entertainment and other related expenses during 2013-14
 A full accounting of which paid speaking engagements for which Hillary Clinton either directed the honoraria to go to the Clinton Foundation or personally donated the honoraria to the Clinton Foundation.
 A full accounting of which paid speaking engagements, in 2013 and 2014, for which Bill Clinton either directed the honoraria to go to the Clinton Foundation or personally donated the honoraria to the Clinton Foundation.
Clinton Said All Fees From Colleges And Universities Have Been Donated
To Her Family’s Foundation
On July 4, Clinton Said All Her Speaking Fees From Colleges And
Universities Have Been Donated To The Clinton Foundation “To Continue
Its Life-Changing And Life-
Saving Work.”
“„All of the fees have been donated to
the Clinton Foundation for it to continue its life-changing and life-saving work. So it
goes from a foundation at a university to another foundation,‟ Clinton said when asked about the criticism she and her husband have faced recently for their wealth.”
 (Liz Kreutz,
“Hillary Clinton Says She‟s Donated All University Speaking Fees,” 
 ABC News, 7/4/14)
 An Internal Review Recommended The Clinton Foundation Create An Audit Committee
In 2011, Simpson Thacher Conducted An Audit At The Request Of The Clinton Foundation.
“The Board and management believed that the 10th anniversary of the Foundation was an opportune time to review the Foundation‟s p
olicies and operations. Organizations move through life cycles, and it is common for an organization to operate in a more informal manner in its early days. As the organization
grows and becomes more complex, it is common to review the organization‟s opera
to implement more robust governance and operating procedures.”
(Simpson Thacher, Corporate Review, 8/16/13)
 Among Its Recommendations Was The Creation Of An Audit Committee  Within The Foundation.
“Consider establishing an audit committee to select, r
etain, evaluate, and terminate the independent auditor; periodically review the terms of the
auditor‟s engagement; oversee the auditor‟s engagement; review the annual audit
report; review the adoption and implementation of internal controls; review any  whistleblower complaints involving financial matters; and review any potential conflict-of-
interest transactions.”
(Simpson Thacher, Corporate Review, 8/16/13)
In 2013, When Hillary Joined Her Family Foundation, The Clinton Global
Initiative Was Reincorporated Within The Clinton Foundation
In 2013, The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)
 Which Had Been Separately Incorporated While Hillary Clinton Served As Secretary Of State
 Was Reincorporated Into The Clinton Foundation.
“The Clinton Global Initiative was
separately incorporated during fiscal years 2010, 2011, and 2012 at the request of the Obama Administration while Secretary Clinton was in office. As a result, CGI filed separate 990s with the IRS during that time. In 2013, when Secretary Clinton left office,
CGI returned to the Clinton Foundation.”
2012, Spending On CGI Meetings Amounted To A Majority Of CGI’s
 At Least $16.3 Million

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