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Clinical_Psychology Types

Clinical_Psychology Types

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Published by helperforeu

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Published by: helperforeu on Nov 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with mentaldisorders such as extreme distress and anxiety.
Counseling Psychology
People often require guidance and advice in dealing with theireveryday problems. A counseling psychologist works with people whoneed help with personal, family or social issues
Educational Psychology
Educational psychology is the study of the behavior of children,adolescents and adults in schools and colleges. An educationalpsychologist studies students' behavior and their ability to learn inacademic environments. They focus on teaching methods and tools inclassrooms in order to help facilitate learning.
Industrial Psychology
Improving workplace efficiency and understanding employee behaviorare key objectives for industrial psychologists (sometimes calledindustrial-organizational psychologists
School Psychology
School psychologists are concerned with school children in terms of their intellectual, social, and emotional development. They not onlywork with children who have problems in these areas, but with theirparents and teachers as well.
Experimental Psychology
A person trained inexperimental psychologyprimarily conductsresearch in a specific area such as learning, memory, thinking, oranimal behavior.
Social Psychology
Behavior often occurs in a social situation, which involves two or moreindividuals. They investigate matters such as inter group conflict,prejudices, and what kind of leadership styles are effective in varioussituations.
Developmental Psychology
Development psychologist interested in changes in behavior thatoccur as a result of developmental processes such as maturation andexperience.
Comparative Psychology
: The study of the animal behavior falls under the category of comparative psychology. This field of psychology deals with the studyof mental processes in animals in order to get better understanding of human psychology
Industrial Psychology
:It is used to analyze and improve the potential of human beings attheir workplace. It finds applications in the selection and evaluation of employees. The psychology of business is applied to gain a systematicunderstanding of the employees.
Psychology as a science of mind and behavior:-
Psychology can be broadly defined as the study of the human mindand behavior.* It is a systematic approach to the understanding of people, theirthoughts, emotions and behavior. The applicationof this understanding helps to solvehuman It involves a comprehensive understanding of emotional issuesat the deep root level which brings about health, happiness andfunctionality in the client.* The study of psychology allows one to appreciate the relationshipbetween thoughts, emotions and the resulting behavior.* Behavior is understood in context of both, the physical and socialconditions.

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