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Earthfix Omnibus Survey Coal 2014

Earthfix Omnibus Survey Coal 2014

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Published by earthfixteam
Survey responses to coal export questions from DHM Research poll for EarthFix.
Survey responses to coal export questions from DHM Research poll for EarthFix.

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Published by: earthfixteam on Jul 08, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Survey Collaborators
The EarthFix survey collaboration includes local public radio stations in Idaho, Oregon and Washington, and DHM Research.
Referencing DHM Research
All website and on-air references as DHM Research. DHM Research is an independent and non-partisan public opinion research and consultation firm based in Portland, Oregon, with offices in Seattle and Washington, DC.
Research Methodology
This quantitative research involved a statewide online survey of the Northwest’s general population, age 18+ conducted between June 25 and June 30, 2014. The sample size was 1,200. Four hundred respondents were selected from each state (as a stratified versus proportional sample). The survey was conducted online with a representative panel of survey participants. Quotas were set by age, gender, level of education and area of the state to ensure a representative sample. The data are reported based on the total sample and broken out for each state. The data for the total sample is weighted to reflect the proportional percentage of population that each state contributes to the Northwest. Quotas and weighting techniques standard to research were used to assure that the findings reflect the demographics of the population in each state.
Statement of Limitations
Any sampling of opinions or attitudes is subject to a margin of error, which represents the difference between a sample of a given population and the total population (here, residents in the Northwest). For a sample size of 1,200, if the respondents answered 90% one way and 10% the other, the margin would be +/- 1.7%. If they answered a particular question in the proportion of 50% each way the margin of error would be +/-2.8%. For the state sample sizes of 400, the 90% and 50% margins of error are +/- 2.9% and +/-4.9%.
 In gathering responses, DHM Research employed a variety of quality control measures, including questionnaire pre-testing and monitoring interviews.
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EarthFix Environmental Issues June 2014; N=1,200 (N=400 ID, OR, WA) Ages 18+ using an online panel of residents 12 Minutes; Margin of error +/- 2.8% for Total; +/- 4.9% for State DHM Research
Here are some questions about coal. There are at least three proposals to export coal to Asia from ports in Oregon and Washington. The proposed transport facilities would be located in Cherry Point, Washington; Longview, Washington; and Boardman, Oregon. The coal would come from mines in the Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming and be transported through the Pacific Northwest by rail and barge. (Earthfix; 2013) Do you support or oppose transporting coal through the Pacific Northwest and exporting it to other countries from ports in Oregon and Washington?
Response Category June ’14 N=1200 Idaho N=400 Oregon N=400 Wash N=400
Strongly support 18% 22% 18% 17% Somewhat support 29% 27% 30% 29% Somewhat oppose 18% 16% 18% 18% Strongly oppose 16% 13% 16% 17% Don’t know 19% 22% 18% 19% (Earthfix; 2013) How closely have you been following the issue of coal transport through the Pacific Northwest?
Response Category June ’14 N=1200 Idaho N=400 Oregon N=400 Wash N=400
Very closely 9% 3% 8% 10% Somewhat closely 20% 14% 17% 23% Not too closely 32% 32% 30% 32% Not at all 36% 47% 41% 30% Don’t know 4% 4% 4% 4% (Earthfix; 2013) Below are reasons that some people oppose these proposals to transport coal through the Pacific Northwest and export it from ports in Oregon and Washington. For each, indicate whether you feel it is a poor or good reason to oppose these proposals. (Randomize)
Response Category Very poor Poor Good Very good Don’t know We should be encouraging other nations to develop clean energy sources rather than selling them coal
Total, N=1200
11% 18% 26% 32% 14%
Idaho, N=400
11% 22% 21% 32% 15%
Oregon, N=400
9% 14% 27% 34% 15%
Washington, N=400
11% 19% 26% 31% 12%
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Response Category Very poor Poor Good Very good Don’t know Burning coal is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and contributor to climate change
Total, N=1200
8% 15% 28% 34% 15%
Idaho, N=400
11% 19% 28% 28% 15%
Oregon, N=400
8% 15% 25% 37% 15%
Washington, N=400
8% 13% 30% 34% 15%
There will be a significant increase in rail traffic through the Pacific Northwest affecting local communities. It will take up to 37 trains a day, measuring over a mile long each, to transport coal from the mines to the transport facilities
Total, N=1200
12% 27% 29% 19% 13%
Idaho, N=400
17% 29% 23% 15% 17%
Oregon, N=400
12% 28% 29% 17% 13%
Washington, N=400
10% 25% 30% 22% 13%
It is estimated at least 79 million pounds of coal dust will be lost annually by trains as they pass through the Pacific Northwest to transport facilities. There is little scientific data about the impact this would have on human health and the environment
Total, N=1200
9% 21% 27% 28% 15%
Idaho, N=400
9% 27% 27% 19% 18%
Oregon, N=400
9% 19% 28% 30% 14%
Washington, N=400
9% 21% 26% 29% 15%

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