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The Christian's Life a Life of Prayer.

The Christian's Life a Life of Prayer.

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Published by glennpease

Pray without ceasing.— 1 Thess, v. 17.

Pray without ceasing.— 1 Thess, v. 17.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 08, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE CHRISTIA'S LIFE A LIFE OF PRAYER. BY THE REV. T. T. CASTLEMA. Pray without ceasing.— 1 Thess, v. 17. Makt persons think this a hard command. Others say it is not in the power of man to obey it. At first sight it does seem to be too mnch for us sinful creatures. We have so many other things, too, to keep our minds thinking and our hands going. We are all ready to ask, " who has time to pray always?" I have heard not only worldly and wicked men talk so, but even some professors of religion, when they have heard or read the command, " Pray with- out ceasing." But, hard as it may seem to be, I wish to show you 1. That every Christian ought to try and obey this com- mand. A number of ministers of the gospel were in the habit of meeting together to talk about the Bible and religion. One night their conversation turned on the duty of prayer. One of the ministers asked, " What do you understand by the command, ' pray without ceasing V " They talked a long time about it, but could not give any very plain ex- planation of it. At last one of them said, " let us appoint (22) ItfJTY OF PRAYER. 28
brother G to write something of a sermon -on the sub-  ject, to be read at the next meeting." This was agreed to, and their meeting was closed by prayer* These meet- ings were held regularly once a month. As they were all about leaving the room, a good old servant woman, who tad listened to their talk, said to Mr. G , *" What, sir, will it take a whole month to tell what it is to 'pray without ceasing?' I always thought that one of the easiest texts in the Bible." "Well, well," said the old minister, " tell us, Mary, what do you say about it ? How do you understand it ? Can you find time to pray always ?" "Oh! yes, sir," said she* "What, when you have so much to do from day dawn until late at night ?" " Yes, indeed, sir ; and the more I have to do, the more I can pray." " Why, how is that ?" asked the old minister. "Do let us know how it is ; for most people think the other way." " Well, sir," said Mary, " when I first open my eyes in the morning, I pray Lord open the eyes of my understanding. As I am dressing, I pray that I may be clothed with the robe of Christ's righteousness. When I have washed my face I ask God to wash my soul clean from sin in the blood of my Saviour. As I begin to work I
pray that I may have strength to be faithful ; that, as my day is, so may my strength be. When I am kindling the fire, I pray that my heart may be warmed and revived by Christ's love. As I sweep out the house, I pray that God would send the Holy Ghost into my heart to cleanse it of all its sinfulness. While I am getting breakfast, or eating myself, I pray God to feed me with the heavenly manna, and the sincere milk of his word. And, as I am taking care of the children, I look up to God as my Father, and pray that he would make me indeed his child. T E&E Va 24 8SRH0V n. , the way I do in all m y duties. And so, the more I hare to do, the more I pray. Almost every thing I do gives me some thoughts to help me in prayer* And then I try to remember that God's eye is always on me, and his ear always open to my prayer." " This is enough," said the old preacher. " Mary has told the true meaning of the command, ' pray without ceasing.' How true it is that these things are often hid from the wise and prudent* and revealed unto babes ! Go on, Mary ; that is the way to make religion your life. I see now what the blessed Saviour meant when he said, ' watch unto prayer.' And as for us, my brethren, let us bless (rod for the simple in- struction Mary has given us. How happy must that life be which is spent in such close communion with God 1 to find God in all we do ; to turn all our duties, trials, and pleasures, into prayer 1 How blessed is the assurance that

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