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The Sin and the Punishment of Lot's Wife

The Sin and the Punishment of Lot's Wife

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Published by glennpease

But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar
of salt — Gen. xix. 26.

But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar
of salt — Gen. xix. 26.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 08, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE SI AD THE PUISHMET OF LOT'S WIFEBY THE REV. T. T. CASTLEMA. But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt — Gen. xix. 26. All the wonderful things written in the Bible are writ- ten for our good. We should, therefore, always be glad to hear them. And when we hear, to listen with attentive ears, and to receive with thankful and believing hearts. For it is God who speaks to us in the Bible ; and he is just and holy. He cannot lie. He tells us, that many years ago there was a woman who livo* in the city of Sodom, who had all the wealth and pleasure her heart could wish. Sodom was one great city of sin. Like ineveh, it neither worshipped nor feared the God of heaven. Wickedness of all sorts walked abroad, in open daylight, like an armed giant, in its streets. This was more than the patience of God could bear always. His anger was kindled against the city, and he determined to put an end to its pride and wickedness by opening upon it a tempest of fire and brim- stone out of heaven. But in that city there was one, and only one good man. His name was Lot, and he was the (90) THI SUM KB UHDSE COJTVICTIOH. 91 husband of the woman of whose sin and punishment I am about to tell yon. God loves his people, and for their sake*, in some degree, all his people's wives, and husbands, and children, and friends. He loves all who love him. And ?hen God overthrew Sodom he would not destroy Lot in it. For the sake of this one good man he sent two angels, to warn him of the danger, and to command him to escape from the city. These angels came to Lot at evening about the sunset. They tarried with him all that night. They told Lot that God was about to destroy the city. They
advised him to warn his daughters-in-law and sons-in-law to haste away as soon as possible. And Lot went imme- diately and did as they said. But they thought he was  jesting and mocking at them. They heard his warning as if it were an idle story. At the early dawn the next day the angels waked up Lot ; and told him to arise and take his wife and two daughters who were there, and not to wait for any one, lest he might be overtaken and destroyed in the ruin of the city. But Lot's wife had been born and raised in Sodom. She had, therefore, many things to bind her to it. There were some things she thought must be done before she could quit it — she must bid her friends adieu — she must carry many little things she loved with her, — and, indeed, she could not get her own full consent to leave the city. For these, or for some other reasons, Lot "lingered." He was slow in getting off. But the angels hasted him away. They laid hold on his hand, and the hand of his wife, and of his two daughters, and led them out of th6 city. Then the angels pointed them to the mountain, and said, " escape for thy life ;" " look not be- hind thee— stay not in all the plain— escape to the moun- tain, lest thou be consumed." M 81RM01T VH. Tbe son wis now rising, with his bright rays, from be- hind the distant hills, and darting them across the broad plains of Sodom. The country around Sodom was rich in all manner of grain; the valleys were carpeted with Telvet green ; thousands of cattle were strolling and graiing on its gentle slopes; the song of the herdsman was wafted in mellow tones on the air, and the houses, and palaces, and towers of the wicked city, threw back, in diamond brightness, the rays of the rising sun. To fly away from audi a scene as this was a hard trial to Lot and his wife. To be denied the liberty of ever looking back upon it, was more than Lot's wife could bear. Sodom had been the place of all her wicked pleasures. There were all her
worldly friends. There was her wealth. And there was her heart. She loved Sodom. She could hardly believe that God would really destroy it. " Oh !" thought she, "how can I give up for ever this city of my heart !" With these feelings, she determined, in spite of the warning of the angels, to " look Jodfc," — to take a last and sorrowful view of it. Foolish and daring woman ! to attempt in that way to trifle with God. That was her last look. Remember, she did not turn, she merely looked back upon Sodom. In a moment " she became a pillar of salt," — hard as flint* As a pillar of salt she stood there for many ages, a warn- ing to men of the just judgments of God against sin. Jo- sephus, a historian of the Jews, tells us that it was there in his day, and that he saw it. Our Lord and Saviour, while warning the people of his day of the coming judg- ment, reminded them of the sudden destruction of Sodom, and told them to "remember Lot's wife." There is a lesson in this history for us all. But I shall use it especially as a warning to every sinner who is under tee snnro ukuhl conviction. 08 viction for sin* Lot's wife may be considered as an awakened sinner. Sodom may be considered as the sins in which die was living; her attempt to escape may be considered as the good resolutions of her first conviction ; the angels leading her may be considered as the Holy Spirit encouraging and helping her to fly from sin ; and her looking back may be considered as want of firmness in her resolutions, and her wish to go back, even after she had partly given up sin. Although she had been led out of the city, and pointed to the mountain, and entreated to escape, and was then on her way to the city of Zoar, yet she did aot escape. She was no more saved than if she had re- named in the city. Let us look at her experience, and see Ike reason of her ruin.

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