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Parable of the Prodigal Son.

Parable of the Prodigal Son.

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Published by glennpease


And he said, A certain man had two. sons, Luke xv. 11 — 24.


And he said, A certain man had two. sons, Luke xv. 11 — 24.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 08, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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PARABLE OF THE PRODIGAL SO.BT THE REV. WM. M. JACKSO.And he said, A certain man had two. sons, Luke xv. 11 — 24. This beautiful story, which you have often heard before, i§ called a parable. A parable, you know, means a com- parison* It is to make something plain to us ; to help us to understand something that we ought to know, or to teach us something that we ought to do. The parable you have just heard, is meap* to show us how it is with a sinner, when he becomes very wicked, and forsakes Qod altogether ; and then how it is with him when he becomes sorry for his wickedness, and goes to God for pardon. Every man is a sinner, and every little child is a child of sin. We are all like the prodigal son, in some things, and if you will attend to what I am going to say, you will see that one half the story is exactly suited to yourself. I hope it may all be suited to yourself, before very long, and that in every thing you may be like him. It was a very wicked thing for him to go away from his father's house. There he had every thing that was good for him, plenty of food and clothing, and his father loved him. But his bad heart was not satisfied with. til \iurt* 128 SERMO X. He wanted to be his jown master. He could not bear to be under his father's authority. He did not want to be re- strained from doing some wicked things, that were pleasant to him. He did not like to have his father's eye always watching him. And so he gathered up all his things — his clothes and his money — and went away. That's just the way with every sinful man. He does not like to be under God's law. He wants to be free to do just what he chooses ;
and so he tries to go away from God. He does not want to be near him. He does not like even to think about him. The father did not drive the prodigal son from his house. o. He went of his own accord. And just so, when every sinner wanders from his heavenly Father. He goes of his own accord. obody drives him. God does not drive him away.* Oh, no ! He never drove any man to do what was wrong. It is a bad heart that makes us do Bad things. And where did that young man go ? Did he stay in the neighbourhood? o! "He took a journey into a far country." He went into a strange land and among strange people. And so it is that every bad man does when he keeps on doing wicked things. The more he sins, the fur- ther he wanders away from God. He loves to be among people that are strangers to God. But what does he gain by his wickedness ? What did that young man gain ? For a short time, indeed, he lived well. While his money lasted, he enjoyed himself; and he felt that it was a fine thing to be his own master ; to do just as he chose ; to drink, and frolic, and feast with his wicked companions, and to indulge his sinful inclinations. Very pleasant it must have been, as long as it lasted. But the pleasures of sin never last long. By and by his money began to give out, and after a little while it was all gone ; JABABLB Of TH1 PBODIGAL BO. 129 and, to make matters worse, " there arose a mighty famine in that land;" — bread was very scarce, and he had no money to bay food with, and hunger began to pinch him, 10 that he was almost ready to starve. And then, I sup* pose, he had to sell his clothes to buy himself bread, for the wicked men who were his friends before, cared nothing for him now. What shall he do ? Wretchedness, and misery, and death are staring him in the face. What shall he do ?
Go back to his father? o, no. He had not yet come to him- self. Far better would it have been for him, if he had done so at once, and confessed his sin ; for then he would have saved himself the bitter troubles that afterwards came upon him. And if every sinner would only go to Jesus the moment he begins to see his danger and his guilt, how much better it would be for him. But the prodigal had not yet " a broken and a contrite heart." That was the reason he did not go back to his father, as soon as he " began to be in want." Al- though there was not one thing in the land he cared for— no more riotous living — no more pleasure — nothing but poverty and misery — yet he cannot go back to his father. His proud heart is not yet humbled, and he cannot bring himself to acknowledge that he has done wrong. And now, I think I see him, all pale and hungry, stand- ing at the door of a rich man. He has gone there to hire himself as a servant. And what did the rich man do ? He hired him, but for what kind of work ? " He sent him into his fields to feed swine." 0, Satan is a hard master, and all he wants, is to make his servants as filthy and as hateful to God as possible. But how wretched did that young man now become ! Trouble and sorrow came down heavy upon him. There he was, far away from his father's house— in a land of €nbn&a 180 8X&K0K X.  —glad to get even " the husks that the swine did eat," to satisfy his hunger; but his cruel master refused to give him even that ; and when he went to beg f or food at other people's doors, they, too, drove him away. *• e man gave unto him." Perhaps they had not any food to give, and even if they had, they were too cruel to give any to him* How miserable did he become by his wickedness ! And so it must be with every sinner. Sooner or later he will be worse off than that young man was, unless he does as that

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