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Preparation for GD-HR-TM

Preparation for GD-HR-TM

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Published by api-19789368

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Published by: api-19789368 on Nov 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Time Management
Psychometric Questions
Group Discussion Skills
HR Interview

Time Management
\u2022 Better organize yourself and your workspace for peak efficiency.
\u2022 Understand the importance of and the most useful techniques for setting and

achieving goals.
\u2022 Identify the right things to be doing and develop plans for doing them.
\u2022 Learn what to delegate and how to delegate well.
\u2022 Take control of those things that would derail workplace productivity.

Pre-Assignment Review
\u2022 What do you believe are your top three priorities/objectives in your position?
\u2022 What do you believe are the top three obstacles to working on your priorities or

meeting your objectives as the moment?
\u2022 On a scale of 1-10, how organized would you rate yourself?
\u2022 What are the top three things you think you must do in order to be more

\u2022 What would you do with any additional time if you found a way to give it to
Left Brain/Right Brain
\u2022 If you are strongly left-brained, you see things as black and white. For you, time
flows in monochromic order. You do one thing, then you go on to another.

\u2022 People who are right-brained have the ability to see options at every turn. For you, things are rarely black and white, and your time is polychromic, with many things happening simultaneously.

Case Study

\u2022 Did he make good use of his best time of day?
\u2022 Did he work on his high priority items?
\u2022 Did he have a problem saying \u201cno\u201d?
\u2022 Did he complete the tasks he started?
\u2022 Did he understand his problems?
\u2022 What would you recommend for Myron?


\u2022 Plan for both near and long term.
\u2022 An up-to-date master calendar can be your most helpful planning tool.
\u2022 A "Things to do Today" list helps focus attention on the highest priority items.

\u2022 Action Planning Worksheets, Milestone Charts, and PERT Diagrams are excellent
planning aids when properly used.
\u2022 Planning contact with colleagues and staff will help minimize the disruption of
their schedules.
\u2022 Remember Murphy\u2019s Law!
The Four D\u2019s
\u2022 Do it now

\u2022 Dump
\u2022 Delay
\u2022 Delegate

Here are five steps to take the STING out of feeling overwhelmed.

\u2022 S: Select one thing to do.
\u2022 T: Time yourself. Check the clock, give yourself an hour, and go for it.
\u2022 I: Ignore everything else while the clock is ticking.
\u2022 N: No breaks until your hour is up.
\u2022 G: Give yourself a reward when the hour is up.

Organizing your Workspace

\u2022 Your first step should be to get rid of things that should NOT be on the desk.
\u2022 Then move to the contents of the desk. Focus first on the tools you use.
\u2022 Make four piles of all the papers you have strewn around and deal with them

\u2022 Set up a system whereby vital information is saved where it can be readily found,
and then bits of paper can be discarded.
Organizing Files for Retrieval

\u2022 Working Files
\u2022 Reference Files
\u2022 Archive Files
\u2022 Electronic Files
\u2022 Disaster Files

Five Easy Ways to Manage E-Mail

\u2022 Check your mail twice a day.
\u2022 Filter the spam.
\u2022 Organize your addresses.
\u2022 File your messages.
\u2022 Keep it simple.

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